The bill stipulates that general retailers such as dairies, supermarkets and service stations

On June 30, according to foreign media reports, an international large-scale study involving nearly 18,000 participants showed that e-flavored cigarettes are twice as effective as snuff to help adults quit smoking. In addition, flavored electronic cigarettes are not going to make younger people to smoke.

At the time of this study, the bill from New Zealand to regulate smoking is waiting for progress in documenting the parliamentary order. The bill stipulates that general retailers such as dairies, supermarkets and service stations, only allow the sale of three electronic cigarette products: snuff, menthol and menthol.

“This study overwhelmingly demonstrates that seasoning helps more adults quit smoking and does not attract more young people to smoke. In light of this compelling study, our members of Congress now have to amend the bill and maintain comfort that adults use popular flavors. there is no doubt that flavored electronic cigarettes are the key to a future free of smoke snuff in New Zealand, “said Ben Pryor, co-owner of VAPO and largest brand of electronic cigarette New Zealand Alt.

Research entitled “The Association intake e-cigarette flavors and the beginning of the post and quit smoking” has been published in Jama Red-Journal of the Medical Association of America.

The researchers concluded: “E-cigarettes to equal the taste has nothing to do with the increase in the number of young smokers, but are related to a major factor in adults to stop smoking People who prefer different flavors of the snuff are more likely to quit smoking. those who use snuff flavored electronic cigarettes. 2.3 times the people “.

“We just want our government to follow the evidence, not emotion. As the researchers concluded, “increasing quit smoking between 18 and 54 years of age, the population has a substantial impact on the health of the population.” The way to achieve this goal is to ensure that smokers willing to quit smoking provide a variety of e-cigarette flavors. Adults as a condiment, and is very effective. “Pryor said.
On July 2, according to data from research company market IRI, the market share of Juul has fallen by 10% last year, although it still represents 60% of sales in convenience stores and similar stores .

Crosthwaite CEO Juul said that while the company remains the right strategy, can also accept the business of contraction.

According to Bloomberg News, Juul sales in the first quarter totaled $ 394.2 million. If this trend continues, Juul may exceed 2018 sales of 1.3 billion dollars, but still less than 2 billion dollars last year.

Juul is ranked 817th in the Top 360 2020 1000 Digital Commerce.