WOTOFO Recurve Dual Undergo

Mike Vapes and Wotofo close once more , now for the dual-coil version of 1 of the sole single-coil RDAs of 2018, the Recurve. The Recurve Dual could even be a 24 mm RDA with a postless deck and side airflow that builds upon the well-thought-out design of its predecessor. sort of the surface curves are lost, but the within is as curvy as you’d expect. WOTOFO Recurve Dual RDA

I reviewed the first Recurve one year ago and said it had been the single-coil RDA to hammer in 2018. is that the Recurve Dual a cash-grab that capitalizes on the success of the first Recurve, or does it deserve a spot within the only RDAs of 2019? Keep reading to hunt out out.

Colors: Black, chrome steel , gunmetal, blue, gold, rainbow
Price: $34.99 (at Wotofo)

Kit Contents
Build quality and elegance
Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual
The design of the Recurve Dual doesn’t stray faraway from the planning of the original; it’s a two-piece RDA that features an equivalent half-pipe airflow design and 6 airflow holes on all sides . The holes are slightly larger now , and thus the halfpipe has some extra distance in between to permit for dual-coil builds. the absolute best cap isn’t curvy anymore and resembles the straight top caps that came out for the first Recurve sometime after its release. the absolute best cap of the twin is additionally much thinner than the one on the first , which is why the twin has more building space, although they’re both 24 mm in diameter.

The machining of the Recurve Dual could also be a couple of of the sole machining you’ll be ready to find on a $30-40 RDA. My black unit is practically flawless! The O-rings are excellent (a nice change of pace after reviewing the Occula RDA), and thus the branding is diluted as compared to the first , with only alittle “RECURVE” engraving on the side of the absolute best cap. i used to be shocked to not see the signature curvy drip tip on top of the RDA out of the box, but it’s included in an adjunct bag. Unfortunately, i feel doesn’t look nearly nearly nearly as good on the twin because it did on the first , but the rounded shorty drip tip that comes on the RDA looks and feels great.

Same because the primary , the absolute best cap features two hard stops, making it easy to unscrew the RDA out of your mod. I had some trouble finding the proper spot when putting the absolute best cap back on but got wont to it pretty quickly. it’s going to take you each day or two, but you’ll soon develop motor memory for it. WOTOFO Vape Wicking Organic Cotton

*Check the kit contents menu to work out all included parts and extras

Build deck
Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual
The deck is that the standard top-loading postless deck that we saw on the first Recurve, the difference being that now the 2 sides are beyond one another and are divided into positive and negative to permit for dual coil placement. The screws are an equivalent flathead/Philips combo screws and thus the 510 and squonk pins are hex screws which may get replaced using the included Allen key. Just confirm you don’t leave the small O-ring inside the opening , because it can easily come off the pins. Vandy Vape Replacement Mesh Coil

It’s worthwhile mentioning that the package includes during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost interesting accessories I’ve seen in a while. People are complaining about companies cloning the coiling tool, but Wotofo put an innovative spin thereon . The included tool is kind of a handheld fan, with a 4 mm thick base and 6 more 1 mm levels on top of it. this allows for measuring coil legs that go up to 10 millimeters with a tool that’s practically the dimensions of a thumb.


Building and wicking
Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual
Wotofo advises using their coil tool and cutting the coil legs at 7 mm long, which is simply about right in my opinion. then , building on the Recurve Dual could even be a enter the park. Just pull your coils slightly up and closer to the airflow holes, add some cotton, slightly comb it up and tuck it gently inside the openings at rock bottom of the deck. Standard 3 mm ID coils will fit great on the deck; I wouldn’t re-evaluate a 3.5 mm ID, especially with thicker exotic coils, because the space is kinda restricted.

I wish I could speak more about building on the Recurve Dual, but this is often often often one among the foremost straightforward designs when it involves postless decks. You’ll need to try hard to not nail it whenever .

Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual
The airflow features an equivalent 2 x 3 honeycomb formation that we saw on the first Recurve. The holes themselves are slightly larger now (1.8 mm vs 1.5 mm) which translates to twenty more airflow. Although the difference isn’t large, and thus the dual fits two coils rather than one, the vape itself feels much cooler as compared to the first , which offered one among the foremost dense and saturated vapes a single-coil RDA can give.

Airflow adjustment is extremely simple , but with one caveat. When closing up airflow hole columns, having only two of the six holes open also will open up some air intake from the side of the halfpipe. this suggests that an area of the air won’t hit the coil within the smallest amount , which practically kills the two-hole option. On the opposite hand, I don’t think many people would want to vape with two holes open, because the Recurve Dual with four holes open is tight enough to satisfy people that enjoy a rather restricted lung hit.

Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual
I tested the Recurve Dual with two sets of coils:

The included Ni80 quad-core fused Claptons (0.13 ohm)
A set of handmade Ni80 Aliens (0.14 ohm)
The amount of airflow feels very almost like Mike’s previous RDA, the Rebirth. Fully open it’s a smooth, slightly restricted lung draw that’s capable of manufacturing decent clouds with the proper build. Closing up two holes restricts it even further, but I generally enjoyed using it fully open. For me, that’s the proper amount of restriction to permit the flavour to pop.

Talking about flavor, the Recurve Dual performs whilst i used to expect it to; side-airflow done right. You won’t get the “in your face” flavor of a bottom airflow RDA, but it’s shortly from that because the way the air is entering the deck (when fully open that is) finishes up hitting every an area of your coil. I’ve had mixed results with Wotofo’s quad fused Claptons within the past, but they performed comparably to the handmade Aliens during this RDA, which is great. beat all, great performance which i found nothing to complain at when it involves the draw and flavor of the Recurve Dual.

I preferred the first Recurve as a squonking RDA, due to the limited well depth and thus the indisputable fact that the coil was positioned at the center of the deck. For this one, I preferred dripping. I didn’t face any issues with its squonking capabilities, but I personally prefer using single-battery squonkers, and dual-coil RDAs usually require more power than that. But if you’d like using dual-battery squonkers, then the Recurve Dual could even be a superb option.

The angled airflow holes are positioned high enough to provide the Recurve Dual some leak resistance. you’ll make it leak if you overdrip/oversquonk, but you’d need to be kinda careless for that to happen. I personally never had one drop begin of it.