Just how Does a Bong Work?

Just how Does a Bong Work?
A bong is just one of the ideal methods to eat marijuana whether you’re new to it or an expert customer. Bongs and traditional pipelines differ in one critical way: bongs provide water filtering. Both devices hold the dry natural herb in a dish, however that is where the similarities end. From there, the bong ends up being extra intricate, with a number of functioning components. The dish itself is usually removable, and also the downstem develops a course between the customer and the bong’s base.

The smoke travels this network after percolating in the water in the base, and also departures the bong via the mouthpiece and/or carb hole, depending on the user. It is the water purification system that truly sets the bong experience apart. The water filters and also cools off the smoke so it is less complicated on the throat and lungs. This suggests you obtain an unparalleled degree of convenience that allows a more powerful experience in general.


Modern bongs have actually developed to feature percolators and other cutting edge innovation. These kinds of bongs are designed especially to stop those lung-searing inhales that nobody desires. Look into the wide array of bongs to buy in our on the internet head store. This variety offers every cigarette smoker exactly the best bong. There is something we like concerning each one of these premium, inexpensive glass bongs and also water pipes.

Why Use a Bong?
We’ve all existed: you take a good, deep hit from your hand pipe or joint, just to feel your throat burning. Hot smoke against the fragile mucosal membrane layer on the back of your throat does that, because the smoke doesn’t have time to cool down before going right from the dish, which is essentially burning warm. Bongs and pipes filter smoke via water prior to the user inhales it back up via the neck. In this manner, it cools down, unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipe. This contact with water goes down the temperature of the smoke by 40 to 50 degrees promptly. Some bongs utilize percolators or diffused downstems to more pressure or diffuse the smoke through the water. The percolator openings damage the solitary, big stream of smoke up into countless tiny bubbles. This cools the smoke much more many thanks to much more contact with the water.

What Are the Main Parts of a Bong?
Bowl. Grind the dry herb for an excellent, also burn as well as position it in the bowl. Depending on the bong or water pipe you use, you might want or require to update or change your dish, especially for glass bowls. Joint. The link in between the downstem and also a bit nail, glass bowl, or bong. When you see joint sex or joint size on a bit rig, bong, or glass attachment, focus. That’s allowing you understand whether the item can create an airtight connection with your existing devices. There are both male and female varieties of preferred joint dimensions, consisting of 10mm, 14mm, as well as 18mm. Make sure what you’re buying is compatible. Remember, you should have the ability to put the dish right into the downstem joint, and also the downstem into the bong joint.


This long, glass tube routes smoke into the water chamber of the bong from the dish. Downstems can be removable or dealt with, as well as a lot of diffuse the smoke in some style. Bear in mind, there are compatibility concerns with downstems. Know how to determine your properly in situation you ever require to replace it.

Water Chamber

This is simply where your bong holds its water.


This is the part of the bong where the cooled smoke journeys to the mouth piece.

Ice Catcher

Some high-end bongs feature ice catchers, glass divots that are both lovely as well as practical. By positioning ice right into the catcher, you cool your smoke even more for an extremely smooth hit.


You inhale from the mouth piece, and ideally you desire an impermeable seal. This is why choice is so crucial, and we offer a variety of different shapes and also designs for every face.

What Are the Types of Bongs?
Whether you’re a tekkie that desires the most recent in recyclers or modular bongs or an old-school stoner that enjoys the timeless beaker bongs, we have actually obtained all the details right below. There is a factor each of these categories is still practically near the first when it concerns bongs available for sale, and we have some suggestions for every of these.

Timeless Beaker Bongs
Cautious noobs and also OGs alike enjoy beaker bongs. The are amongst one of the most preferred bong design worldwide, and also here’s why. They are much more stable, many thanks to a vast base that does not knock over conveniently. They likewise hold a lot more water many thanks to that broad base, that makes for enhanced percolation and also the smoother, more delicious hits you anticipate.

Greater Criteria Sturdy Beaker
A traditional layout in difficult borosilicate glass. The 14.25″ size is ideal, and also Greater Criteria is a reputable maker. We like this one as a sturdy standby.

Eyce Mini Beaker
This little silicone beaker incorporates the classic secure shape of the beaker bong and also the tough transportability of silicone. It’s equally as inexpensive as you would certainly anticipate, as well! It’s a little smaller sized at 7.25″ high, however, for numerous customers this is in fact a perk.

Straight Tube Bongs
Although they are not actually fairly as prominent as beaker bongs, straight tubes are still really common– particularly in the motion pictures and on television, for one reason or another. Past that, though, straight tubes are easy to use as well as effective, as well as they function basically the same way. (However be careful not to tip them over.).

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