dovpo mod squonk basium vape nickel topside review

Dovpo nickel 230w mod received the purposes of this review.


– Bronze

– Rainbow

– Black

– The corrosion of iron


Specifications and features:



– Diameter: 25 mm

– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml (standard glass) / 6 ml (glass bubbles and bubble tube)

– Coil Type: Coil single and double coil

– Filling Method: Filling Top

– System Airflow: low adjustable air flow

– Material: Stainless steel 304

– Subject: 510


– 242 ° airflow inner coil direct great flavor

– support double coil or single coil construction

– 2ml glass and right 6 ml with glass bubble

– double diffusion delicate balance airflow

– Easy filling Top Design

– Bottle opener included

– Available in 4 colors: black, silver, gun metal and rainbow


In the frame:



dovpo m vv

– Glass tubes bubble

– bubble tubes Ultem

– Accessory bag

– User’s Guide

– Bottle Opener


Squonk mod is designed in collaboration between Dovpo and vaping Bogan. The spray comes in 4 different colors, I received black atomizer.Topside is that can be used in a dual coil configuration, but you can also use this single coil configuration is that it is really good.

This package is good, in the package, receive regular glass tank and get a glass of bubbles and bubble reservoir Ultem really good. In the package, you also receive a bottle opener that you will be able to use to measure the length of the main coil.

atomizer build quality is good and everything is as it should be, looks like the same time the quality of the color. In the upper eyelid, you can see some details that helps when you want to remove the top cover, the same details that can be seen at the base, in the room, you can see the engraved logo and atomizer background you can see the standard information and serial number.


Atomizer comes with a drip tip 810 preinstalled. Personally, I really like the design of the drip, drip tip is short and has a big hole which I personally prefer. If you do not like this trick drop by drop, into the atomizer, you can use the other end of the 810 gently down.

This is the atomizer over the filling and here we have a locking system that much personally, all you have to do here is change the top of a small hat, so you can remove it. In the upper eyelid, you can see the detail that helps when you want to remove the hat when the top cover is removed, you can see two holes large filling, so with this atomizer will have no trouble filling is really Okay. Furthermore, filling syringes will not be a leak.

With the atomizer, you receive 3 tanks were really good. Therefore you receive regular glass tank and the tank capacity is 2 ml. In the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles, a glass and the other tank is a tank of Ultem. 6 ml capacity bubble tank whose capacity is very good and I belive a lot of will as the ability of the glass bubbles tank, I personally prefer using glass bubbles in the spray tank. My very good quality spray tank in place when the base so you can change the coil or cotton is removed, while I still have the mail liquid left in the tank.


In the bridge, you can see the four screws and 4 slots for the child coil. The screws are good and I have no problems with screws. When you look at the construction of a bridge, you can see the design is very interesting and you can see the air flow is very interesting. As you can see in the coil atomizer air strike almost everywhere, they were very good taste. It is also good that create a type of air flow inside the honeycomb. Given the design of the construction of a bridge here, you can go with two coils or can go only with a coil, and what is important here is that the spray really works very well in the configuration of a single coil.

Average construction is very easy, if want to go with two coils can be used a bottle opener in the package to measure the coil wire and then can put a coil. If you with two coils, I can advise coil 2.5mm. As already said, the atomizer can be a single coil construction, in this case, I suggest that the coil 3.5 mm.


Basically, you can see the ring control airflow and we have very good air flow honeycomb here. ring control air flow in the spray works very well and can easily adjust the air flow and setting aside, it will be the same on the other side. Because the airflow in and out of the honeycomb atomizer was very smooth air flow is very good, I really like the flow of air to the atomizer is.

How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:


And basium vape is atomizer that comes in the package is very nice, very interesting including a bottle opener and really bubble that includes two tanks in your package, but in a package not receive a scroll that will be against the atomizing quality construction is very good, good machine and not keen on a good atomizer.

Drop to drop that comes with AVG BLOTTO very convenient to use. Top Fill works well here, fill a large hole and you will not have a problem with the bottle.

The capacity of the tank bubble is very good and a lot of will and a capacity of more than 6 ml good. Average construction is simple, two coils can be set easily here and easier coil. If you with two coils can be used a bottle opener on the package as pleasant COIL. As I said in my opinion atomizer dual coil configuration that works best with a coil of 2.5 mm and if you want to go with a single coil, I think it works very well with the coil of 3.5 mm. It is very important that the correct axis and if you do, never escape. Air flow in the atomizer is really good and really the airflow, very fine, also the airflow somewhat limited that personally I prefer.

This spray works very well in a double-coil, but also works well with a coil. Try the atomizer is excellent in both configurations. steam production wells and a dense steam.

And average BLOTTO is an atomizer that I recommend to you, especially if you like atomizers Limited bits dl little, I advised in this case because the airflow is very smooth, good taste and the atomizer has a capacity that is very good and it is very well built. This is definitely one of the best in my opinion atomizers.





– No coils in the package





– reservoir 3 in the package

– Bottle Opener

– Good build quality

– it works very well on a double coil configuration and a single coil

– easy to build and shaft

– No leakage

– 6 ml capacity

– beautifully designed bridge

– air flow to the honeycomb style

– The good taste

– dense vapor

– Pointe drip Practice

– You can change the reel while having the liquid in the tank mail

– I love design



thanks Sourcemore

You can buy it here: dovpo mod


vaporesso gen swag mod target gtx vape zero luxe review

I received a sheath vaporesso target system for the purposes of this review.


Vaporesso color:


– blue

– Dark blue

– Black

– Dark red

– Gold

– Gray

– Red

– Pink




– Dimensions: 84.2×26.5×13.4mm

– POD Capacity: 2 ml

– Resistance: 1.2ohm

– Battery Capacity: 350mAh

– Output Power: 11W


In the frame:


– OSMALL battery

– 1.2Ω Pod regular

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card


The vaporesso gen mod system is very small and it can also be said that the system is very lightweight sheath, the device dimensions are 84.2 x 26.5 x 13.4mm. The device is made of plastic material and that is lightweight. You can buy this device in 8 different colors were really good in my opinion. The design of this device is nice, you can see some details of the device, one side of the device can see “ vaporesso zero“. This device has a very nice texture and comfortable to use. With this device in the box, you receive a single cartridge, but the price is very low, which is a great device.


Let me start with the cartridge, so the device will receive a single cartridge. The cartridges are kept in place due to the magnet and fixed very well. gtx vape is very nice to use in my opinion, very comfortable. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the air flow hole and I can say that the air flow device is really good. On one side of the cartridge, you can see when you pull the plug and you can see the fill hole. Fill the hole is not small, and can fill the cartridge with a nice bottle of gorilla without any problems. cartridge capacity is 2 ml capacity which is good for the sheath system. This coil 1.2ohm cartridge and is a vertical coil.


From the top of the camera, you can see the groove of the cartridge and here we have a magnet that holds the cartridge in place. On one side of the camera, it is the directed light when the device in the charger brightness white LED when the battery is fully charged output. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port to charge the battery. This device has a built-in battery and battery capacity 350mAh. This device has been activated and you can draw switch say it works very well, I had no problems. Osmall have constant work mode and work 11W they are very good in my opinion.


A protection device:


– Short-circuit protection

– Over protection costs

– Protection against shocks

– Protection of overtime

– Low-voltage protection

How do these devices work and my thoughts:


Therefore, it is very compact swag mod and the device is made of plastic which makes the device very light. I like the design of this device, which looks good to me and I really like the texture on the device because it is very nice in hand. With this device, you receive a cartridge is a scam, but these devices are not expensive, which is very good, it was very affordable. Gtx vape is very convenient to use, I can not complain about the funnel. The capacity of the cartridge is greater capacity of 2 ml for single-dose system in my opinion. It is very easy to fill the cartridge with a bottle of gorillas, so you will have no problems. very nice place to stay cartridge because the magnet and there is no possibility that the cartridge may fall. If you remove the cartridge and when you see the slot of the cartridge, you can see that everything here it is done very well and condensation can not enter into a very good, so I must say they did a very good work with flow holes air and the device is almost non-condensing of the great whole. 350mAh battery capacity in a small capacity of some people, but it is possible to charge the battery faster, and not conditioning was great considering the price of the device. For me, the most important in the pod system and all know that if air flow

vaporesso luxe to learn how mtl real device, so the device air flow is tight and with this device you can have a real interesting mtl. The flavors here are really good, my favorite drink is big here, also shot in the throat and steam production is good, no complaints. pull switch is activated, it works very well and so far I have no problems, I also love the device it has a mode of constant work to 11W. So for this price there is no pod system is the best you can buy, even if we do not look at the price, I can say that the device is now really do bigger and better than most devices more expensive, so I think it should definitely buy if you like good mtl system pod.




– It is better that included two peas in a pack for $ 2 more

– 350mAh can be little capacity for some people, the price is still an impressive device





– I love design

– Choice of colors

– comfortable use

– Nice texture, remain perfectly in hand

– Easy to use

– 2 ml capacity

– welcoming spokesman

– easy to fill


– Almost no condensation

– I cartridge very nice place to live

– Draw a good breaker

– excellent taste

– Throat and steam two impacts

– Continuous operation

– It’s really affordable

– He did a great



vaporesso thanks

You can buy it here: Vaporesso

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 WT WM Kestrel Coil-less review

I received a boilermaker WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 the purposes of this review.


Tinker Wismec 2 colors:


– Titanium Gray

– Blue violet

– Black

– Red




– Size: 90 * 53.5 * 28.5mm

– Weight (without cells): 200.7g

– connector 510 spring wire version

– the type of cells: 2 * 18650 high level cell (discharge current must be greater than 25A)

– Output mode (M2, M3 M1) mode TC-Ni / Ti-TC / TC-SS / TCR / VW

– watts output: 1-200W

– Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC mode;

– 0.05-3.5ohm for VW mode

– maximum load current: 2A

– Output voltage range: 0.5-8V




In the frame:



– Warning Card

– USB Cable AB

– User’s Guide




Tinker Wismec 2 18650 powered by two batteries and this model work to 200W. In the MoD, you can see the details, from the top you can see the mod mod logo on one side you can see the “Wismec” and the bottom of the MOD you can see the “Product of Wismec”. Behind a mod that you can see engraved ” WISMEC WT“. Mod Dimensions: 90mm x 53.5mm x 28.5mm and I must say that I really like mods shaped that way. This mod is made of high quality materials and mod is resistant to water, shock and dust proof that nice ferry and many people enjoy the great features of this WISMEC WM RBA Kit. Mod retirement you can see the skin and around the skin, you can see the black frame. Personally, I really like the design model.


From the top you can see the mod connection and I have no problem with atomizers that have tried this mod, we also have here a spring pin gold plated 510. In this mod, you can use up to 25 mm in diameter, without false atomizers which is good for me because I usually use atomizers with a diameter of 24 mm.

Sub mod you can see the battery cover and the bottom of the MOD can see the ventilation holes. The battery cover looks good and I believe that there will be no problem with the battery cover. A opening the battery door, you can see the gum around ensuring that water mod. inside, you can see the orientation of the recorded battery. You can more or less easy to put the battery in the model and remove the battery mod.

From the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, you can see the screen, the less buttons and USB port. In the USB port, you can see the rubber plug that makes it safe from the water. In this unit, you will use this port for software updates and to charge the battery, but as always, I recommend you charge the batteries in an external charger.

fire button on this device stand out and can say that the shutter button is very convenient to use. trigger buttons are dislocation and works well, I do not really have a problem with the shutter button, I can also say that the shutter button is a bit soft and really I personally like this shutter button. Plus and minus buttons too dislocation and both worked well.

The screen of this device is 0.96inch and this is a color screen. Since leaving an empty space here, you can probably go with a larger screen, but I do not care, bright screen, and you can see everything on the screen without any problems.

Information on the screen:


– Day and hour

– Power

– Ohm

– Volt

– dual battery indicator


To activate it you must click five times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and the menu can be seen:


– Modus

– Sett

– Information

– Exit


If you enter the mode, you can choose from:


– Power

– Tc






If you choose a dial you can set the big clock on the screen and you can choose between two different clocks I belive many people would like.

If you select a mode then 4 tc do click the button, you can set the fire mode.


A Sett selecting on the screen, you will see:


– coil

– Power

– Stealth

– subparagraph

– Hour

– hot

– Time is up

– Exit


Here you can change some of the information on the screen, you can select the counter blow, puff time, or amps volts.

If you select the information you can view information about the battery, which is very good in my opinion, and you can see the version of the software.


A protection device:


– Over protection costs

– Protection against shocks

– Reverse polarity protection

– Protection 10s

– Temperature Protection

– Short-circuit protection

– Protection against Wismec Kestrel Coil-less


How does it work? MOD and my mind:



Tinker Wismec 2 is conveniently constructed mod, mod is resistant to water, dust and shock. Mod is a color that is very nice and I think a good choice of color. Mod is very convenient to use, in my opinion, I really like mods form that and I use this mod every day.

They shot this mod button are perfectly located and convenient to use, really pushing the shot with your index finger and button works fine with no problem shooting. I love that in this mod have color screens and as I said we can see almost everything in a very good mod. In addition, we have an option here to counter-blow, time or volt amps puff. As someone really like this mod own days and hours. The battery cover looks good, so far there is no problem with the battery cover and I belive the door that will work well. I found the information that supports the load of another mod balanced pro here, but I recommend you to charge the batteries in an external charger score.

When pressed more or less watt 1w gradually adjust to what is good, but I want the scrolling is a bit faster here.

Mod works very well, I had no problem with this mod, have tried here atomizers atomizers MTL me and my dl and it worked fine, no problem. I really like this mod, we can see the battery voltage is very useful in my opinion. This mod, can be used up to 24 mm diameter good atomizers.

If you are looking for a durable quality and good mod that works well, you can buy this, because as I said I have not had any problems so far and I think it is one of the mod is very comfortable to use with lots of features.






– Perhaps someone wants faster travel, I do not care







– Raincoat

– shock

– anti dust

– Excellent build quality

– You can use a maximum of 25 mm diameter atomizers

– comfortable to use

– shutter button works well

– Color Display

– information well on screen

– The hours and days

– Battery Information

– balanced load


sourcemore thanks

You can buy it here: Tinker February 2 mod kit or Tinker

Smoant pasito review

I received a Pasito of EFUN smoant the purposes of this review.


Color Smoant Pasito:


– Classic red

– blue bronze

– Carbon Black

– Gun-Metal


Description and features:


– the size of the apparatus: 102 x 38 x 18 mm

– Voltage Range: 3.2-4.2V

– Material: Aluminum Space

– Load: 5V / 1A


– Size of the cartridge: 45 x 36 x 18 mm

– Food quality PCTG


– Battery: 1100mAh

– Capacity: 2 ml / 3ml

– Resistance Range: 0.3-3ohm



In the box:



Pasito mod

– Cartridge Pasito

– MTL 1.4Ohm coil Ni-80

– DTL 0.6Ohm mesh coil

– Charge Cable Type C

– Coil Warning Map

– Certificates map

– Warranty Card

– User’s Guide


Pasito Smoant is a very compact device, the device size: 102 x 38 x 18 mm, this unit is also another bit of the other pod system because it has the head of the RBA, which is one of the best features of this pod system.

Building quaity of this camera is good, you can see the engraving on the device, you can see engraved “Smoant” and you can see the “Pasito“. The package is good and it was very important that the package you get two coils.

From the top of the device you can see the cartridge, the cartridge remains in a very good place for the magnet. From the top of the cartridge there is a decrease from the end, drip tip is still in a very nice place for two o rings, so you can remove the tip drops, but the device is not compatible with 510 Tips drops, I can still say that the peak drops very convenient to use. Drops further below, you can see parts you can open the lid when you open the lid, you can see the fill hole, thread here is good, I do not have a problem. Cartridge filling almost easy, filling the hole is not great but if you use your bottle of gorilla will not have problems with filling. 3ml cartridge capacity are excellent capacity and better capacity than the capacity of many systems platform. If you want, you can buy a device with a capacity of 2 ml. From the top of the cartridge, you can see the air flow holes on this unit, you can adjust the air flow is really good, you can stop the flow of air and you can open so that you can use dl coil package.
From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see two magnets and as I said magnet cartridge fits. In this package, you will receive two rolls were really good, in the package, you will receive MTL coil and the receiving coil dl.
Mtl coil that comes in the package has a resistance of 1.4ohm, which is Ni 80 and the other coil is a coil and DL thereof and this resistance 0.6ohm coil nets. The device also has a very good head RBA for people who want to make a coil for this device. I must say that when you put a roll here, you must prime coil with a few drops of liquid E and then you can fill the tank and vape. Coil on this unit can be changed from the bottom of the cartridge and if you just pull the coil and then you can unscrew the old coil and screw a new one, so basically you can pretty much easily change the reel here. Also I want to say that nothing is leaking here because this device has a very good air flow over.

From the top of the camera, you can see the cartridge slot, and I say that the cartridge is always a very nice place. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the ventilation holes. On one side of the device you can see the fire button, and a button that you use to customize the device. Button works fine, but the keys are not too clicky good works just great. In this device, turn on the LED and battery indicators and because of this you can see the strength of the current. By clicking the button below the fire button, you can choose between:

L1 – 10W
L2 – 13W
L3 – 16w
L4 – 20W
L5 – 25W

Battery indicator:

L1 – 20%
L2 – 40%
L3 – 60%
L4 – 80%
L5 – 100%

Personally, I really like the battery indicator and really we can adjust the power of the device.
This device has built the capacity of the 1100mAh battery is excellent, especially if you use this device with a coil mtl. If you use a battery of liquid salt of the device you nic last long. Under the No button c USB port you use to charge your device.


Zastite na uredjaju (kopirano its Sajta):

– Low protection woltage
– Short Circuit Protection
– Time Protection 10s
– Protection against heat

How these devices work and my thoughts:

Pasito Smoant is in my opinion a very nice looking device that comes in colors Nicaea. good build quality and no one bothers me. point drop to almost drop comfortable to use, but you can not use here 510 tips drip. Top filling works very well, with a bottle of Gorilla no problem with refilling the cartridge altogether.
The pod system has a good airflow over because of the way that this device is waterproof. I really like the package we have two coils but I really Mtl product because it works very well. What is most important for me is that the air flow here is very good for mtl vaping, you can also adjust the air flow and if you like a tight airflow, you can have a very tight link here was perfect, a big plus for sure. I use the basic free liquid molten salt and nic and can say a lot of good taste and steam production was also good. Coil for the mtl package works very well at 10 and 13watts but I preffer 10 watts to the coil. I have not tried the head of the RBA, but I really hope that I will soon, anyway, it’s really good that the head of the RBA for this device, because that way, you can save a lot silver.
good battery capacity, because the cartridge capacity is good and if you use a battery of liquid salt nic device will last very long. I like the battery indicator and I love that we can adjust the power of the device. It’s also nice that you can use here DTL coil and the coil Street style, so you can choose what you like most fundamentally, personally, I like mtl vaping on this unit.
I really like this camera has a nice feature, but the most important thing is that you can use the head of the RBA and save a lot of money, if you ask me these devices are excellent devices.

The inconvenients:

– You can not use 510 drip tip to drop by drop here
– There is no head of the RBA in the package


– Good build quality
– Pointe drip Practice
– easy to fill
– High air flow
– adjustable air flow
– Can be used as tight mtl dl devices or devices
– Ability 3 ml
– Two coils in the package
– head RBA
– Button worked well
– Easy to replace coil
– The good taste
– The battery indicator
– Good design
– Adjustable Watt


EFUN thanks
You can buy it here: Pasito Smoant

Kayfun Lite Style RTA 22mm 2ml Best Experience

I was wondering if you guys have already got many reviews from folks that have already purchased the authentic one. Kayfun Lite Style RTA 22mm 2ml
It is definitely a clone … It seems to possess cloned from the first design neatly.Of course, i’d slightly a bit like the merchandise to be stamped … but the imprint is additionally good.
I peel off the shell plastic, put a sheath on the sealing, remove the outer shell, and thus the box comes out inside again.The box material is nice , and thus the printing is nice . Guys, the SXK is brillent …
The internal components also are very carefully made.The rustling fumes in vinyl are well protected by thick cushioning materials, Spare parts are contained during a separate sack . Kayfun Lite Style RTA 2ml

When I open the sack , it’s quite spare and a manual, but it contains a paper that’s not a manual.It is not necessary to seem at it because it’s “Caution” which is that the language of everywhere the earth .The coil fixing screw could even be a cross, and thus the air hole adjusting screw could even be a date, so two drivers are included.
I took out the merchandise .It is a reasonably simple-looking product, and it shows that it’s a product of Mobo Sobo with the drip tip engraving.Of course, you’ll also see the bass that shapes the circle (the top an area of absolutely the simplest cap) that has been carved on its four sides because it’s .The air holes aren’t exactly what percentage millimeters they’re , but they’re quite 1.5mm and fewer than 2.0mm in size.It is one air hole on one side only, and thus the feeling of old carapel is felt deeply.If I made an equivalent liquid injection method, i’d buy the old carapel again.I think it had been such an easy and progressive weapon.

Disassembly isn’t difficult. If you twist, it loosens well. one among the foremost embarrassing and worrying aspects of the disassembly is that the O-ring doesn’t squeeze the three-piece tube.I didn’t have any leaks within the tiniest amount … I’ll write it later, but this clone I received has micro leaks at the junction of SS and Ultem. last … i feel I can purchase a dome extension tank separately. albeit the general length is increased by 2 ~ 3mm, there’s a requirement to insert an O-ring. Soulmate, which may be a uniform three-piece type lens barrel, is extremely well-made. If you inspect the deck, there’s a bolt within the middle of the middle , which is that the air hole adjusting screw. the first POM or Teflon thread is inserted, minimizing leakage of condensate. This clone is employed for fixing coils generally radiators using SS dowel bolts condensation may escape finely.If possible, wrapped it in Teflon tape (I also wrapped it after taking a picture) or it’ll be sold separately. Please purchase screws and replace them once they’re released. It’s a personal an area of me, but i feel this clone will see quite little bit of Teflon. Smok TFV16 Tank 9ml 

It was well imprinted with the acceptable depth to not even feel the lips within the lips. it’s a n honest option to use on other machines because it is a dripping tip of type 2 O-ring 510 type. It seems to be good to be used within the firearms that require deep dripping tips (zeta, dome series, uberu or …) i feel I’ll need to let quite them are available once i’d wish to attend work later.

The final diameter is kind of narrow.It looks slightly narrower than the inner diameter of the old carapphon drip tip. I always use the drip tip of the Kaipun series bundle drip tips, but with a reasonably wide drip tip. I wont to replace it with a separate drip tip, but this bundle drip tip doesn’t seem to wish to be changed.

The final diameter is narrow, but the within diameter is kind of wide. It’s almost slightly a bit like the old Karapapon series drip tips. i feel it had been for the union when the Long Chunney stuck out. i don’t have karapple or karaappeon at this , i feel it also can be utilized in papons.

The tip of the drip tip of absolutely the simplest cap is well machined on the slope. It seems that the condensation generated from the upper part are often poured down well. But this is often often often often often not nearly nearly nearly nearly nearly as good because it might be , it’d reduce the liquid arising in your mouth causes the liquid to flow into the coil, causing a sudden change within the color of the liquid within the tube, puck, and tube. don’t believe oblique processing, but often wipe it off, i feel it ‘s basically in using all the machines.

My hands shrugged off (Glove material was slippery …) The pin went out.The inside of absolutely the simplest cap is formed inward to make sure liquid storage. I wish I could make some O-ring inserts therein part albeit I sacrificed some liquid storage. Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod

It is the center ermem tube which is processed inward. It seems to possess done so for liquid reserves, and last it’s an ultra-thin ultra-thin tube. If you think that that that that that only with how of thickness, Debaru top injection is analogous to the umbrella tube, or feel slightly thicker or more.

It is a matter of letting the wing (?) an area of this barrel grow and put in an O-ring …I am sad to work out a shedding machine that’s still squeaky and sweaty to write down down down down down a review. i don’t like sweat once i’m not satisfied with the condition of the machine. i’m also a sweaty person because I’m uninterested in it .. albeit you’re doing not smoke . The story is getting longer. Polishing degree of the barrel is moderately well.

Would it be named “light”? It became a general lower infusion method which removed a singular elevator structure. it’s still a powerful improvement compared to the previous carapel which was screwed down by the lowest screw. I feel bad, aside from some reason this product is now Kai Pun Light 2019 …I think that it’ll come up with an improved version soon (?) Kayfun Lite Plus 2019. Once the chamber and lower section are integral, there’s one O-ring for airtightness. the form of the chamber is analogous to the kami or prime, and thus the chimney is shorter. i feel that one among the items that i discussed above is that the resolution of the taste is above before. If the chimney is long, it’s good for the condensation of the taste because there is a rise within the coolness, and thus the distortion becomes worse because it’s condensed. In other words, it’s rich and sweet, but the sensation of becoming subtle becomes strong. additionally , once the within of the chimney is coated with vaporized liquid, the liquid taste changes. If the chimney is brief , the condensation degree is lowered, and thus the liquid flavor becomes stronger, but the dark taste and thus the sweet part may fall off slightly . Slightly darker than Prime and Kami-Sama when using an equivalent liquid because the same set of builds. However, the excellence between liquid and liquid has improved remarkably. i prefer Light 2019 in my personal taste.

Look at the lowest . the within of the chamber isn’t a light-weight curved process but a concise shape that’s finished with one slanting process. As a results of my failure within the so-called “bell” type chamber fired machine, which is now curved, it’s surprisingly the part that i prefer . The liquid injection port could even be slightly inconvenient when injecting liquid because the support part has 4 parts. However, if you use many gorilla engineers, unicorn engineers, etc., it’s not inconvenient within the littlest amount . it’s slightly inconvenient on behalf of me to ignore quite 100ml pharmacy technician.

It is a very familiar (?) Deck. this is often often often often a two-post single deck, and thus the general look of the deck is almost slightly like that of Kamisama. However, since it’s not like usual Spo + Prevents the post from turning when the coil is fixed. the overall shape of the deck is analogous thereto of camisole (different from the prime thanks to the center air hole) Coil fixing convenience parts are the same as prime. It felt like this was the a neighborhood of Heritage that I first mentioned. this is often often often often a product made by collecting the advantages of Kaipun using the same deck released within the meantime. Because it is a product of the same company, Hommage (Omaju) isn’t Heritage instead of expression.

From subsequent review, ready to |i’ll”> ready to |i’ll”> ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to be able to be able to be able to change my gloves. I grabbed alittle part and slipped it, and thus the pin went out again. -_- ;;; it is a view from the side of the deck. My thumb (bottom), inspect the center pin side, there is a candle ring. He said that he lost his Mini Dedi … Please lookout when washing. it’s not that the O-ring comes in close contact, but it’s on the brink of fall. I imagine whenever I inspect an aircraft where the deck breaks down … Will the manufacturer launch ready-made coils? I doubt you. i do not think so.

I took it within the exploded shot above, but I’ve expanded it slightly further. When disassembling the center pin, it is necessary to means the hexagon an area of “> a neighborhood of the upper a neighborhood of the O-ring employing a spanner or an extended nose that’s sized. the center screw is made of SS material. The part where metal and metal contact (thread and threaded part ..) there’s some extent of play. the matter is that the condensation is coming down through the gap, so please use Teflon tape.

It is an honest base for machining and elegance . The jaws are also processed on the slope to help the deck to the last drop of liquid. the middle is that the thread for the deck coupling so you’re doing not got to worry about it. I only wrote an O-ring within the tank coupling part, though I still use a very little bit of O-ring.

It’s quite drop of water, and it’s sloppy and shaved. The previous carapel was slightly disappointing to concentrate to the piercing sound, but this product doesn’t have air directly into the center pin through the indirect way air enters through the air hole into the center pin through rock bottom . rock bottom can act as a kind of air chamber.

In actual use, the two parts are very simple. When injecting liquid, turn the lens barrel over (if you remove the drip tip, you’re standing on the floor). Often, the O ring of the deck could even be crushed during the assembly process. i feel it is a wise choice to lightly paint the O-ring of the deck before bonding. Of course, I didn’t even have one sense, so I just assembled it, but I’m fine. If this is often often often often the advantage of products that are disassembled into an assembly type. Although it’s possible to make a half rebuild at any time, there’s also an obstacle that the overall size of the tank increases, so it are often seen as a one-off.

Today’s build setting was slightly misunderstood … but it is a 2mm 7-wheel Cantal 26-gauge. It is 2.5mm which i do know that it had been 2mm once I wrapped it. The build resistance is sweet because the resistance value is about 0.7 ohm anyway. The aim was to line the same 0.8 ~ 0.9 ohm because the Debaru I used, the same setting because the Kayfun series is between 0.65 and 0.7 ohms. i feel the deck was so familiar that my hands didn’t know it .

As always, once the fixation is fixed to the spacing state. Subtle coil post fixation could even be slightly inconvenient. Does the coil fixing screw feel shorter? however , i do not want to make it quite bolt quite camel or a carapel.

It will be geared at 2.9V. this notation is 0.73 ohms, but the macro coils work which i buy 0.69 ohms. Coil ringing is extremely good because it’s about 0.7 ohm target.
I am using UD Cantal which i’m surprised that the quality is sweet . Temkos also smell when littered, lightning is well, UD is additionally -_- ;; I even haven’t been able to distinguish the taste according to the manufacturer of the cantal as far because the standard isn’t yet advanced.
I cut it with the scissors blades on rock bottom , and it’s actually about 1mm longer than rock bottom . it is a deck that’s alright received albeit it builds up like such tons cake. If you’ve something to eat, take it out and provides it slightly bit more.
It is also 0.7-ohm down! It gently exfoliates the liquid and emits the cotton smell. I even haven’t been able to get the work done while trying to CSV lately . you’ll taste pure taste within the tide.

Ehpro True MTL RTA 2ml Impression

The EHPRO True MTL RTA follows quite natural path with its design. It’s an understated and really tidy 22mm diameter tank. In fact, it’s remarkably compact for an RTA.
The True MTL comes with a straight 2ml capacity glass installed, but there’s also a 3ml bubble glass the kit. Even with the bubble glass installed truth RTA manages to remain its unobtrusive looks, and won’t look out of place on most small mods.
The other subtle design accents on the tank are available the shape of wavy engraved patterns along the lowest AFC control and thus the absolute best cap. they supply merely enough grip to be able to turn each without being too in your face like other tanks with gaudy knurling.
The True MTL RTA utilizes a singular twist fill system, so it’s vital that you simply simply simply simply can turn absolutely the best cap with ease. On absolutely the better of the tank, you will see two kidney-shaped holes. Rotating absolutely the best cap reveals the fill ports, or alternatively blocks them off. It’s easy to use with the right amount of restriction on the turn, and I’ve had no issues with it accidentally opening. Ehpro True MTL RTA
My only two gripes are that I’m unsure how it’ll delay over time, and thus the plastic beneath the cap is white, which is typically on show when the cap is closed. It quite kills the aesthetics of the tank, especially when looking from above and with the black version we’ve for review.
Another thing to note with the styling of truth MTL RTA is it comes with a rather odd shaped drip tip. It’s quite small for an MTL drip tip and curves out then back in. It’s not uncomfortable to use, which i got used to it after a few of of days, but some will want to use their own 510. If that is the case, then you’ll got to bear in mind that there is alittle lip that the drip tip sits on so it’ll look even more pronounced.
Overall though i feel they’ve done a powerful job of keeping the tank looking simple and sleek. Even the ‘True’ branding on the chimney is subtly laser etched and barely noticeable.

The build quality of the EHPro True MTL RTA is great . Vandy Vape Trident 18650 Mech Mod
All of the threading is smooth and as i discussed above the tip cap is simple to means with the proper amount of restriction.
The airflow control ring could even be slightly stiff once you initially use it. However, it are often removed as it’s only held in place by o-rings so a couple of of of drops of e-liquid or use over time will loosen it up adequately.
I much prefer that it comes too tight, so don’t really class that as a negative.

At first glance truth MTL RTA seems to possess quite straightforward GTA style build deck, it’s raised slightly from the lowest of the tank, and thus the wicking channels are open grooves on either side.
However, on closer inspection, you’ll notice that Ehpro and NatureVape have included clamps and screws to attach your coils. It’s something which makes many sense as we are seeing more and more Clapton coils for MTL vaping, and this provides you the selection to place in them in conjunction with simple round wire easily.
It’s a design that’s been thought out and implemented well, and albeit it’s alittle build deck with alittle chamber, it’s effortless to work with.
The coils supplied within the kit are actually 1.0ohm Ni80 Clapton coils. I installed them using the two Philips screws to clamp them down, and it went without a hitch.
I think even vapers new building will find the build deck on truth MTL RTA simple to urge to grips with.

Wicking on this build deck is as straightforward like most other RTAs of this style. It’s merely a case of making sure you don’t have an excessive amount of or insufficient cotton tucked into the wicking channels.
That being said I’ve never had one issue with feeding juice and not even slightly of a dry hit. it’s managed to remain up with 70 VG juice with no problems within the littlest amount .
I would also say it’s quite forgiving with how you wick it, as even from the first go it wicked quite dream on behalf of me . Vivismoke Gentle MTL 316SS Heating Wire

The Ehpro True MTL RTA features a really simple to fill system. you simply quarter turn absolutely the best cap, and thus the kidney-shaped fill ports are revealed. Then just turn absolutely the best cap back to dam off them off again.
The top cap doesn’t advance its own, so there aren’t any issues with it accidentally opening. However, with this type of design, we’ll got to wait and see whether there’s any wear and tear over the very best of the day .
It’s an easy to use fill system and great to possess on an MTL RTA.
There’s little question that truth MTL has performance which far outways its price point. i’d say the vape experience that you simply simply simply simply get from this RTA is almost nearly nearly nearly as good as some high-end premium MTL tanks.
This is alright right right right down to the mixture of an easy-to-use build deck, nice reduced chamber and smooth airflow that’s able to produce a true MTL vape.
I tested the tank with both simple round wire build and thus the 1.0ohm Ni80 Clapton coils included, and both were excellent. Here are my thoughts on the flavour and airflow:

The True MTL RTA is bang on for flavor, possibly nearly nearly nearly nearly as good as any MTL tank I’ve tried.
It certainly rivals the Berserker, Aries and my recent favorite the Savour MTL RTA. i’d possibly go as far as saying it’s getting to actually be better than all of the above thanks to the graceful airflow.
It produces a warm, flavorful vape with a wonderfully defined throat hit.

There’s such tons to love about the airflow on truth MTL, it’s silent smooth and exactly how you would like an RTA designed for MTL to be.
You have 5 holes on the airflow ring ranging from 1.0mm to 1.8mm in 0.2mm increments. All of which work well, and provide the designated quite vape. i feel the alternatives have most MTL vapers covered.
Personally, i prefer it best on the 1.6mm hole, it gives the proper amount of restriction but remains able to produce an impressive throat hit and ample vapor.
The True MTL RTA certainly does provide a ‘true’ MTL airflow, with the proper draw. It’s now my go-to MTL RTA due to it.
Elegant looking RTA
Brilliant flavor
Excellent airflow options
Good build quality
Easy to use top fill
Simple build deck
Decent Bubble glass option
No leaks or dry hits
White plastic on absolutely the best fill ruins the aesthetics slightly
I really wasn’t expecting an excessive amount of from this RTA once I first set eyes thereon , including for it to become my favorite and even make my Berserker and Aries RTA’s redundant.
There’s not one major a neighborhood of this tank that trump’s those others, but it’s more of the collective both from a design and performance point of view that makes it a powerful choice.
It has an easy to use build deck, simple top-fill, excellent airflow options and delivers brilliant flavor.
If you’ve either of those other RTAs do i need to leap out and buy this True MTL RTA, is it that much better?… Probably not. However, if you’re within the marketplace for a replacement MTL tank, then truth MTL RTA is undoubtedly one of the only on the market, especially if you are a true mtl vaper.

Personal Review of SMOK Nfix Kit 25W 700mAh


A Review of SMOK Nfix Kit 25W 700mAh

Given I even have rekindled my love for hiking i might sort of a pod vape that’s ultra-portable, flavorful, hassle-free, leak-proof, and light-weight , so does the new SMOK Nifix meet my requirements? we’ll actually determine during this SMOK Nfix Kit review.

The SMOK Nfix could even be alittle and light-weight device that operates at low-to-middle power. it’s designed to favor those MTL vapers who need a sensation almost like smoking. The Nfix uses a 700mAh with variable voltage from 1W to 25W. It utilizes 3ml refillable pods containing 0.8-ohm DC coils and a side filling system. you’ll recharge it via the USB Type-C port within rock bottom . The battery features one power button with a dual firing system. so it are often fired either by pressing the facility button or just inhaling on the mouthpiece once the device has been turned on.

This was sent to me freed from charge for the aim of this review direct from SMOK. As always ready to |i’ll”> ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to be able to be able to give my honest opinion after a substantial testing period.

The SMOK Nfix comes with eight colors which i received the black one. the colours of Nfix are really vibrant and thus the paint feels sleek and smooth. It stands at 110.5mm tall, 21.5mm wide, and 13mm thick. the dimensions and shape are a bit like the Uwell Caliburn. it’s much narrower and thinner than most of the pod vapes on the marketplace for straightforward carrying. it’s extremely concealable and pocket-friendly. Sometimes, I just forget where I put it. The Nfix is comfortable to carry . the road engravings on all sides add slightly more grip to stop slipping out of hands. Constructed of aluminum alloy, the Nfix weighs about 32 grams with an empty pod. it’s lightweight yet sturdy. the entire body feels well-constructed and appears premium. It did survive a couple of of accidental drops.

The Nfix features a very simple design. it is a simple appearance and straightforward operation that aren’t too flashy. The battery section features alittle power button on the front in conjunction with alittle OLED screen to means the battery life, wattage, resistance, and voltage. The branding SMOK is printed on the front side and thus the model name is on the opposite side. there’s a bottom USB Type-C port for charging the 700mAh battery, which only takes about an hour for a full charge. the facility button also functions as an adjustment button. There are two symmetrical tiny airflow holes on the absolute best that permits for more air intake. Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

Looking into the absolute best of the battery, you’ll find two gold-plated connectors. The pod cartridge is held in situ with two strong magnets. The pod made from high-grade PCTG has an integrated drip tip and comes with fixed 0.8ohm DC coils. The juice window is transparent and features a minimum juice line. you’ve to pop the entire pod bent check the juice level. The side-filling port is wide and will accommodate most of the bottle tips with none chance of leaking.

In summary, i actually a bit like the overall aesthetics of SMOK Nfix. it’s modern and streamlined. So let’s see if it rocks.

It is little or no you’d wish to aim to to to urge the SMOK Nfix started. Charging the battery would be the primary thing to undertake to to . Then fill the pod via the side-filling port. The coil is fixed and pre-installed, so there’s no got to replace the coil. you’ve to exchange a replacement pod when the coil inside it gets expired. The lifetime of the coil depends on how strong and thus the way often you vape. The 0.8ohm DC coils can use with both high VG e-juices for more cloud production and high-strength nic salt for satisfying nicotine hit. Please wait a minimum of 5min after filling the pod to urge the cotton wick fully saturated, which may effectively prevent a dry hit. Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit 

Fully charge the battery and do check
Fill the pod and insert the pod onto the battery section
Click the facility button five times to means on or close up the device
Click the facility button 3 times for wattage adjustment
Click the facility button to manage wattage, the wattage will scroll from 1W to 25W
When your adjustment is completed , wait 3 seconds, the wattage will automatically be confirmed
Press the hearth button or directly inhale on the mouthpiece to vape
Performance of SMOK Nfix

I have had this on the choose hebdomadally , it did last for a full day with moderate use. this sort of pod system is true for travel use because it takes up little space or weight in your pocket or bag. There was no leaking but I saw some condensation between the pod and thus the battery.

The performance isn’t bad. I used the Drip Fried Cream Cookie e-juice also because the almost addictive Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble nic salt. It provides a satisfying loose MTL draw. the flavour is good but obviously nowhere near nearly nearly nearly as good as i pay off a sub-ohm tank. The vapor quality is warm but never gets too hot due to the airflow system. The vapor production isn’t massive so it is not suitable for those cloud chasers. The vaping is quite discreet and silent.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons. i actually a touch just like the Nfix due to its portability. It easily slips into my pocket and almost feels no weight. The 700mAh built-in battery is enough for a whole day vape. it’s almost a bit like the Caliburn but provides far more power output up to 25W, which is impressive. The OLED screen is obvious and displays everything you’d wish to know . The 0.8ohm DC coil delivers a pure and solid flavor. The vapor is good but not massive. If you search for a transportable and discreet MTL device, the SMOK Nfix are becoming to be an honest option for you.

In short, the Nfix pod kit could even be a well-designed device with great coil longevity. it’s extremely easy to use. i actually like its simple and modern appearance. What are your thoughts on the SMOK Nfix? Leave your comment below.

Vladdin Jet 40w Pod Views

The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit is an ergonomic hybrid device that boasts a comparatively large eliquid capacity and long-lasting battery. It’s the right device for vapers that want to harness the facility of a box mod within a compact and convenient pod system package. The ergonomic shape of the Vladdin Jet makes it a stand out product. But the planning does suffer from a couple of drawbacks. Keep reading to seek out out what they’re .
Vladdin may be a China-based vape manufacturer that primarily develops all-in-one style devices. The last product they released was the Vladdin SLIDE 12W Pod System in late 2019. It featured a sliding panel door that was fun to play with. Small innovations like this help Vladdin compete and differentiate their products from other much larger vaping businesses like SMOK, Vaporesso, and also Geekvape.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit may be a small and stealthy device that measures 100mm’s by 28.5mm’s by 28mm’s. The 1500mAh internal battery should last you each day approximately before having to recharge. this will be easily done via the fashionable USB-C port which provides a way faster charge rate compared to a typical MicroUSB port. the most chassis is formed from aluminum alloy and plastic. Vladdin Boqpod Pod
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit boasts a stunning cylindrical shape which will sit comfortably in your hand. The front face features a clicky fire button, full-color monitor , and little adjustment toggles. On the rear may be a really cool LED logo that lights up once you fire the device. It can display up to six different colors that include red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and also white.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit can output a modest 5 to 40 watts of power. this is often quite enough to deliver an enjoyed vape. On top may be a 4.5ml capacity eliquid cartridge that houses your plug ‘n’ play coil. The fill port is on the rear and is conveniently accessible even when inserted into the battery. I didn’t particularly just like the permanently lifted fill port plug. It can easily get caught on things and open. Resin 510 Drip Tip
I was ready to get good flavor and cloud production from the Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit. this is often because of the mesh coil heads that accompany the kit. This includes a 0.6 ohm and 0.3 ohm. It’s also important to notice that SMOK RPM coils are compatible with this device. I did notice alittle amount of leaking from the bottom of the cartridge. Nothing major, just confirm to stay an eye fixed thereon so you don’t get liquid damage.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit is currently retailing for $32.99 USD. i feel that’s slightly expensive and will be more so round the $25-30 mark. this is able to make it more competitive with similar products already on the market. i might happily recommend the Vladdin Jet to people as an honest alternative to other more square-shaped offers on the market.
he Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit may be a small and stealthy device that measures 100mm’s by 28.5mm’s by 28mm’s. The 1500mAh internal battery should last you each day approximately before having to recharge. this will be easily done via the fashionable USB-C port which provides a way faster charge rate compared to a typical MicroUSB port. the most chassis is formed from aluminum alloy and plastic.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit boasts a stunning cylindrical shape which will sit comfortably in your hand. The front face features a clicky fire button, full-color monitor and little adjustment toggles. On the rear may be a really cool LED logo that lights up once you fire the device. It can display up to six different colors that include red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and also white.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit can output a modest 5 to 40 watts of power. this is often quite enough to deliver an enjoyed vape. On top may be a 4.5ml capacity eliquid cartridge that houses your plug ‘n’ play coil. The fill port is on the rear and is conveniently accessible even when inserted into the battery. I didn’t particularly just like the permanently lifted fill port plug. It can easily get caught on things and open.
I was ready to get good flavor and cloud production from the Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit. this is often because of the mesh coil heads that accompany the kit. This includes a 0.6 ohm and 0.3 ohm. It’s also important to notice that SMOK RPM coils are compatible with this device. I did notice alittle amount of leaking from the bottom of the cartridge. Nothing major, just confirm to stay an eye fixed thereon so you don’t get liquid damage.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit is currently retailing for $32.99 USD. i feel that’s slightly expensive and will be more so round the $25-30 mark. this is able to make it more competitive with similar products already on the market. i might happily recommend the Vladdin Jet to people as an honest alternative to other more square-shaped offers on the market.
The Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit comes in 3 distinct acid wash patterned colors that include black prism, blue abalone, and also silver prism. The packaging is modern and classy . It features a pleasant photo of the merchandise and a few important specifications. Inside you’ll find your Vladdin Jet, cartridge, 2 x coils, USB-C charging cable, and also a user manual. the general product is presented well and features a good aesthetic.
Comment down below what you thought of the Vladdin Jet 40W Mod Pod Kit.
Vladdin Jet Pod Mod Kit may be a beautiful, delicate and glossy portable Pod Mod device. Constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum alloy, the chassis of the Vladdin Jet can withstand light falls and drops with ease. Vladdin Jet Kit integrates 1500mAh large capacity battery for while use and provides adjustable power output from 5 to 40W. With a Type-C charging port and cable, you’ll charge the battery very quickly and use it. Once fully charged vape time can last up to 36 hours. On the instrument panel , with color display for displaying vape data. And with a logo which will shine on the rear , it supports six-color adjustments to form your device unique. Equipped with a 4.5mL refillable pod, the Vladdin Jet Pod Mod Kit features a dedicated 0.6ohm or 0.3ohm Mesh Coil to deliver tasty clouds. Vladdin Jet Pod is formed of food-grade PCTG aseptic material and may be easily and quickly crammed with liquid even without removing the filter cartridge from the side. a singular air path provides a singular and really good flavor for the presentation of e-juice and nic salt aromas. additionally , Vladdin Jet is compatible with the Smok RPM series coils.

REV SPORT 101W TC BOX MOD Personal Experience

When we first received the REV Sport 101W TC we thought it had been a touch gimmicky. Mainly because it came with interchangeable grills inspired from different car brands and therefore the display seemed like a tachometer. However, after testing it for over every week we were quite impressed with the performance and ergonomics. It’s a very cool mid-range box mod with a built-in battery and comprehensive menu system.
Rev Sport 101w mod is packed during a double-layer box with the image and specifications printed thereon . the primary layer is of an equivalent color because the mod. The inner box is in gray color.
The package of Rev Sport is pretty simple, only including a Rev mod, a USB charger, 2 additional grills (a Rev hoop and a protective covering which aren’t included during this sample ).
The round screen is simply sort of a symbol of Rev mods. This Rev Sport 101w also has one on its front side. Above it, it’s a grill which looks considerably like an auto parts. There are two additional grills within the package for replacement.
On its right side, there are the buttons including fire button, two adjustment buttons and a function button. Below the function button, there’s the USB port.
On the highest of it, it’s the 510 thread. This mod can match 24mm atomizer without overhang. Ehpro Cold Steel 
The mod body is formed of very solid material and therefore the paint thereon is additionally pretty solid which is effectively scratch-proof.
The screen of this mod is extremely very similar to the speedometer of car. it’s three different dashboards for choice. When it’s not in use, it’ll enter into the RTC mode (real time clock).
The fire button has small bulges thereon to extend the press fiction. Press it three time continuously to lock the mod. The separate function button is sort of unique. a bit like the round screen, it also can be considered a symbolic feature of Rev mods. Short-press it, you’ll change the colour of the screen and long-press it, it’ll enter into the function interface.
All the functions includes power mode and TCR mode, bypass mode and preheat mode color mode, dashboard, display mode, brightness, time setting, factory reset and switch off option. Ehpro Cold Steel 200 TC 
The preheat function is quite useless because I’m an impetuous vaper. All the opposite functions are very comprehensive.
Rev Sport features a battery capacity of 4200mah and therefore the battery is built-in, a bit like what most cellphone neutralize lately . Such setting is even more convenient than the overall mods and that i think it’ll be a trend for electronic cigarette.
Unique round speedometer-like screen
Separate function button
Sportscar style leading the style
RTC function
Built-in 4200mah battery
Compact size and straightforward for carrying around
Rev Sport 101w mod is packed during a double-layer box with the image and specifications printed thereon . the primary layer is of an equivalent color because the mod. The inner box is in gray color.
The package of Rev Sport is pretty simple, only including a Rev mod, a USB charger, 2 additional grills (a Rev hoop and a protective covering which aren’t included during this sample ).

The round screen is simply sort of a symbol of Rev mods. This Rev Sport 101w also has one on its front side. Above it, it’s a grill which looks considerably like an auto parts. There are two additional grills within the package for replacement.
On its right side, there are the buttons including fire button, two adjustment buttons and a function button. Below the function button, there’s the USB port.
On the highest of it, it’s the 510 thread. This mod can match 24mm atomizer without overhang.
The mod body is formed of very solid material and therefore the paint thereon is additionally pretty solid which is effectively scratch-proof.
The screen of this mod is extremely very similar to the speedometer of car. it’s three different dashboards for choice. When it’s not in use, it’ll enter into the RTC mode (real time clock).
The fire button has small bulges thereon to extend the press fiction. Press it three time continuously to lock the mod. The separate function button is sort of unique. a bit like the round screen, it also can be considered a symbolic feature of Rev mods. Short-press it, you’ll change the colour of the screen and long-press it, it’ll enter into the function interface.
All the functions includes power mode and TCR mode, bypass mode and preheat mode color mode, dashboard, display mode, brightness, time setting, factory reset and switch off option.
The preheat function is quite useless because I’m an impetuous vaper. All the opposite functions are very comprehensive.
Rev Sport features a battery capacity of 4200mah and therefore the battery is built-in, a bit like what most cellphone neutralize lately . Such setting is even more convenient than the overall mods and that i think it’ll be a trend for electronic cigarette.
Unique round speedometer-like screen
Separate function button
Sportscar style leading the style
RTC function
Built-in 4200mah battery
the REV SPORT TC Box Mod 101W. The mod may be a true reflection of striking and robust technology. Compared with other REV vaping mods (REV GTS TC Box Mod 230W and REV NITRO TC Mod 200W), REV SPORT has rock bottom wattage and yet it’s good performance and functionality that satisfies vapers needs. Besides, it’s amazing parameters that include: – Size- 88mm by 31mm by 44mm – Voltage range-0V to 4.2V – Wattage range- 5W to 101W – Battery capacity- 4200mAh – Resistance- 0.08ohm- 3.0ohm – Thread type- 15mm chrome steel 510 thread that has spring loaded gold plated connection The package The 101W device is packed during a double-layered box with the specifications and movie thereon . The outer layer has an equivalent color because the vape while the inner is gray. The package is pretty simple and contains: – One-piece REV sport mod – One-piece USB cable – One-piece User manual Design and appearance The mod reflects sophistication including an ergonomic chassis designed from solid materials of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. The paint thereon is extremely sturdy, scratchproof, and comes in several colors including green, black, blue, red, gray, white, rose gold, orange, gold, and lightweight blue. The finishing options are luxurious and include an interchangeable top piece and grill, which mark some car brands like Mercedes-Benz. The grill allows you to personalize your mod to emulate your driving style. OLED screen and dashboard feature the coloured OLED screen may be a vibrant display with diverse layouts and arrangements that users can choose between , giving a dynamic vaping experience. it’s a singular dial style with various modes and adjustable brightness. once you aren’t using the mod, the screen enters he real-time clock (RTC) mode. While in use, the screen turns into a dashboard like display. The dashboard comes in three different designs and ten colors to settle on from. This feature allows you to customize your mod since every design has its own characteristics and uniqueness to reflect your vaping style. simple use The REV SPORT TC Box Mod 101W features a menu with various options that are easy to use and navigate. thanks to the planning of the function button, the functional area, also because the four interface buttons, is extremely convenient to work . The device also features three buttons to cooperate with the OLED screen so as to bring every vaper a special vaping sensation. Temperature control The mod features temperature modes that support chrome steel 304, 316, 317 (SS), Nickel 200 (Ni200), and Titanium (Ti) coils to make sure that you simply have control of the vaping temperatures. It also has the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) with six memory slots, bypass modes, and preheat functionality. Besides, the mod allows for full customization of the vent cover piece for adequate air circulation. Battery capacity Compared to the previous REV box mod that needs an external battery, the REV Sport features a 4200 mAh inbuilt battery that powers the whole system. It are often charged easily using the micro USB port positioned on the side of the device. The battery features a high capacity and may stir up to 101 Watts using the Venom v1. 1 chipset. the hearth button the hearth button featured within the REV SPORT compares to no other. it’s alittle bulge, which increases the press friction. To open the mod, press it five times continuously and to lock it press 3 times . For the function button, short press to vary the screen color and long press to shift to the function interface. Pricing REV SPORT prices range differently. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you simply place an order make sure that the merchandise is only original. Besides, you ought to incorporate the difficulty of warranty and shipping expenses before the ordering the mod. Other aspects of the game include: – features a detailed operating interface and firmware upgradable – features a push button found behind the interchangeable vent cover – Most vaping tanks within the market are fit the mod the decision The REV vaping firm has zoomed through stiff competition with their affordable REV SPORT device. If you would like a dependable, versatile mid-variety field Vape, you ought to ultimately detect the REV mod. Built for agility, speed, and luxury , this beautiful, multi-purpose device with a sleek design supports all vapers diverse vaping lifestyles.

Introduction Vapefly Jester Vape Pod

Vapefly Jester Vape Pod Introduction

Collaboration between Dovpo and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, which Topside Ganda derived from two names in the industry who know what they are doing. This is evident with the original Topside for top-filled introduce innovative methods that, while not unheard of, it works very well.
The Topside Double will fire up to 200W, ships with Temperature Control mode, and full of the same features on this squonk port. No need to remove bottle to fill Topside squonk Ganda; just open the lid on the mod and fill away! This brand to one of the most comfortable squonking design and actually reduces the clutter fill your bottle. Vapefly Jester Replacement
Just like Topside 90W, which Topside Ganda is a solid and well-built mod. The Topside Dual continue with the same look and shape but only a little wider because of the additional 18,650 batteries. This device is curved and fits quite well in your hand width. You can comfortably squonk with the index / middle finger or your thumb, depending on how you hold the device.
Now keep in mind that the Topside Ganda quite a bit heavier than the average device. Because not only is it a mod squonk, but also had two 18650 batteries are held in a solid frame. This means that you will definitely feel the Topside Ganda on your person as you carry it with you and do not make the most hidden devices. Each squonker battery will double the weight, but it is something to note.
The Topside Dual is available in 8 different colors and I received one green for this review. This is a nice metallic paint that beautiful glow when sunlight hits it. I really like the paint and it also held very well during my testing. I do not have paint chips or splinters and my device is still looking as new as the day I got it. Paint texture also feels very nice to the touch and not too slippery. On the contrary, it actually adds a bit of grip to the device.
At the top of the mod approximately 510 connectors are several brands Topside. plate 510 is spring loaded and flush with the top of the mod. Aesthetically it looks good and it was also constructed. In Topside Dual atomizers you can fit up to 30mm without overhang.
On the side of the device you will find a micro-USB port. While this can be used for charging, I would recommend using an external charger. These ports can be used to update the firmware.
The standout feature of the Dual Topside top-filled harbor squonk. It works exactly the same as the original Topside and even use the same bottle and the right rail system. So if you already have the original and buy Topside Topside Ganda, you would have four bottles (4) squonk that you can use! Demon Killer Slacker Cotton

Squonk refill bottle is super simple. Start by unscrewing the knurled cap on top of the device. This cap has a spring for a snug fit and leak-free fit and the thread is very soft. The lid will open after being unscrewed. Gently pull the cap up and off and is now able to access the fill ports. There are two ports filled with good size and I was able to fit two drippers and nozzles without any problems. Due to the hollow design, it is almost impossible to spill the juice while refilling.
Furthermore, at the bottom of the filler cap are two rubber seals. These seal the refill compartment Squonk and completely prevent leakage. I realized that the dual cap on the top part is a little easier to put on and remove the top of 90W, and this is definitely a welcome improvement; now it works as smooth as butter.
Topside Dual uses the same bottles as its predecessor; and go to the massive. Can contain up to 10 ml per bottle eJuice, double top has the largest bottle Squonk available between mods dual battery. And it’s not just about 10 ml, but you get two of them too!
The second bottle comes with a lid that seals tight and makes it portable without the risk of spillage. When the juice is low, you can only exchange in the second bottle without recharging; although it is very easy to do with the top dual part anyway.
Removing the Squonk bottle is simple, but you rarely need to do so. The only time that would have to remove the bottle is Squonk if you are changing replacement or cleaning of the bottle.
The bottle Squonk accessed from the bottom of the device, and can be removed with a strong pull. The bottle is in a tracking system which makes inserting or removing the bottle foolproof because only will align a way. This ensures that the mechanism squonking also aligns correctly at all times.
The Squonk bottle takes the right amount of pressure for Squonk, and is neither too stiff nor too weak. Finding a perfect Squonk bottle is almost impossible, but I think the upper side bottles may be just the closest I’ve found.
Besides being well built, the battery cover is hinged for easy access. Instead of jumping, the door will stay out of your way when fully opened. Dovpo also have listened to the community here, and they have set the positive and negative indicators white for better visibility.

There are three buttons: a big fire button, and two smaller knobs. The fire button is located towards the top of the device, and is round and high. It also has a raised ring which goes around its perimeter. This genius is because if a leak juice, it will simply roll out and around the fire button rather than in it. very thoughtful design. The fire button works perfectly and is very responsive. No rattle button, but the click that you get the buttons and just feel.
The control buttons are small and too round, and work as well as the fire button. These knobs are located toward the bottom of the device, and are easy to access and use.
The double Topside uses two 18650 batteries to operate and supports a variety of modes. To turn the unit on or off, press the fire button five times. Unlike Topside 90W, which required a firmware update to unlock the temperature control mode, the Topside ships with dual integrated TC mode.
Double Topside works supply mode, the temperature control mode, voltage mode and TCR. In power mode the Topside comfortably pull up to 200W without breaking a sweat. There are not many mods Squonk that can reach 200W, so it’s pretty impressive.
As for the TC mode you can use the nickel, titanium, or stainless steel of 200 to 600 ° C. As double Topside also TCR, you have the possibility of using different grades of SS or materials as well.
Setting Lock buttons: Hold the – and + setting buttons for a few seconds. The display shows “KEY LOCKED”. To unlock, press the control buttons together again.
Fire Lock button: Click fire button three times quickly. The display shows “locked fire button.” To unlock, press the fire button three times.
Stealth Mode: With locked setting buttons (see above), press the right control button three times quickly. Now you can shoot without the screen lighting.
Change mode: the button – and setting the fire button together. You’ll be taken to a menu where you can select your mode. You can also view your stats: your flashes and the total time of total puff. Awesome.