Comment of VooPoo Vinci : Pod Starter Kit 1500mAh battery capacity

Vapeciga voopoo vinci certainly one of the most impressive and innovative devices in 2019, but Chinese manufacturers seem to want to end this year with a bang, releasing a new version of aerosol months right after the initial startup.

With respect to packaging, the new spray X VooPoo Vinci Vinci almost identical to the original. It comes in a cardboard box rectangular with an image of the device as well as some of the icons of the main characteristics of the front, and a table of contents, the usual warnings and zero check ‘label authenticity partly below.

In the image, we have X freezer Vinci, two coils of different heads, micro-USB cable to charge and manual. It is essentially the same kit VooPoo Vinci.

Design and build quality
As for the design and quality of materials, the new Vinci X does not differ much from the basket of the source system Vinci. It is essentially the same shape, only the new version is slightly longer and thicker (117 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm), which is justified by the need to take account 18650 Vinci built in 1500 mAh, while the X version It allows you to use eternal higher capacity battery. Note that you must purchase the battery separately if, or even turn on.

Apart from a slight increase in the size and door of the battery compartment and Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini is almost identical to the original Vinci.

It does not change much in terms of good features. In addition to Auto attractive aspects VooPoo decided to take the new Vinci X, everything that makes the case still in its original mod foot Vinci.

detection function as resistance occurred in cooperating SMart Vinci. When a new coil is inserted and attaching a coil sheath GENE chip mod head scan and adjust power output to match the resistance. For example, if a coil is used which has a recommended range mesh 30W – 40W, the camera automatically adjusts the power of 30W. Moreover, it allows not to increase the power to be 40W, to prevent burning of the coil. It is a good idea, but it also means that you will not be able to take advantage Vinci 70W X is able to output.

I heard rumors RBA is based on the works of Voopoo Vinci Coils show new, which would make sense, since now there is no way to use the device in more than 40W.

Vaping track your habits during the two-week period can still press the “+” button and – at the same time for a few seconds ”. You can also set the time and date shown on the screen by pressing the shutter button more “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously.

Apart from the self-draining, exceptions that I find very interesting, and increased energy production, which Vinci Vinci X is the same as the original.

The battery performance and life
The main selling point VooPoo Vinci 18650 X is an external battery that is designed to prolong battery life. The amount depends on what the capacity of the battery that the device is used, but probably should have about twice the battery life of the original Vinci, which is pretty impressive.

In terms of performance, I have nothing to report. First VooPoo Vinci is one of the best I’ve had vaping all, and its replacement is just as good. What it is surprising considering the two versions are almost identical. Yes Vinci X has a better battery life and high power, but have no impact on absolutely vaping experience. One can not VAPE 70W however, so that a maximum power of 40W Vinci is the highest you can go to Vinci X.

If the answer is “yes”, you may want to try to give Vinci X. Otherwise, the VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W get code of origin is equally good.

One thing I think is disappointing that the locking device also locks the shutter button is safer, but it would be nice watts lock, but I can vape. This was also the case for the mini Drag think Voopoo.

the build quality is good, the device keeps its shape well in hand and is not too heavy, even within 18650. I love the design alloy material, zinc are no slippery honeycomb pattern on the side is beautiful .

Screw the battery cover is easy to open and close, without additional tools, simply rotate and slide.

love scenes, nice and big but not too big. Every little detail in the readability of the screen and right of sharpness, is to my knowledge, there is no option to adjust the screen brightness, but we had no problems reading the display under different circumstances (black face light situations ).

Installation and replacement of a single coil with the famous Voopoo Drag 157W click in system, simply plug in and out without screwing or twisting.

long funnel and a practical way to the opening suited for Vaper access your lungs, some people do not like the kind of funnel and used to drip the round ends.

The buttons are well placed and respond directly and the device fires faster than light, which are used in gene Voopoo intelligent, Drag Me Mini has exactly the same rate of fire, and click BOOOOOOOOOOM.

One thing that can sometimes annoy each time you leave the Ministry of Defense of the sheath and will be used by default watt. For example, I have 0.6 ohms at 28 watts, I pull the sheath and reset at 24 watts.

The air flow is adjusted wise, but the options are limited. No air flow ring, but it can be rotated 180 degrees for wrapping good air flow or the flow of air tight losers. It can be a trap for some who want to have full control of airflow, but for me the choice of 2 air supplied to the coils, which is losing DTL (very loose) and a blow-by-blow restrictive DTL.

The reel is good and provides a good taste. wrapping the two networks. 0.3ohm is considered vaped between 32-40 watts and 0.6ohm coil 20-28watts. The two coils performed well, but in my experience 0.3ohm not correspond with me, give it a little more flavor, more Vaper and a draw was a little warm. The two coils of DTL and MTL (in my opinion), which can be loose MTL vaporizer lovers use 0.6ohm coil airflow to the lowest position.

It takes about half of the tank, 2.3ml, because the coil is broken properly.

PnP its other coil Vinci also supports X, so for vapers MTL is not possible to use ceramic coil PnP-C1, but do not know how he knew the airflow will be.

Not much honestly I do not like about Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Coils, give me a satisfying spray with good flavor. The device is easy to use and is a pro model 18650 battery is large, if not larger.

This device is intended for those who already have or R Vinci Vinci and just have a higher capacity battery, 3000mAh with my LG Hg2 can vape all day on it. In addition, it is for those who want to enter DTL vaping without a mod, Vinci X is very easy to carry. And, of course, is a value to collectors.

If you have not done VooPoo Vinci Vinci new X may be a better option because it is a little more advanced in terms of power and battery, although 70W max output is not compatible with the head coil existing line. However, if, like me, Vinci original, spend more money on X versions are simply not justified. This gives even vaping experience, and even draw an automatic function.

Personally, I consider redundant VooPoo Vinci X. The original version had stars pod mods enough so far, people were raving about how good it was, so no need to push the 2.0 so quickly. Almost it makes it seem like there is something wrong with the new version and must find new ones to solve this problem. Of course, it was not, though.

You can buy here:Voopoo X217

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