Introduction Vapefly Jester Vape Pod

Vapefly Jester Vape Pod Introduction

Collaboration between Dovpo and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, which Topside Ganda derived from two names in the industry who know what they are doing. This is evident with the original Topside for top-filled introduce innovative methods that, while not unheard of, it works very well.
The Topside Double will fire up to 200W, ships with Temperature Control mode, and full of the same features on this squonk port. No need to remove bottle to fill Topside squonk Ganda; just open the lid on the mod and fill away! This brand to one of the most comfortable squonking design and actually reduces the clutter fill your bottle. Vapefly Jester Replacement
Just like Topside 90W, which Topside Ganda is a solid and well-built mod. The Topside Dual continue with the same look and shape but only a little wider because of the additional 18,650 batteries. This device is curved and fits quite well in your hand width. You can comfortably squonk with the index / middle finger or your thumb, depending on how you hold the device.
Now keep in mind that the Topside Ganda quite a bit heavier than the average device. Because not only is it a mod squonk, but also had two 18650 batteries are held in a solid frame. This means that you will definitely feel the Topside Ganda on your person as you carry it with you and do not make the most hidden devices. Each squonker battery will double the weight, but it is something to note.
The Topside Dual is available in 8 different colors and I received one green for this review. This is a nice metallic paint that beautiful glow when sunlight hits it. I really like the paint and it also held very well during my testing. I do not have paint chips or splinters and my device is still looking as new as the day I got it. Paint texture also feels very nice to the touch and not too slippery. On the contrary, it actually adds a bit of grip to the device.
At the top of the mod approximately 510 connectors are several brands Topside. plate 510 is spring loaded and flush with the top of the mod. Aesthetically it looks good and it was also constructed. In Topside Dual atomizers you can fit up to 30mm without overhang.
On the side of the device you will find a micro-USB port. While this can be used for charging, I would recommend using an external charger. These ports can be used to update the firmware.
The standout feature of the Dual Topside top-filled harbor squonk. It works exactly the same as the original Topside and even use the same bottle and the right rail system. So if you already have the original and buy Topside Topside Ganda, you would have four bottles (4) squonk that you can use! Demon Killer Slacker Cotton

Squonk refill bottle is super simple. Start by unscrewing the knurled cap on top of the device. This cap has a spring for a snug fit and leak-free fit and the thread is very soft. The lid will open after being unscrewed. Gently pull the cap up and off and is now able to access the fill ports. There are two ports filled with good size and I was able to fit two drippers and nozzles without any problems. Due to the hollow design, it is almost impossible to spill the juice while refilling.
Furthermore, at the bottom of the filler cap are two rubber seals. These seal the refill compartment Squonk and completely prevent leakage. I realized that the dual cap on the top part is a little easier to put on and remove the top of 90W, and this is definitely a welcome improvement; now it works as smooth as butter.
Topside Dual uses the same bottles as its predecessor; and go to the massive. Can contain up to 10 ml per bottle eJuice, double top has the largest bottle Squonk available between mods dual battery. And it’s not just about 10 ml, but you get two of them too!
The second bottle comes with a lid that seals tight and makes it portable without the risk of spillage. When the juice is low, you can only exchange in the second bottle without recharging; although it is very easy to do with the top dual part anyway.
Removing the Squonk bottle is simple, but you rarely need to do so. The only time that would have to remove the bottle is Squonk if you are changing replacement or cleaning of the bottle.
The bottle Squonk accessed from the bottom of the device, and can be removed with a strong pull. The bottle is in a tracking system which makes inserting or removing the bottle foolproof because only will align a way. This ensures that the mechanism squonking also aligns correctly at all times.
The Squonk bottle takes the right amount of pressure for Squonk, and is neither too stiff nor too weak. Finding a perfect Squonk bottle is almost impossible, but I think the upper side bottles may be just the closest I’ve found.
Besides being well built, the battery cover is hinged for easy access. Instead of jumping, the door will stay out of your way when fully opened. Dovpo also have listened to the community here, and they have set the positive and negative indicators white for better visibility.

There are three buttons: a big fire button, and two smaller knobs. The fire button is located towards the top of the device, and is round and high. It also has a raised ring which goes around its perimeter. This genius is because if a leak juice, it will simply roll out and around the fire button rather than in it. very thoughtful design. The fire button works perfectly and is very responsive. No rattle button, but the click that you get the buttons and just feel.
The control buttons are small and too round, and work as well as the fire button. These knobs are located toward the bottom of the device, and are easy to access and use.
The double Topside uses two 18650 batteries to operate and supports a variety of modes. To turn the unit on or off, press the fire button five times. Unlike Topside 90W, which required a firmware update to unlock the temperature control mode, the Topside ships with dual integrated TC mode.
Double Topside works supply mode, the temperature control mode, voltage mode and TCR. In power mode the Topside comfortably pull up to 200W without breaking a sweat. There are not many mods Squonk that can reach 200W, so it’s pretty impressive.
As for the TC mode you can use the nickel, titanium, or stainless steel of 200 to 600 ° C. As double Topside also TCR, you have the possibility of using different grades of SS or materials as well.
Setting Lock buttons: Hold the – and + setting buttons for a few seconds. The display shows “KEY LOCKED”. To unlock, press the control buttons together again.
Fire Lock button: Click fire button three times quickly. The display shows “locked fire button.” To unlock, press the fire button three times.
Stealth Mode: With locked setting buttons (see above), press the right control button three times quickly. Now you can shoot without the screen lighting.
Change mode: the button – and setting the fire button together. You’ll be taken to a menu where you can select your mode. You can also view your stats: your flashes and the total time of total puff. Awesome.