Three categories of Vape

1 electronic pole
Electronic poles are the first batch of products in the Vape market (the originator Ruyan does not count) and the first product I started. Due to the limited technology at the time, Timesvape Dreamer most of these products did not have a display screen, and the output power was adjusted by twisting parts or pressing the ignition button.
Like the more well-known ones on the market now, there are yem-y1 and lightning rod
First choice for smokers who quit smoking
Gatling pressure lever plus + i30s

2 mechanical lever
This type of product does not have any circuit board and chip protection, so the output power cannot be adjusted. The structure is composed of a metal tube and a bottom switch VOOPOO Drag. Unscrew the switch and put a 18650 battery into it.

The reason why the old players love him so much is that the direct electric heating tastes softer and more delicate mesh tank, and the reduction of the smoke oil is higher.

Everyone saw the news that Vape exploded, and the fire was basically a mechanical rod.

There are many reasons for the explosion, such as broken skins, the use of low-quality batteries, and the use of batteries that do not meet specifications may cause an explosion.

Many older brothers have tried a situation where the battery is overloaded and almost exploded after long-term power on without the safety lock.

The price of mechanical poles is focused on brand and art. The first-generation poles and prototype poles produced by some major manufacturers have appreciated several times.

This type of product is not suitable for friends who are in contact with Vape for the first time

(Domestic secret team army knife mechanical lever)

3 pressure regulating box

This is the most popular Vape category currently
As the name suggests steam crave, this type of product can adjust the power through the button on the machine

The mainstream power adjustment range is 1-120 watts
The amount of power determines the amount of smoke
The advantage of adjusting the wattage is that when you want to take a sip of Vape in an outdoor cafe and are embarrassed to emit too much smoke
You only need to turn down the power to get a moderate puff of smoke and relieve your addiction

More people choose the pressure regulating box because it needs more power to drive the heating wire when using the diy atomizer (this will be discussed later)
All in all, it is always right to buy a pressure regulator box with a price of 300-500 RMB when you first contact Vape.
(For Yihai g class enthusiasts)

Then talk about buying channels
In the past two years, Vape stores have blossomed everywhere
Many old players who have been in the pit for a long time will think of the fear of being pitted by a physical store.
The pit here means that there are some salesmen in the physical store who are not well-behaved to sell some products that are not right, so that you can get a very poor shopping experience.

For example, Vaporesso Luxe a semi-mechanical ray box is recommended plus a core with a resistance of 0.5 matched with a finished atomizer
But now this phenomenon is relatively rare
But just in case, before you go shopping in a physical store, find out what you want online, remember the model number, and then go to the physical store.
The advantage of the physical store is that the shopping guide allows you to test the taste of the smoke oil and teach you how to assemble and use it.

Therefore, it is understandable that the physical store prices are more expensive. After all, the cost is there.

There is also online shopping
The downside of vape online shopping is that you bought the smoke oil and smoked it. If you don’t taste it, you can’t return it. This is really not comparable to a physical store.

The proliferation of low-quality e-liquid is difficult to rectify before the Chinese Vape market has a formal supervision WOTOFO Profile. The low-quality e-liquid blended by workshops is even more harmful to the human body than cigarettes.
The advantage is that the price of goods is lower under the cost of rent and labor.
It’s too late, go to bed first, someone will watch me and then change the atomizer
The above three categories are Vape products currently circulating on the market

Vape taste may bring unknown risks

Scientists have discovered that the “flavors” in Vape contain toxins, even harmful substances not found in ordinary cigarettes. Scientists say that a large number of non-standard Vape poses unknown smoant risks to users, especially young people. Studies have shown that Vape fluid contains aldehydes, compounds that cause lung damage. The person in charge of the research team said: “What we are talking about is the taste of ordinary food, but the tissues of the lungs are very different. When inhaled into the lungs, we tested that many flavors are toxic and will completely kill bronchial cells.”

The researchers also pointed out their concerns, “The ingredients of this product are quite irregular. Some have natural flavors, some are single ingredients, and some are artificial fragrances. There are many different types of products on the market, and the harm is immeasurable. Our experiments prove that Vape , Especially the liquid component in it, the structure will change after heating, and its harm to the body should be considered.”

Vape becomes the most commonly used tobacco product among young people

A few days ago, American surgeons called for action to reduce the use of electronic cigarettes by young people, and pointed out that Vape has become the most common tobacco product used by young people. Vivek Murthy, a top American doctor, said that young people are more vulnerable to the effects of nicotine hazards than adults. He wrote in the preface of the report: “These effects can make people addicted, addicted to other substances, and weaken self-control and attention, and can cause cognitive deficits and emotional disorders.”

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2011 and 2015, the proportion of American middle school students using adv vape electronic cigarettes rose from 0.6% to 5.3%. But with the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes, the use of traditional cigarettes has declined. From 2011 to 2015, the proportion of American middle school students using combustible cigarettes dropped from 4.3% to 2.3%. The proportion of American high school students who use electronic cigarettes rose from 1.5% in 2011 to 16%. At the same time, 9.3% of high school students use regular cigarettes, compared with 15.8% in 2011. There is currently no evidence that the decrease in the use of ordinary cigarettes is caused by the increase in electronic cigarettes. There is also no conclusive data that the use of electronic rdta cigarettes has opened the door to ordinary cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

E-cigarettes are heated to steam crave and contain liquid nicotine. Therefore, when it comes to lung cancer, electronic cigarettes are definitely much safer than traditional cigarettes.

However, Vape passes heated liquid nicotine. The key word in this sentence is nicotine. Nicotine is harmful to your body no matter how you use it. According to researchers, nicotine constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure, but it also puts pressure on the heart ijoy. Therefore, in essence, electronic cigarettes are harmful to health because they can cause heart attacks and strokes.

The difference between Vape and conventional cigarettes is that the former may cause cancer and heart disease, while the latter can cause heart disease. Also pay attention to the risk of heart disease can be achieved by taking preventive measures, such as exercising, eating low-fat foods, and just taking care of yourself,

In short, electronic cigarettes are harmful to health, or at least they can. But overall obs vape cube, they are much less harmful than ordinary cigarettes.

Comment about Voopoo Drag 2 Vinci Too Drag PNP

The vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is the latest model of the best known and the first mod Voopoo manufacturers have long been. They Mojo earlier this year, which is a model of the internal battery and quite nice and before it is almost a year, when they launched at voopoo, twice last mod 18650.

Manufacturer Specifications: Mod
Size – 89 mm by 47 mm by 30 mm
Weight – 102g
High-Amp dual 18650 battery – not included
32 digits GENE.Fan advanced chipset
Watt Output Range: 5-200W
Output voltage range: 0-7.5V
Resistance range – power mode: 0.05-3.0ohms
Resistance range – TC mode: 0.05-1.0ohms
Temperature range: 200 ° -600 ° F / 100 ° -315 ° C
Supports Ni200, titanium, stainless steel Compatibility
TCR setting mode
POWER mode
zinc alloy-frame construction
Intuitive OLED screen
I split bedroom battery – Located on each side
shoot button – located on the battery
Two control buttons – Located on top of the battery 2
output overcurrent protection
overload protection
discharge protection
short protection -Circuit
load balancing battery
MicroUSB port
510 access
Available in silver and tin
Emerald green S-S-red camouflage, S-Cascade, S Red S Black Rock, S Wood, S-Surf blue-green camouflage S
P-emerald green, red Camouflage P, P-Cascade, P Red-Green Black Rock P-P, P-Wood, P-Surf Blue, camouflage
Included in the box:
1 User Operations
1 USB cable
1 GEN smart card
1 Warranty Card

first impressions and features

When I saw this mod in the ECC and display that looks good. Screen reminds me that as geekvape and shadow nova legend, but in black and white and went with a symmetrical design that I liked the centering pin 510. The only part of this design is the key and the battery cover mod . The batteries are on the opposite side of the mod and Voopoo Vinci show new but you can not make a single battery and not fashion. The buttons are above the shutter button on one side and a more or less on the other side. Very convenient to use in each hand. Overall, we really designed from the beginning.

Overall, I think the performance of the model is very good. It is only 0.12 ohm one set common to most of the mods in the resistance is small. It is mainly influenced minimum bit. I can get a maximum of 196 watts, so I guess it must be evaluated accurately to 200 watts. Limit 7679 volt showed no amplification circuit. Her list member 7.5V volt exceed maximum rating so good as well. They did not mention the limit amp in this mod. The more I was 35 with a 0.12 ohm coils at the end of the double bottom battery mod least about 40 days. Personally, if I list my specs call 200 watt mod, 7.5V and 35A. Good overall score, so Voopoo. mod is not hot when stressed at all, but it gets a little warm when you’re under stress with a maximum watt in high temperature protection. I have no problem with him personally, because I like the safety features and I do not recommend vaping more than 150 still use the battery and battery mod double to over 20 A or CDR assessed by the exchange. No flames were seen and the delay in the fashion curve watt mod works well too. Also get rid of love and fashion large dirt and fire mod because you have to be in power is not alpha.

an overview of the energy performance TLDR
the performance is very good mod. Most hit a few watts lowered. To assess the precision watt (196), there are circuits amplify, 35. Low Volt amp limit tested in 7679 that exceeds the specification list of 7.5V. Watt curve works as it should.

At the same voopoo with all mod mods limited to 80 watts in the CV and even rare so once you get full 80. This Voopoo Too get code done in the past. He did a good job with the construction of a single turn coil without breakfast double coil construction, but you could not really build strength coil fantasy. This model uses a standard 5 clicks to turn on and off. The menu system can be much better because it does not include the right menu. Simply click on the fire three times to switch between the default watt TC NI, IT TC, TC SS. I do not see how TCR from now, but you can adjust the temperature mode TCR. the same system as other voopoo mods and SS is the default mode 1300. Also because of the fire so quickly by clicking on fire three times each atomiser sizzling product is used three times. I hope that manufacturers stop this fire crap pursue instant or less pretend Innokin where there was no fire after the first press 2 and 3 times. I have mod fire 12 times to go through also seem out of touch. A downward pressure on the submenu that can pass through the curve wattage and temperature curve (5 points each memory) and set the temperature mode and active mode temperature TCR block. Using 4 Click the program or to adjust the power curve in the TC mode. Really easy to use. better with the PC software where I can program my turn on the computer and remove the device in a mode of IT and Ni, but the software is not currently working for vmate. I’m sure it will be updated at some point when the mod is released but now I do not help at all. On the other hand, and the buttons are not labeled somewhat less bizarre. It is also a less front and rear.

The Voopoo Drag click in gradually adjusted to 0.1 watts least 100 watts and 100 watts or more gradually completed. Now you have to adapt quickly. The result is annoying to listen to the watt you. They have to lower the barrier of 0.1 an increase of about 20-25 watts.

build quality mod
simple beauty
Batteries are easy to get without damaging the packaging
12 colors
power mode performance
Watt accurately assess
bright screen size suitable
Beautiful fire button
510 atomizers centering pin 25 mm
volt limit well beyond recommended specs
Watt fashion curve
symmetrical design
ancient navigation system
mod fires every time you click to change modes
Full adjustment over 100 watts (must make a small full watt)
Max amplifiers slightly lower than most dual battery mods
The PC software is not updated to keep using mod
TC performance is very limited
Mode without TCR?

So with all that said, I recommend this mod or not? I do not like or not so hard, but vapeciga Voopoo PNP slightly toward him.

It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me Voopoo

comments disclaimer
Because of the differences may QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a review vaporizer since the end of 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like forums vapers assistance and contribution to society great vaporizer. I do not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be full at all times and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are displayed in my opinion.

You can buy here:voopoo

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relx device vape herbva pro nokiva artisan vaper review

herbva nokiva Pod kit is the last unknown Rincoe kits vaporizer manufacturers. They started a little over a year with a solid platform for a time called Ceto, then followed by a MOD with Manto. Since then it has been a little up and down but with mediocre 2 mods (Mantle and x s), then some modifications mechanical man power mode with 228W and 80W solid mechanical man. The Tix is ​​a simple rectangular thin AIO style pod with snow peas and rechargeable 1000mAh battery and press the fire button. It is very similar in design arteries pal 2, which was released earlier this year. Is available in 7 colors in total, most of the time all black, but with a different panel design of the label in the vast sky, Flame, Galaxy, British flag, the American flag, skull burning, and carbon black . Looking around I saw them online at a price of $ 25-30. Elementvape has all the colors in stock in the US for $ 27.95 for pods replacement kit and to 12.95 (with a sheath and 2 rolls), and replace the coil pack 5 16,95.


Specifications of the manufacturer:

Dimensions – 90.7mm by 43mm by 19mm

Integrated battery 1000mAh

Watt Output Range: 10-20W

Level 3 power – 3.3V, 3.65V, and a full battery output

Resistance range: 0.3-3.0ohms

Zinc alloy, PC and IML frame construction

Cooking shield-shaped button

LED battery indicator

Pod magnetic frame panel

Recharging Pod – replaceable coil

Pod 2 ml capacity

Food Grade Pod PTGC construction

Side filling system – silicone caps

TIX series coil Rincoe


coil hierarchic installation

I ring airflow control based threaded Coil

DTL options and airflow MTL

Pod Snap-In

Low battery protection

Load Protection

Short protection -Circuit

attachment point lanyard


MicroUSB port type C

coil highlights

0.8ohm mesh coil TIX

Regular 1.0ohm coil TIX

Included in the box:

1 TIX Rincoe Devices

Rincoe cartridge 1 TIX

1 0.8ohm TIX Mesh Coil

1 TIX ordinary 1.0ohm Coil

1 Type C USB Cable

Certificate Map 1

1 Warranty Card

1 User’s Manual

1 strap




Summary kit

The style Rincoe thin rectangular show new artisan vaper sheath, which means that no change or a separate reservoir which can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and the coils are replaced and can be reused as Pal sheath 2, breeze or Nxt North AIRISTECH. It was a good size after all. There also are no pods adjustable air cooler, and very easy to customize and as we have seen in the wind 2. This provides a limited release MTL DTL vaporizer. It has an average capacity of 2 ml. 1000 mAh battery and is registered with an adjustable output with three options. A low (3.3 V) Average (3.65V) and height (direct output). Offers an integrated set USB charging port and USB C list loading rate of 1 A max. I tried three times with USB line and meter the level of expenditure by the .67A Max as little overboard them. There are shown in .7a max. It was in full charge of about 1 hour and 45 minutes despite good. As for size 999mah 993mah battery rated so well there. Passthrough vaping and most (breaking load) if u can hit while charging. drip tip is part of the nacelle itself and can not be replaced, like most.

The Rincoe Tix very well built, but also the type of light. Chat wise have a galaxy that is more matte black body, but the appearance of the panel, as well galaxies and look good. No complaints or wear paint. The pods are attached to the battery by means of a spring system in the body of the device. To remove the sheath has to remove the side panel carried by a magnet and the sheath press and drag. It works well and is easy to do and a good panel fit with almost no play. To replace the coil and unscrew the screws AFC AFC as wind or 2 pal AIRISTECH 2 and the coil screw AFC to the nacelle. A method of filling a solid and worked well. This series rubber stopper with a huge hole and the plug is on the side so it is not necessary to remove the basket to fill. There just pull the plug and leave it out and filling. Works fine so no complaints.


The usage is quite simple. It has two buttons is a fire button on the front is the logo and make it visible to hidden images rincoe know it was not a button. The other is the mode button on the side of click to choose between low power (red) Medium (blue) and high (green). Click Fire 5 times to turn on or off. You can press the shutter button to also see the power of the battery. There are two LEDs on the device. On top of the mode switch and a bottom. A cap that says so. This is below the level of the battery. When vaping color or press the shutter button lets you know the battery. Green means 50% full, blue and red means 15-50% means that 15% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most pods, but step 4 Fun and distance should be better. This does not change color until half dead when most of the pods will change in the cost of 60-70% if I ding them out there. There is no way unti become red too low. It is supposed to be better spaced. pod is completely enclosed in the body and, unfortunately, very colorful so it is difficult to see the level of juice and disappointing that you can not see without removing the side panel. As for the design, which was the only big complaint rincoe there must be added the juice box.


performance and details of the coil

Vapeciga herbva pro comes with one but two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There are 2 options for this reel kit package 1 ohm and 0.8 ohms. One of each is included. I use it all the juice 20-24mg 50/50 on this unit. I found two coils more about the size parameters. None of them good chain spray. The two levels of 2 to sense does not mean as good as some of the best, but not bad for all and acceptable. Lifewise but both are poor enough for me just get coils 6ml 0.8 ohms and only 4 ml of 1 ohm coils. 1 ohm coils was also slightly outside the edges of 0.8 ohms in taste, but there is not much difference. Overall a pretty good flavor, but the animated reel overwicked so bad and do not spray string.



colors (Total 7)

The average capacity of 2 ml

Good quality battery

side panel assembly beautiful

right size for easy transport

a good note for the battery size

adjustable output

costs fast enough (about 1 hour 45 minutes)

pods are easy to remove and install such coil

platform can be reused (substitute single coil)

easy to fill

vaping gateway

It is easy to see LED indicator battery

excellent battery life

equipped with two coils

the usual sense of the two coils, but not great

adjustable airflow


no juice at all windows to see the level

pods too dark

the distance from the battery indicator and step 4 Enchant

lower life coil

cost overruns levels


So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like so hard or not, and this, I have to lean toward no. This is a great device and really was a scam AIRISTECH PAL 2 in many respects, better built and has an adjustable output. But as my Friend 2 AIRISTECH coils are better than what it offers arteries, which are still not to the coil of the best single-dose system for one of them a large apparatus allow us a bad coil. I will not add to my CER associated spreadsheet then you can check if you are in the market for anything.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.


rejection of the products

This product was sent to me relx vape


Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.


You can buy here: relx device

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Comment of smok tanks nord 2 RPM80 mag grip trinity alpha nfix pods

This is smok nord2 pods system kit come in 18 colors:

– black with white foam
– Black with red spray
– green black jet
– Rasta red
– Rasta Green
– Color Belgium
– White
– Orange
– Red
– Black
– Red Camouflage
– camouflage
– H.H
– Gold
– Green
– blue
– Purple
– 7 colors

In the box:

– Battery Sticks Prince
– deposit TFV12 Prince (2 ml)
– Quadruple coil 0.17ohm M4 (pre-installed)
– Quadruple 0.17ohm M4 Coil
– USB cable
– Users Guide
– Bedrooms
– Certification

For Prince smok trinity alpha tank(click in buy) head coil RBA buy separately and can be built here is very simple, I do not have the head of the coil, but I’ll sure buy.

So, let me start at the top, Smok Prince tfv12.

– capacity of the tank: 2 ml
– Size: 63 mm
– Diameter: 25.5mm
– Weight: 63g

Atomizer is the same color as the top of the battery and goes well with the battery. Smok tvf12 prince is a very good atomizing looking for.

Smok tfv12 above, you can see the tip 810 drops by two O-rings therein, drip edge in good condition. This is just the tip of the drops Cobra and looks absolutely beautiful. It can be purchased separately by the drip tip and can choose from several different colors. Drip Tip convenient to use. Here you can use all end 810 falls or two rings therein.
the outer diameter of the drops of tip is 16 mm, the inner diameter is 12.5 mm.

Under the advanced drip, you can see the hat is a filling of the top of the atomizer. This tank is full is very easy, on the upper deck, you can see a small lock button and open the top cover. If you want to fill your tank, just press a button and slide the top cover, the top cover will slide to one side and you can see the hole, you will use to fill your tank. I like and the same locking system that can really easily and quickly fill my tank.

You can see some details here, you can see engraved “Smok” can be seen under the tip of fine droplets crown and the crown of the same ring, you can see the air flow, beautiful details, the truth.

Tank capacity 2 ml to the question of the EU and EU have issues. Standard vapeciga smok mag grip includes glass bubbles and bubble spray glass looks better. I really like the fact that you can choose between the bubble and ordinary glass tank. Bubble 8 ml tank capacity is very good. You can also buy separate single bubble reservoir.

Prince stick Battery

Honestly, I am very pleased that when I received this device as a battery looks very good in my opinion. I think this device will be very convenient to use and he was right. The device is very compact, the stack height of 85 mm, 24.5 mm diameter and batteries are not complicated at all, just 88.5g. Battery feels good in the hand.

You can see the nice details of the battery as well. bottom, you can see engraved “Smok” and the other side you can see engraved “Palos Prince”. Further down the battery, you can see the design of the crown, the same as in the atomizer. From the bottom you can see the ventilation holes.
gold plated pins on the battery and spring loaded.

Shutter button is very convenient and a hexagonal shape. Easily hold the shutter button to spray, as always is the shutter button. Around the shutter button, the LED light and the light will turn red every time the dismissal of a vaporizer is pressed. A red light shows red because the color around the shutter button, but for example with a yellow light around the button on a yellow flame.
You can easily press the shoot with the index finger or thumb, I want to use it with my mother, who feel more comfortable with me.

You can see the USB port on the battery, the current 0.8 A max. You can also see the light to do the same thing here, but will glow white.
3000mAh battery capacity, there are 23,600 batteries in the device. excellent battery capacity and I find information about the actual capacity of 3000mAh.
With this capability depends on the resistance of the coil, which can certainly use these devices 1-2 days without recharging the battery.
You can use the device while in the charger, but still, I would suggest not vape when the battery is being charged, the battery will be longer.

LED flashes 15 times when the battery is empty and you need to recharge the battery.
When a device on the charger lights red when the battery is fully charged the light will be.

Is a device that is very easy to use, you can be activated by 5 Click the shutter button and can be deactivated by 5 Click the shutter button.
These batteries operate from 3.4-4.2volts, so that basically means that when the battery is fully charged, will have more power.

I use these batteries with different deposit, so that the battery of 24 mm diameter 24.5 mm tank will fit in very well here and there will not be a problem. Honestly atomizers used in this document by less than 24 mm and I’m fine with it. This battery works well with my dl droppers and works very well with my mtl tank.

Some of the information that this tool works with a different resistance for smok nfix pods

So, let me start at the top, Smok Prince tfv12.

– the capacity of the tank: 2 ml
– Size: 63 mm
– Diameter: 25.5mm
– Weight: 63g

Atomizer is the same color as the upper part of the battery and goes well with the battery. Smok tvf12 prince is a very nice atomizer.

Smok tfv12 above, you can see the tip 810 drops by two who are O-rings, drip in good condition. This is just the tip of Cobra drops and looks absolutely beautiful. It can be purchased separately by advanced drip and you can choose between several different colors. Drip Tip convenient to use. Here you can use all falls or end 810 two rings on it.
the outer diameter of the tip of drops is 16 mm, the inner diameter is 12.5 mm.

Under the advanced drop drop, you can see the hat is a superior spray filling. This tank is filled is very easy, on the upper deck, you can see a small lock button and open the top cover. If you want to fill your tank, you just press a button and slide the top cover, slide the top cover on one side and you can see the hole you use to fill your tank. I love and the same locking system that can quickly and easily fill my tank.

You can see some details here, you can see engraved “Smok” can be seen as the tip of fine droplets crown and the crown of the same ring, you can see the flow of air, beautiful details, the truth.

As we wait for show new SMOK RPM 80 Pro, this device can be purchased in beautiful color combinations are different, which is always a plus. I received this camera in rasta colors is beautiful, I love the colors on my device, it looks great. good quality with good details about the device. quality color looks good, the moment I see no scratches on the battery or atomizer, there are scratches on the bottom of the battery to the sitting at the table and no scratches on the above battery atomizer and I think the quality of a good color,

I like that with these batteries can use different tanks with a power that is very good, I really like how it works and my devices such as battery capacity, 3000mAh think it might be good for each user. Perhaps I would like to add 3 different lights on the battery indicator, because I want to, everything else here is great and I am very happy with the battery and tfv12, well we all know Smok coil. I suggest this device, due to the capacity and quality of construction that can be enjoyed for a long time.


You can buy You are here:smok tank


dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside review



dovpo squonk is a device variable voltage potentiometer style and the latest version of this bestseller Dovpo M VV. This device comes with a choice of 3 textured panels of different colors and has a nice weight to hand in my opinion. Cook at as low as 0.08 and in turn wrote that the full potential of this powerful machine 280W, whether 18650 will do this, I do not know and I do not intend to treat and recommended the construction of so-called simple voltage to read (just because you can does not mean you should!).





USB cable 1 × type C

Quality Control Board 1x

Safety Data Sheets 1x Battery

1x Card Social Media

1 x Manual


Aesthetics and ergonomics


M VV II is the cardboard packing with a viewing window so you can see the colors device before opening. I agree to the release of the skull and roses, though undoubtedly the version available at the time of writing options Hannya, skull and roses and samurai of the Dragon.

This device has a black frame zinc alloy zinc alloy panels also, a removable battery and to allow one fixed payments. The panel has a plastic colorful design with embossed texture that feels durable despite the impressive topic will not be everyone’s taste.

The face has a cutting corner where it meets the top of the camera and just below, we have a big black button fires dome at the bottom of the face, have a sphere with LED indicator light above. The backbone of this unit without nature, but the center of the cavity to reduce the device which is the most ergonomic basis as well. At the top, as mentioned, had a cut corner on the one hand have a plate 510 is placed in the center of the top of the panel instead of around the device, ie 510 gold-plated and comes with a trip decent. I have a M VV (Blue Ray Version) Original I bought and I think H VV II has an ergonomic advantage, I also found the almost perfect weight, not too light, not too heavy, but it’s pretty subjective.


dovpo mvv Specifications and Features:


Size: 91mm x 53mm x 27mm

Material: PC + zinc alloy

Resistance: 0.08ohm – 3.5ohm

Operating voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V

Output voltage: 1.0V – 8.0V

Batteries: 2 x 18650 (not included)

Display: 3 LED indicator

Maximum output: 280W

The new aesthetic appearance and colorful design elegant

adjustable voltage range of 1 V to 8 V

Some protection for safety vaporizer

the magnetic drum cover for easy installation

Practice Integrated USB Type C

Threads: 510

Color / Design: Hannya, Skull and Roses, Dragon Samurai

No battery

The side panels which need double delete your suit 18650 have a very visible position on the side, also it has “open” and the arrow stamped on the metal of the spine. Once outside, we see that has a lover of both up and down and a corresponding section directly above the battery has a non-metallic coating for safety. Battery connected to a tape helps to remove the battery needed because they are deeply seated in the compartment and orientation again disappointing Black on black. Also on the front side so that the battery compartment is hidden when the panel is in place is a USB type C. During the test port for moving the panel with or without the battery installed there was no movement, cracks job!

Operation II M VV

dovpo basium are potentiometers variable voltage device style that is very simple to use, but has to be given this honor because this type of device gives a certain strength. This device is the usual 5 clicks to activate and deactivate the LED 5 clicks for action confirmed by rail bike, red, yellow, green. This device has an indication of battery status is indicated by the color of the LED light when vaping, status is as follows:

Green = 7.6V or above

Yellow = 7.0V and 7.6V Between

Red = 6.9V or below

If you recharge your batteries in the camera (I do if it’s the only option) LEDs provide an indication of support following the same color and the percentage when vaping, when the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns off.

To use the device that rotates the dial to adjust the tension and the vaporizer. There are 5 main parameters of line with other agreements between each, you can also go between brands and micromanaging their power right after. You can not see what is the right or power to know what the output power is provided, the trick is to start small and gradually increase the voltage until the desired power is obtained, this vaporizer device with feeling instead of fixing add your charm this device comes with all the usual security protection you get with another device regulated if kicked indicated by the various LED flashes.


low-voltage protection

overheating protection

Reverse battery protection

Short circuit protection

Protection of overtime

My experience using dovpo nickel

I really like the style of a device potentiometer variable voltage and MVV II has an ergonomic lightweight and Type C USB, so I think better the original device and is equivalent to 4 times Invader Tesla as the best that I have no use.

You really need to start at the lowest position and crank slowly until the desired power is obtained, you will be surprised how low you need quickly. You need to get your nails to mark the arrow to adjust and prefer Invader 4X because it is much easier to move to move quickly, but Dial M VV II always very well and is less Checklist that most styles devices potentiometer I’ve used. I like shooting dome button, you can not lose and had a very satisfying click when the fire of the device without any delay and instantaneous way, I had no complaints press.

At the risk of repeating myself you really need to start small and gradually increase strength until vaporizer desired, this device offers a lot of energy and, personally, have never had to use the style of a potentiometer with dial more than half and usually much lower. They are user settings for various guide construction provides output power For setting is different, but is only indicative output, including the maximum power of 280W is dependent on the 18650 that use claimed and tension adjustment freshness they are.

I like the weight in the hands of unity and sense of texture colorful design to be very durable, even if the indication of the status of the battery may have more levels that are well spaced and adapted to use. The device can hold up to 25 mm without false dovpo topside more will adapt well intentioned, but if you are looking for a device that can accommodate a large Atty this is not for you. Through the USB cable C type support including the load devices and to the final pro board it was very affordable.


well-made devices

aesthetically pleasing

great weight

colorful textured finish (panel)

Dial moves smoothly

Micromanagement of the output voltage to the desired power

a powerful device

fire direct ramp to the instant

Domed big shot button

Very easy to use

The battery cover is perfectly safe

Battery tape

The battery indicator

Battery life seems a little better than expected

a degree of security protection

Charge cards accepted

Type C USB

low price


VV only (obviously)

Black in the direction of battery black dial

I would again thank Cortana Healthcabin provide DOVPO M VV MOD Box II for the purposes of this review.

You can buy here:dovpo


The comment of smok vape nord 2 RPM80 Pro mag trinity alpha Nfix Kit 25W

smok nord 2 come in several different colors:


– Blue red

– black Amarillo

– Black red

– Silver Black

– Red Gold

– crimson

– 7 colors


In the package:


– Poison MOD

– Deposit TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition (5 ml)

– Basic Baby-Q2 V8 (double coil 0.4ohm) (pre-installed)

– Baby-T8 base V8 (0.15ohm eight rolls)

– glass tubes replacement

– 6 color pairs of O-ring

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Bedrooms

– Warranty card

– Warning Card

– Beauty 2 rings

smok trinity alpha has a color screen is very large and beautiful, the screen size is 1 inch. The screen brightness is good and you can see everything very nice.


To activate the device, you must press the shutter button 5 times. After that, you will see “Smok” on the screen and you will see a version of the software.


When the device is turned on, you will see on the screen:


– dual battery indicator

– Power (W)

– voltage

– coil resistance

– hot

– against blow

– Time puff


Thus, on the screen, you will see a lot of information, and if you ask me, is all you need, I have to say that I like the battery indicator on the screen.


When the shutter button is pressed 3 times the device will be on the menu, and the menu can be seen:


– setting mode

– Puff the establishment

– Screen settings

– diode

– To turn off

To navigate the menu using the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons. If you want to enter the submenu fire button is pressed long.

You can use the setting mode to choose the work mode:

– Power mod

– Ni Tc

– Te Ti


– Memory game

RPM80 Pro is a very nice and clear designed device with a great edition tfv8 baby looks good atomizer. a design very attractive with many details, especially on this device brands mod is very different. The most interesting is that the atomiser mod and we can see a lot of LED lights. It is even possible to change the color of the lights, but we’ll talk soon.


In the box, you get a lot, you will receive a infants light tfv8 mod edition Poison, two coils and everything you need, but also in the package you receive or ring that can be used to change the color of the LED light on the atomizer and two rings of beauty, again, a very nice together.

I received this kit in 7 colors, this is subjective, but I like the way it looks, of course, you can buy this product in different color options.

the build quality is very good, everything is as it should be. color quality is also very good, Smok improved and so far I can not see a scratch on the mod or spray and use it every day at home and out of me, for now everything is fine.

Under the advanced drip, you can see the hat is an atomizer top fill. This high filling is very popular and very easy to use. All you need to do is push the envelope and see a hole where the tank is filled, you can fill up very quickly, I love it.

In the upper lid, you can be seen recorded “Smok” and can view the details recorded unscrewing the cap help to change the coil or for cleaning the sprayer.


Put fire and a base very good and clean. From the bottom of the base, you can see engraved “Designed by Smok”.

Basically, you can see the control ring airflow in the ring and you can also see the same detail as on the upper deck and details of help when you want to customize the air flow. ring good airflow, can adjust the air flow is very accurate, and can not move to chance. Ring stop existing airflow and can not run forever, I want to see the top of the atomizer. Sprays have two holes on either side of the air flow and fits on the one hand, it will be the same on the other side. Flow of soft and hard air.


5ml capacity of the tank, but the rules of the European Union, you can purchase 2 ml tank. It can be purchased separately a glass bubble to the atomizer and the capacity will 7ml glass. I like that it is possible to expand the capacity of the atomizer. No glass bubble in the package, but you will get a glass a backup in case you break one. Or the two rings having a tank well.

smok mag


This mod is a double mod 18650 and you can see the LED lights are beautiful and you can change the color of light.




power range: 1-225w

Size: 86 mm x 47 mm x 30 mm

Weight: 180 g

Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) /0.05-2.0ohm (TC)

Temperature range: 200F-600F / 100C-315C

SMOK Nfix Kit 25W worked very well within the chip is very nice and it was pretty accurate, I can not say a bad thing, as good quality. The screen is bright and big and I love it. Honestly, I want to use this mod with LED lights off, but I think people will love the features, looks good and interesting, sometimes I turn on the light and I admit, it looks amazing. I also like the fact that you can turn off the LED light, so if you like the features you will use if you do not like, you can always turn it off, but you can not turn off the LED lights inside the atomizer. If the LED lights as surely love this mod.

Another advantage is that the balance in favor of charging models. In this device, you can manage all mod has so many good features, even more than necessary, this is a great advantage. This device is very suitable for dual battery model and I really like the side of the shutter button.

As we all know, is Smok a company that now manufactures high quality equipment and is also atomiser does not disappoint and this mod chip is very good, in my opinion, this is a very good tool.

You can buy it here: Poison Smok vape


dovpo box mod vv topside squonk basium nickel 230w dual review

topside squonk mod, a mini version of the popular BLOTTO Dovpo. Except for the size of what has changed? Let deepen this test and find out.


This product has been delivered to Dovpo kind of generosity in order to stand the test side. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.



Undoubtedly the original BLOTTO RTA Dovpo and vaping Bogan is still very popular. But only BLOTTO Mini lose too much of its original charm? BLOTTO Dovpo Mini is perfect now as a single coil RTA? And if the problem occurred? Let’s delve into this review and find out more.


The contents of the box

RTA Mini Dovpo fill BLOTTO

1 x Mini BLOTTO RTA – 2 ml glass chimneys.

1 x 4 ml Ultem bubble tube.

1 x4 s bubble tube glass.

1 x bottle opener.

1 x screwdriver tool T.

Parts of screws and sealing rings.

1 x Manual


This packaging vv box mod is the same as the original, but smaller BLOTTO. In addition, the front is made of a transparent plastic cover that will allow buyers to easily see the color options covered. Although the characteristics of the logo, a list of key features return, logo fulfillment of the government, Auditor of authenticity and health and safety warnings.


Removing the outer cover reveals Dovpo BLOTTO sitting RTA Mini pop and immediately hand. Furthermore, under the incrustation vaping Bogan bottle opener, bag parts, additional 4 ml glass, and Ultem bubble tube. But as the original review BLOTTO Dovpo I, Dovpo BLOTTO Mini does not come with the coil.


manufacturing quality

Because of the small size and weight 53.6g, the weight BLOTTO Mini is not quite like the original. Although BLOTTO Mini remains solid and feels like it will continue to use the long-term good.


Dovpo BLOTTO probably RTA Mini is driving well. In addition to grinding very smooth fireplace inside and out. also own thread, allowing the cover to screw the bottom of the smooth platform.


Also the depth of the knurling on the top of the cap and the control ring is suitable airflow without causing problems with the air flow inlet clean cut. Furthermore, change of control ring air flow changes smoothly and easily through the top of the bottle style knurled.


Probably continuous quality machine at the top of the tank with a bayonet at the top of the body fit. But it is still easy to remove by hand. Unfortunately, existing I finished singing the worn blue.


However Dovpo BLOTTO Mini has the same set of 1 mm based on the tank. Which become visible with mods plates 510 also raised.


While the original industrial stylization is maintained, basium squonk mod Bridge is still great to see. In addition to all milling work clean finish for a good rate. But it is not the same as the original, BLOTTO. However airflow inlet and juice wells clean cut without burrs.


A BLOTTO as in the original Mini Dovpo 4 ml Pyrex or Ultem glass bubble has not had problems with leaks or leakage. However Ultem is a little tight.



Blotto Dovpo dimension of 44 mm Mini the bottom of the tank support at the upper end of the droplets and has a diameter of 22 mm.



Although they are technically able to work well configuration Dovpo BLOTTO RTA Mini single and double coil. However, due to the small platform it was most suitable to build a single coil. However coil inherently easy placement and evacuate. Due to the design of building a platform size of the inlet and juice. Fundamental BLOTTO Mini being very lenient single coil RTA, unless used not enough absorbent material.




Undoubtedly, the circular double BLOTTO Dovpo Mini is not as easy as the original. Especially since the airflow over all the posts and arches, so very little game. Therefore, 3 mm double coil is out of the question that best fit to 2 mm. However deck is perfect for the individual coils are larger and run a little warmer as double Kanthal coils merged Clapton.




dovpo nickel 230w mod of capillarity as easy as the original Mini with a good amount of space in juice consumption. Similar to the original, the material discharge plate to the outer diameter of the base. In addition, it requires exploration, working behind a soft cotton cotton got into the juice too.



In addition, once inserted the cotton gently lift and down to make sure there is enough movement. Also make sure that when the shaft is saturated, does not grow too much and choke himself. Reducing the liquid flow-e. Now all that remains is for the back of the main cotton e-liquid favorite pop in your tank, recharge and enjoy.


One point to note, regardless of how they can be combined Dovpo Mini BLOTTO, problems tend to occur with a glass roving right 2ml installed. Furthermore, the proximity of the outer glass fireplace, the air bag is formed around the hole juice can not easily increase the path. Therefore, they can not reach an E-liquid or both ends of the shaft result in poor performance.




Rotate and remove the top cover allows easy access to bayonet. But because the size is reduced, the load can be a pain when the Mini and a glass right BLOTTO Dovpo used. Furthermore, the glass too close to the outer wall of the chimney causing the air cushion. Furthermore, as the original, the filling holes are inwardly bevelled edges, which adds to fill very slow. But movements through one of the tubes of 4 ml facilitates this. But you should not do or necessary.




Undoubtedly, the airflow topside dual may have a tight tie. Moreover proper operation of the control ring of air flow can be completely closed. If desired. However, with a small construction of a bridge, if you choose to build double coil you can find vaporizer too hot with an air flow also closed.


However, because the second coil is fed from the bottom curved and vertical pillars, air almost all receiving coils. Therefore, this produces steam production is smooth and balanced. A the same as in the original, I enjoyed Dovpo BLOTTO Mini two third opening merged with the air flow Clapton single coil.



2 ml glass tube equipped Unfortunately standard is poor. In addition quickly it became unusable because of the proximity of the outdoor fireplace glass. Resulting in air pockets so that inhibits loading and wicking. Both the paint finish on the blue version is already showing signs of wear within two weeks of use, which is not very large. A the same as in the original game of 1 mm at the base of the RTA seems strange. Especially when used with mods plates 510 have been raised.



While RTA Mini Dovpo BLOTTO offer nothing more than the original. However, the small size makes Dovpo BLOTTO Mini is perfect for a single coil use. Without the need for a greater power than the original RTA BLOTTO. In addition, the remains of the air stream is silky smooth and great taste.


In short, if you enjoy your single reel FSA are like me and use Kanthal coil or fused Clapton hot like a hot coil and mini Dovpo BLOTTO is perfect for keeping the cold coil.


You can buy here: dovpo box mod

CCell Hand 510 String Oil Vaporizer Affirmation

CCell Hand 510 String  <a href=>best dry herb vape</a>  Oil Vaporizer Affirmation
The CCell Hand is simply <a href=>puffs vape</a>   amongst one of the most preferred Vapehop smoke shop
510 string vaporizers on the industry today. 510 string vapes are acquiring place in addition to also expose no indicators of lowering.

As extraordinary high quality   <a href=>element vape review</a>marijuana focuses are ending up being a substantial quantity added extensively easily supplied, oil cartridges Eleaf istick vapehop are developing a large quantity of interest. The CCell Hand battery is a picked as a result of the truth that it is smooth, mobile as well as furthermore reliable.

The Style of the CCell Hand Vaporizer

The CCell Hand is a little Vapehop joyetech vape
510 string vaporizer that fits <a href=>vapes near me</a>  extremely conveniently in your hand. It is utilized in a range of tones, situations are belo

The rear of the CCell Vape pen Vapehop Hand is open to assure <a href=>orchid vape</a> that you can see your cartridge. This makes it Vape pen vapeciga
definitely truly simple to track just how much oil you have in reality left in <a href=>dank vape carts</a>  your cartridge.

The battery is 550mAh capability, that consists of problem-free power and additionally  <a href=>vape pen battery 510</a>similarly lasts for a long period of time. I make use of the vaporizer typically throughout the day along with just cost it worrying when a week about. There is an LED light on the top of the Hand in addition to it blinks 10 times to disclose when your battery is degree.

Currently, you call for to place the <a href=>palm vape</a>  Hand on the USB battery charger gave up the strategy. It expenses with a little USB port placed under of the tool.

The LED light on the top <a href=>best vape juice 2019</a>  of the gizmo Vape juice vapeciga
hops on a routine basis on <a href=>lennys sub</a>  while the battery is invoicing. The Hand costs totally in worrying a personnels.

As promptly as the battery is <a href=>cbd products near me</a>  completely billed, the LED blinks 20 times together with additionally later fold.

HoneyStick Fairy Truck Generate Ultracompact 510 String Oil Concealer

The structure is developed out of split light-weight aluminum alloy to make it strong along with in addition screening. I have really actually been bring mine in the pocket and dropped it a number of times in  <a href=>vpor</a> improvement to it discloses no indicators of the problem.

What Can be found in package <a href=>nearest vape shop</a>  with the CCell Hand 510 Battery?

The Hand can be uncovered in a very well made Vape stores <a href=>second hand vape smoke</a>   vapeciga
slide-out box as you can see below.

In package you \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ll locate:

— One CCell Hand Vaporizer battery,
— A rapid USB settlement cord,
— 2 steel magnetic adapters, in addition to in addition to that
— An assurance card for registering your guarantee

Just simply particularly how to Utilize the CCell Hand Cartridge Vape?

Making use of batteries for 510 carts is instead incredibly easy along with the CCell vaporizers are recognized to be unbelievably required to utilize.

The CCell Hand is breathe in switched on so basically, all you need to do is to consist of a 510 cartridge to the vape along with in addition to that absorb addition to worth the CCell experience.

CCell suggests utilizing their very own Vape stores vapeciga
CCell cartridges for the very best performance. Continually keep in mind that the outstanding quality of the cartridges you make the most of is a definitely basic part of your vapor premium. Superior 510 cartridges, like the real CCell TH2 refillable cartridges offered right here, are important to obtain superb excellent quality vapor smokes.

To start, all you need to do is screw on among the supplied magnetic steel adapters to the stuffed cartridge in addition to relocate right into the Hand battery.

That is exactly simply particularly simply precisely just how incredibly straightforward it is to take full advantage of the CCell Hand. There are no buttons or setups to mess around with, you simply load your cartridge in addition to additionally draw. The heating unit switches on from the air work as you are vaping.

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer Evaluation [VIDEO] Choice

The CCell Hand is just among amongst among one of one of the most liked along with the majority of reliable 510 string oil cartridge batteries on the industry along with it is for an excellent component. They are merely one of one of the most reasonable to use along with suit most oils. It is ultra-tiny as well as in addition instead exceptionally really discreet together with really standard to hide from unwanted focus. The CCell Hand is a large amount above a vape pen.

The 550mAh 3.7 v rechargeable battery powers the vaporizer well along with it produces wonderful significant clouds of vapor. Great in addition to furthermore efficient performance from such a mobile vaporizer.

We such as the CCell Hand right below at VapeFuse after examining together with in a similar method utilizing it for an extended period of time. I incredibly encourage it to any person that is seeking a trusted vaporizer.

An added ingenious mobile vape from CCell is the brand-new Silo battery. If you value discovering CCell batteries, have a look at the statement described listed here.

If you have any kind of sort of kind of kind of experience making use of the CCell Hand that you would absolutely delight in to share or if you have any kind of sort of kind of type of type of kind of troubles, please enable us acknowledge in the statements position provided right here.

The comment abput vape battery smok nord starter rpm80 mag p3 trinity alpha nfix kit

smok nord starter kit, an all in one compact device designed watts. Compatible with North and RPM coil. But how to show Smok Nord 2? Is this a great vaporizer?

This product is delivered to the generosity of some goals so NewVaping finding review.Furthermore spirit in the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

Please offer very NewVaping Smok 20% NORTH 2 with a discount code by paying. CODE: CL20

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helped fund the spray site Make ‘N’.

North Smok 2, a compact 40W vape in a device which has a “OLED is 0.69, and the capacity of 1500 mAh internal battery. Further north Smok Smok 2 supports helical North and RPM, provides a good range of choices coil. Although it is adjustable air flow, can improve the ability to adjust the North Pole 2 watts Smok? can win where others fail? Delve Discover comments.

Available in Red, Black Cobra, 7 colored oil, gold, 7 colors Cobra …

Cobra white resin, 7 colors, wood Stabilize Stabilize Black and Red Hood.
The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included with Smok Norte 2 Kit.

NORTHERN Smok 2 Packaging Standard packaging Norte 2 TPD
1x 1x NORTH Smok 2 A North Smok device 2
1x 1x RPM RPM pod Pod 2 ml
2 ml of 1x 1x Pod North Holland
1x mesh coil RPM 0.4Ω – 0.4Ω 25 W 1x RPM coil nets – 25W
North 0.8Ω 1x coil – coil 0.8Ω north 1x 16W – 16W
USB 1 x USB cable
Manual guidelines 1x 1x

Undoubtedly Smok 2 Norte looks very good, with a nice clean edge between the panel and the hull of the mod. Furthermore North 2 is integral with frame zinc alloy and stay comfortably in the hand through the design and chamfered filleted. In addition, style and pattern on the panel to add a simple, aesthetic, but in northern 2. With the shutter button is only sensitive to sound an audible click is visible on the front.

Normally, I mutter to the USB port at the base of the spray device. But in the case of the North 2 it was reasonable. Because not only prevents the LCD screen as an investment. But the nature of the design of the device will lead to a further decline.

ongoing review of the North 2 and the LCD screen is crisp and clean with a good read size to the size of the unit. So it is easy to read the current configuration. In addition, the LCD is placed on the side of the unit, allows non-intrusive element for design.

While much Smok RPM40 takes time to turn on the vaporizer unit on it. The Smok Norte 2 is much faster, and is not significant in achieving a state of preparedness which is great to see.

pods North and RPM

Although distinguishes as easily as another boat equipped Smok compatible with north and RPM tooth. Despite this very safe silicone gasket marked with the type of coil. Furthermore, the dimensions for coil placement is especially great for variants RPM.

However, despite being also pod shape made from transparent PCTG, the level of e-liquid remains difficult to monitor. Based on the regular sampling dry sheath to reduce burning smok rpm80 pro coils.

On the other hand illuminated smok mag p3 is more than 5 measurement clicking the shutter button. Although three clicks pass through watt mode adapted to a variety of open-ended 1 – 40W.

Watt variable – VW

There is no doubt use the shutter button to enter and control the number of watts is a nice clean solution to keep Smok Norte 2 minimalist aesthetic.

In addition, as previously it mentioned key 3 watts setting fire made. As the power output of the flash on the LCD screen. To adjust the power, simply click the shutter button until the desired power.

However, if the mark is entered, continue by clicking the shutter button and go around. What is important to set the desired power was recorded on the fire button for 3 seconds watt reading on the LCD stops flashing.

Battery use

With good internal battery of the North Smok internal 1500 mAh battery economy 2, particularly with the coil of the North 0.8Ω. Furthermore, even with 3% of battery capacity, which is still 16W Nord 2 and fried. Which it is great, because many other nacelle systems previously canceled.

In addition, the battery level is indicated on the LCD screen as icons with the percentage of reading. Therefore, similar to the way mobile phones. In addition, when the cost of the remaining time on the screen, which is a useful feature is loaded. While North Smok 2 is not the best way to load, especially with the maximum speed 5V 1.2A load. Despite the battery life in the long-term benefit.

Unfortunately, until recently the discovery technique to remove the car when off. Puff is reset every time we removed the pod. Therefore, I can not give a good average for a period of time between charges. However, it is always good to remember that the battery always depends not only on the selected power. But also the length of each vaporizer.

replacement spool

Undoubtedly replace the coils in the smok trinity alpha battery replacement is easy. But the best thing is not to replace the coil while the liquid mail in the existing pods. Otherwise all e-liquid run out of the funnel. It remains the simple process of pulling the old coil, priming new coil with a few drops of e-liquid in the fireplace, and each discharge hole. Then replace the rear of the coil in the gondola. What is important, be sure to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to become saturated.

In addition, kindly it offered 20% discount with the discount code at checkout. Code: CL20



North Smok 2 Specifications

Dimensions 30.5 mm (L) x 20mm (D) x 95 (T)

1W output power range – 40 W

0.5 Output voltage – 4V (unselected)

the type and amount of 1500 mAh battery

Material Mod frame – zinc alloy Lugs – PCTG

Resistance range 0.3 – 3Ω


The bugbear smok nfix kit price is true that the lack of ability to see the liquid level e. Forcing the user to continue to remove the car to avoid accidental burns dry. Therefore, it costs Smok Norte 2 points on ease of use, and hope that the end of the fall is so transparent ass the rest of the pod.

While the MTL air flow is not a problem for me, for those who love tight traction MTL, Norte 2 may not be to your liking.


Undoubtedly Smok Norte 2 AIO kit together so that robust feel safe for everyday use. Furthermore minimalist design while options watt custom retention is something I really like. However, you can not see the level of e-liquid is a problem as MTL loose vaporizer for those who prefer tight sweater.

However, with many options and coil elegant design, which Smok Norte 2 is suitable for bags, while maintaining a good life battery. Therefore North Smok 2 game many users want a smaller device with the ability to customize watts.

This product was delivered to the kind generosity NewVaping the purpose of thoughts review.Furthermore find below the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

Please offer very NewVaping 20% ​​Smok NORTH 2 with a discount code when paying. CODE: CL20

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.


You can buy here:vape battery