Three categories of Vape

1 electronic pole
Electronic poles are the first batch of products in the Vape market (the originator Ruyan does not count) and the first product I started. Due to the limited technology at the time, Timesvape Dreamer most of these products did not have a display screen, and the output power was adjusted by twisting parts or pressing the ignition button.
Like the more well-known ones on the market now, there are yem-y1 and lightning rod
First choice for smokers who quit smoking
Gatling pressure lever plus + i30s

2 mechanical lever
This type of product does not have any circuit board and chip protection, so the output power cannot be adjusted. The structure is composed of a metal tube and a bottom switch VOOPOO Drag. Unscrew the switch and put a 18650 battery into it.

The reason why the old players love him so much is that the direct electric heating tastes softer and more delicate mesh tank, and the reduction of the smoke oil is higher.

Everyone saw the news that Vape exploded, and the fire was basically a mechanical rod.

There are many reasons for the explosion, such as broken skins, the use of low-quality batteries, and the use of batteries that do not meet specifications may cause an explosion.

Many older brothers have tried a situation where the battery is overloaded and almost exploded after long-term power on without the safety lock.

The price of mechanical poles is focused on brand and art. The first-generation poles and prototype poles produced by some major manufacturers have appreciated several times.

This type of product is not suitable for friends who are in contact with Vape for the first time

(Domestic secret team army knife mechanical lever)

3 pressure regulating box

This is the most popular Vape category currently
As the name suggests steam crave, this type of product can adjust the power through the button on the machine

The mainstream power adjustment range is 1-120 watts
The amount of power determines the amount of smoke
The advantage of adjusting the wattage is that when you want to take a sip of Vape in an outdoor cafe and are embarrassed to emit too much smoke
You only need to turn down the power to get a moderate puff of smoke and relieve your addiction

More people choose the pressure regulating box because it needs more power to drive the heating wire when using the diy atomizer (this will be discussed later)
All in all, it is always right to buy a pressure regulator box with a price of 300-500 RMB when you first contact Vape.
(For Yihai g class enthusiasts)

Then talk about buying channels
In the past two years, Vape stores have blossomed everywhere
Many old players who have been in the pit for a long time will think of the fear of being pitted by a physical store.
The pit here means that there are some salesmen in the physical store who are not well-behaved to sell some products that are not right, so that you can get a very poor shopping experience.

For example, Vaporesso Luxe a semi-mechanical ray box is recommended plus a core with a resistance of 0.5 matched with a finished atomizer
But now this phenomenon is relatively rare
But just in case, before you go shopping in a physical store, find out what you want online, remember the model number, and then go to the physical store.
The advantage of the physical store is that the shopping guide allows you to test the taste of the smoke oil and teach you how to assemble and use it.

Therefore, it is understandable that the physical store prices are more expensive. After all, the cost is there.

There is also online shopping
The downside of vape online shopping is that you bought the smoke oil and smoked it. If you don’t taste it, you can’t return it. This is really not comparable to a physical store.

The proliferation of low-quality e-liquid is difficult to rectify before the Chinese Vape market has a formal supervision WOTOFO Profile. The low-quality e-liquid blended by workshops is even more harmful to the human body than cigarettes.
The advantage is that the price of goods is lower under the cost of rent and labor.
It’s too late, go to bed first, someone will watch me and then change the atomizer
The above three categories are Vape products currently circulating on the market

Vape taste may bring unknown risks

Scientists have discovered that the “flavors” in Vape contain toxins, even harmful substances not found in ordinary cigarettes. Scientists say that a large number of non-standard Vape poses unknown smoant risks to users, especially young people. Studies have shown that Vape fluid contains aldehydes, compounds that cause lung damage. The person in charge of the research team said: “What we are talking about is the taste of ordinary food, but the tissues of the lungs are very different. When inhaled into the lungs, we tested that many flavors are toxic and will completely kill bronchial cells.”

The researchers also pointed out their concerns, “The ingredients of this product are quite irregular. Some have natural flavors, some are single ingredients, and some are artificial fragrances. There are many different types of products on the market, and the harm is immeasurable. Our experiments prove that Vape , Especially the liquid component in it, the structure will change after heating, and its harm to the body should be considered.”

Vape becomes the most commonly used tobacco product among young people

A few days ago, American surgeons called for action to reduce the use of electronic cigarettes by young people, and pointed out that Vape has become the most common tobacco product used by young people. Vivek Murthy, a top American doctor, said that young people are more vulnerable to the effects of nicotine hazards than adults. He wrote in the preface of the report: “These effects can make people addicted, addicted to other substances, and weaken self-control and attention, and can cause cognitive deficits and emotional disorders.”

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2011 and 2015, the proportion of American middle school students using adv vape electronic cigarettes rose from 0.6% to 5.3%. But with the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes, the use of traditional cigarettes has declined. From 2011 to 2015, the proportion of American middle school students using combustible cigarettes dropped from 4.3% to 2.3%. The proportion of American high school students who use electronic cigarettes rose from 1.5% in 2011 to 16%. At the same time, 9.3% of high school students use regular cigarettes, compared with 15.8% in 2011. There is currently no evidence that the decrease in the use of ordinary cigarettes is caused by the increase in electronic cigarettes. There is also no conclusive data that the use of electronic rdta cigarettes has opened the door to ordinary cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

E-cigarettes are heated to steam crave and contain liquid nicotine. Therefore, when it comes to lung cancer, electronic cigarettes are definitely much safer than traditional cigarettes.

However, Vape passes heated liquid nicotine. The key word in this sentence is nicotine. Nicotine is harmful to your body no matter how you use it. According to researchers, nicotine constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure, but it also puts pressure on the heart ijoy. Therefore, in essence, electronic cigarettes are harmful to health because they can cause heart attacks and strokes.

The difference between Vape and conventional cigarettes is that the former may cause cancer and heart disease, while the latter can cause heart disease. Also pay attention to the risk of heart disease can be achieved by taking preventive measures, such as exercising, eating low-fat foods, and just taking care of yourself,

In short, electronic cigarettes are harmful to health, or at least they can. But overall obs vape cube, they are much less harmful than ordinary cigarettes.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 WT WM Kestrel Coil-less review

I received a boilermaker WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 the purposes of this review.


Tinker Wismec 2 colors:


– Titanium Gray

– Blue violet

– Black

– Red




– Size: 90 * 53.5 * 28.5mm

– Weight (without cells): 200.7g

– connector 510 spring wire version

– the type of cells: 2 * 18650 high level cell (discharge current must be greater than 25A)

– Output mode (M2, M3 M1) mode TC-Ni / Ti-TC / TC-SS / TCR / VW

– watts output: 1-200W

– Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC mode;

– 0.05-3.5ohm for VW mode

– maximum load current: 2A

– Output voltage range: 0.5-8V




In the frame:



– Warning Card

– USB Cable AB

– User’s Guide




Tinker Wismec 2 18650 powered by two batteries and this model work to 200W. In the MoD, you can see the details, from the top you can see the mod mod logo on one side you can see the “Wismec” and the bottom of the MOD you can see the “Product of Wismec”. Behind a mod that you can see engraved ” WISMEC WT“. Mod Dimensions: 90mm x 53.5mm x 28.5mm and I must say that I really like mods shaped that way. This mod is made of high quality materials and mod is resistant to water, shock and dust proof that nice ferry and many people enjoy the great features of this WISMEC WM RBA Kit. Mod retirement you can see the skin and around the skin, you can see the black frame. Personally, I really like the design model.


From the top you can see the mod connection and I have no problem with atomizers that have tried this mod, we also have here a spring pin gold plated 510. In this mod, you can use up to 25 mm in diameter, without false atomizers which is good for me because I usually use atomizers with a diameter of 24 mm.

Sub mod you can see the battery cover and the bottom of the MOD can see the ventilation holes. The battery cover looks good and I believe that there will be no problem with the battery cover. A opening the battery door, you can see the gum around ensuring that water mod. inside, you can see the orientation of the recorded battery. You can more or less easy to put the battery in the model and remove the battery mod.

From the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, you can see the screen, the less buttons and USB port. In the USB port, you can see the rubber plug that makes it safe from the water. In this unit, you will use this port for software updates and to charge the battery, but as always, I recommend you charge the batteries in an external charger.

fire button on this device stand out and can say that the shutter button is very convenient to use. trigger buttons are dislocation and works well, I do not really have a problem with the shutter button, I can also say that the shutter button is a bit soft and really I personally like this shutter button. Plus and minus buttons too dislocation and both worked well.

The screen of this device is 0.96inch and this is a color screen. Since leaving an empty space here, you can probably go with a larger screen, but I do not care, bright screen, and you can see everything on the screen without any problems.

Information on the screen:


– Day and hour

– Power

– Ohm

– Volt

– dual battery indicator


To activate it you must click five times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and the menu can be seen:


– Modus

– Sett

– Information

– Exit


If you enter the mode, you can choose from:


– Power

– Tc






If you choose a dial you can set the big clock on the screen and you can choose between two different clocks I belive many people would like.

If you select a mode then 4 tc do click the button, you can set the fire mode.


A Sett selecting on the screen, you will see:


– coil

– Power

– Stealth

– subparagraph

– Hour

– hot

– Time is up

– Exit


Here you can change some of the information on the screen, you can select the counter blow, puff time, or amps volts.

If you select the information you can view information about the battery, which is very good in my opinion, and you can see the version of the software.


A protection device:


– Over protection costs

– Protection against shocks

– Reverse polarity protection

– Protection 10s

– Temperature Protection

– Short-circuit protection

– Protection against Wismec Kestrel Coil-less


How does it work? MOD and my mind:



Tinker Wismec 2 is conveniently constructed mod, mod is resistant to water, dust and shock. Mod is a color that is very nice and I think a good choice of color. Mod is very convenient to use, in my opinion, I really like mods form that and I use this mod every day.

They shot this mod button are perfectly located and convenient to use, really pushing the shot with your index finger and button works fine with no problem shooting. I love that in this mod have color screens and as I said we can see almost everything in a very good mod. In addition, we have an option here to counter-blow, time or volt amps puff. As someone really like this mod own days and hours. The battery cover looks good, so far there is no problem with the battery cover and I belive the door that will work well. I found the information that supports the load of another mod balanced pro here, but I recommend you to charge the batteries in an external charger score.

When pressed more or less watt 1w gradually adjust to what is good, but I want the scrolling is a bit faster here.

Mod works very well, I had no problem with this mod, have tried here atomizers atomizers MTL me and my dl and it worked fine, no problem. I really like this mod, we can see the battery voltage is very useful in my opinion. This mod, can be used up to 24 mm diameter good atomizers.

If you are looking for a durable quality and good mod that works well, you can buy this, because as I said I have not had any problems so far and I think it is one of the mod is very comfortable to use with lots of features.






– Perhaps someone wants faster travel, I do not care







– Raincoat

– shock

– anti dust

– Excellent build quality

– You can use a maximum of 25 mm diameter atomizers

– comfortable to use

– shutter button works well

– Color Display

– information well on screen

– The hours and days

– Battery Information

– balanced load


sourcemore thanks

You can buy it here: Tinker February 2 mod kit or Tinker