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Hi all, Anthony dizzy again here with my opinion topside squonk

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RTA RTA BLOTTO Dopvo is the latest in a little-known Dovpo. I have a ton of their product, but I like the mod M VV there a few years ago, and superstructures and double superstructures vv mod were also very good company for solid set of my limited experience of the end. I recently reviewed your mod pod kit D-II and VV salt M recently. This is my first rebuildable despite its shape so I remember. The BLOTTO RTA is double or single coil for DTL vaping and 25 mm at the bottom of the platform and postless 2 or 6 ml capacity. It was designed (both available) with popular YouTube users are below Bogan vaping. Available in three colors black, SS and Gunmetal available online around 30-40 dollars. Most of China, but I see vaporizer royalty was $ 32 for the USA ..


Manufacturer specifications

Working with Sam Parsons vaping Bogan

base diameter of 25 mm

Capacity tank Ultem 6ml

reinforcing glass

top 304 stainless steel construction

Top threaded filling system

Two Quad install Terminal Construction Platform

Top-Side guaranteed by flat head screws

PEEK insulator

single or double coil configuration

Airflow based cutting bridge

Boring 242 ° flow honeycomb double air – 26 holes per side

threaded connector 510

Included in the box:


1 The number of glass bubbles

1 Number glass bubble Ultem

1 Total accessory bag

Manual-1 Quantity

1 The number of opener

Code of authenticity in the retail box

Photo album:



First impressions and features

When I came to this RTA, I’m glad to see him. Not many repairable and even created ECC person who actually do. To the like 5 to 6 RTA did this year really be vaping usually a slow month and 9 months. Beyond that I love the look and always as bridges postless usually very happy to see the new RTA came to the market. I also liked the option of a 2 ml glass right or 6-ml glass bubble.


Build bridges and capillarity (photos above)

Let us now build a platform. These basium dovpo basic platform. Nice postholes and large to accommodate all types of wire to be used in this reality. headless screws cover good quality of work and include a spare set 4. I hope you have a selection of my favorite hexagonal, but it’s just a flat head. I still can not complain. Just a preference thing. Screws come from the way the merged Claptons flat cable is not bent during installation. Because it is necessary precut postless your prospects. Unfortunately RTA does not come with a roll of tin covered that has become the norm and the manual is a good long list. Personally, it seems to be an ideal lead with 5 mm. Build a fairly small space. If there are many going simple place as coil to adjust identification coil 4 mm, but as a double coil RTA ID 3 mm closest obtainable without touching. 2.5 mm DI would be better to give a room. I wish there was more room for private construction a double coil. Overall, it was a platform that is very good is easy to build and one of my favorite genre of personal game, but perhaps not ideal for builders of new platforms like postless is not always the easiest to build, as there to carry precut and they do not include a pre-cutter.


Mecha is very easy. This axis is pretty good and you do not have to go super slim on its axis. Just normal amount. He lifted a small bridge, if a “GTA style” so just drop your cotton through the precut holes down.



As for performance, I used it as a single coil and dual coil dovpo usa RTA . 5 builds ran. A construction identification 4mm round wire coil, an assumption ID unique accumulation of 4 mm of the coil, a double coil luxury accumulation ID 3 mm luxury one double coil accumulation 2.5mm ID, and a double coil 3 mm round wire ID accumulation. RTA dual coil as I found devoid of all flavorwise well compared to most in the market today and even more. Works well for built round wire but if round wire is used, but even then struggled and many others. Where I’ve found that works best with great luxury of building a single coil. Again it’s still not as good as 2017 or even options RTA Lite aromamizer 2019, but still better than most individual coils CRJ 2018. may not be the best, but it is one of the first options can be found now. So overall, it lacks a double winder, but fine for users round wire, but really better as a single reel with a single coil fantasy, I like it very versatile.


Overall impressions, details, Extras

It is an airflow under the ACR with small round hole 26 in each side coming into an air stream down and the side of airflow in a style of “ramp”. It is a restricted TLD Vape open completely. AFC Despite having much grip is my only complaint about the quality of the FSA. It was always very difficult to adjust and to start at this time is completely blocked and is not running for me at all. Fortunately, it is completely open, but still stuck. It would have been easy to adjust and not so tight.


Top fill their standard cap screw to expose the two main filling holes. This is not so full unscrewed is one of the quarter turn burst of love. Well, it’s easy to open and close. filling the holes are large and can be filled with any type of bottle or can simply be poured into a glass bottle. There are also a lot of accessories that come with it is, unfortunately, only 1 point drip, but it is clear advice frosted 810 with a metal housing. It looks good, but I want to have included a second end and a 510 adapter and whether to almost any trick 81- should fit well in this ATR. It also comes with three tanks of a 2 ml glass standard and a glass bubble 6 ml, and glass bubbles color Ultem 6 ml. I like the 3 options tank. They only include seals Replacement 3-ring was rare. Usually, a whole lot is obtained, but in this case only one for the top of the glass, one for the background and one for the drip edge. A couple rings closer together would be good replacement screw 4 position as well and classification tool. It would have been nice if it was held in a cotton rolls and well, but not a big problem and a cutting tool of the main coil would have been good too. Also include a beer bottle shaped skull open because Bogan lol. Opener is greater than the part of the mouth that is used to open the bottle is a bit too thin, but I mean it works. As anyone who has used all kinds of improvised openers such as lighters and DIP boxes and keys and other bottle caps I can not complain about too a bottle opener.


topside mod quality RTA is good. My only complaint is again the AFC. While the thread is very nice and smooth texture is not everywhere where it should be. Easily removed as well and the color is very nice. TSR is 25 mm in diameter that is easy on most mods. The capacity is 6 ml really well with the bubble tank, but the tank 2ml right is a bit on the small side. No JFC and do not need. I had leaks or flooding problems and VAPING chain handled very well. The brand is nice and simple. logo skull just printed on the inner chamber visible through the glass.



good build quality

after a headless flathead good quality

large filling opening

good thread

nice and easy to build the platform for bowling postless

2 ml capacity and two options including 6ml

Versatile enough to be used as single or double coil RTA

no whistle on a frame

screw single quarter turn on the design filling

great texture wherever necessary

810 standard point and an important

Good taste as a single coil RTA


Postless not bridge makes it really easy for beginners

including a set of coils and a few cotton would

reel cutting tool would lead

Only 1 drop point included

only one flat head screw, there is no Option 2

AFC is too difficult to solve in the mine to the point where it is stuck

The taste less like a double coil RTA


So with all that said, I recommend the RTA? I do not like it or not, that’s what I need 50/50. Not bad by the FSA means everything, really best used as a single winder and have the least a dozen or two dozen people sitting on the shelf that work better than ever and most people dual coil RTA was created in 2 years have one too. I also did not like the AFC makes it almost impossible to fit me. That said, there is no good single reel while driving may not be the best, will be one of five or so still today are available day and do not really need air garbage, simply open resitected completely. So overall, I mean, I will not avoid, but I will not rush out and tell people to buy better than 50/50. I will not add my recommendation sheet you can see link below. Feel free to check if you are in the market for something new.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.


rejection of the products

This product was sent to me Dovpo


Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.




– light

– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries

– Can be used as a usual mod mod or Squonk

– comfortable to use

– The practical bottle

– Easy to wash bottles

– Easy to fill bottles

– 10 ml capacity

– It works very well as Squonk mod

– valve that prevents the liquid outlet when the back is removed

– Regular battery cover in the package

– Good display brightness

– Buttons and shutter button works well

– Back of fixed location very good mod


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