dovpo mod m vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside review


basium vape is dual mod 18650. Capable of 157 watts. It is available in 2 colors both have a silver frame, but the choice is sticker black carbon fiber sticker carbon fiber white or black and red. Say the fire from 0.025 to 0.03 seconds behind (the site of the 0025 mod chip sites that say 0.03) It sports a new chip (chip equipped with a software package to allow adjustments. Some features include adjustable screen curved watt temperature curve and air conditioning and a variety of standard safety features.


Specifications of the manufacturer:

Power: 5-157W


Batteries (load balancing battery is compatible with all brands) 2 x 18650


Size: 90 x 54 x 24 mm


Color: Black with white / black red


resistance to low-power mode: 0.05Ω


low resistance mode TC: 0.05Ω


New Feature: Super mode and power compensation.


TC MODE: SS, NI, TI, North Carolina, TCR, CCR


First impressions and features

When I came to this mod, I must say I’m impressed. The appearance and quality of construction mod is not what you expect from such a cheap device. He had a weight to it and feels solid. 510-pin fine and has a resistance constant and stable output for me. the display screen is pretty standard. As you can be seen in a DNA chip or dovpo m vv, etc. The menu system is a bit of a learning curve, but well designed and easy to learn and remember. It has a curved fashion to full watts where you can customize your vaporizer in 1 second programmable on-chip or by software. You can also erase modes do not want, for example, I removed Ni and Ti-mode devices. Overall, the build quality, performance and features that you can not expect this to be as cheap mod. Can be expected to cost more than it does.


Performance mode Watts

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Demand from 0.025 to 0.03 seconds fire retardant. This is something I see thrown around a lot of criticism. To me too he felt as keywords in an attempt to exaggerate the already good mod (aka do not need a marketing BS substance for sale, must sell) I tested the speed of fire, because I do not feel the need. This is not 2014, I can not remember the last time I use a mod that a delay of a fire in it. Meanwhile, rapid fire mods. And the difference between saying and 0.07 seconds 0.03 seconds is not relevant. Magazine that continues to pump the sound is more like a future revision ads player. The only time to talk about the speed of shooting mod is if you have a noticeable delay. This mod is not, or a model that I tested and verified. Without delay the fire, but the same can be said for any i mod. As I said, there is no need to talk, except mod is a delay, then it will be a scam. I hope that the amendments are not delays in the fire at this time. It is a normal thing. If you want a fun little test to test its delayed entry (also known as reaction time) 58% from 0.2 to 0.35 seconds or 10 times more than it says chip and still feel a moment . Here is a test you can take the reaction timer and here are the data that are the result of the response of your time!


Now that we have the way, let’s get into some of the data. Watt performance mode this chip is very good. In less than 50 watts or less mod resistance it was on the precise death. A 100 watts in the worst case, with a resistance of 0.01 ohm (most squonk mod fighting) was only 7 watts lower. On the other resistance, no more than 4 watts out. The test was 125 watts 11 watts to 0.01 ohms, but no more than seven additional resistance except as 0.52 ohms affecting volt limit. mod no output was 157 watts and more. Peaking at 168 watts. It also offers a limit of 39 amps (better battery mod dual) and the limit of 7,158 volts (also one of the best mod dual batteries) For comparison with Therion 167 (dual mod 18650 with a limit of 167 watts one of the best potatoes fries and more expensive on the market) is the chip that topped out at 165 watts. A 0.13 ohm (I tested the low and resistance is easier to specify output) to 125 watts and 14 watts to 100 watts down to 12 watts low. The overall performance in watts traveling mode is very similar to the DNA of 250 chips in a dual battery configuration. mod also took a very stable and accurate resistance reading. The connection 510 of the pin is solid and the outlet of the flexible and coherent device. Not much more you can ask for. Overall, this is a fantastic watt devices so.



Wire mode using SS SS (TCR adjustment in 1400 was better wear) mod has done a good job. then output smooth and uniform time. It is protected against dry and did throw a good job of sucking the juice before cutting. With the construction of normal test (single SS316 and SS316 room double spaced) performance was fantastic. It feels a bit accesses the low side about 20 degrees lower. I found the best 400-480 depending on your preference. 500 is the maximum before Vape overheats. 550 will start recording her little cotton. A large building with a single coil fantasy that I found very good vape during normal use, as the exit ramp is fast and smooth. Very good vaporizer. A disadvantage is that the limit of 80 watts does not reach even very low ohms. When you drop down .2ohm with great luxury watts coil was never more than 45 watts. This means that the way to and take forever. Not much vaporizer. Still protected, but the lack of ways to do well in this situation. So overall, say the temperature control of these devices are mostly well, one being twice large coil of less than 0.2 ohm to increase power exception is not there. 80 watt limit not make full use of 80 also in this situation is a no go. All other situations so it was nice. But not over-accumulation of very low resistance and they can be built 80 watts of heat, a large vaporizer. He spent all of me because most people go to these limits.


General impression

Watt performance mode is one of the best in the history individually tested. Very stable, very soft, very consistent and very accurate. Watt add curves to make a better choice than accuracy without mod. temperature control very well in most situations. Build quality is excellent. The design is elegant and simple. I was very impressed with this device, in particular less than $ 50 the price (as low as $ 40) have one of the best values ​​in the vaping right along combat and dovpo nickel 230w mod probably a horrible name, but they do great mod and lost. This mod is really put IJOY, wismec, Smok, etc. Joyetech shame IMO. You can make a great show, great quality at an affordable price mod



manufacturing quality

Performance mode Watts

Watt characteristics curve

Performance mode temperature (in most situations)

Appearances (simple and elegant design)

suite for customizing software

Good menu system with many mod environment

Less than 50 years for me, as low as $ 40 now


will not update the firmware for me

temperature control performance in certain situations (large coils under .2ohms)


So with all that said, I recommend this mod? I do not like or is not difficult, but leans strongly toward him. If the temperature control is performed was virtually no-brainer. One of the best devices in watts operating mode width to actually build budget money is excellent. If temperature control is used, the accumulation time is not as shown above, there is a great temperature control of the vaporizer. The only reason that this would not change if only Vape is a control coil temperature with a double below 0.2 ohms. Beyond this mod is almost a must for all fans and a great option for those who want to upgrade their mod mod or just new, overall, this mod was added to the sheet Google My recommendation as the temperature control device intermediate and as a W mode devices (here this register is updated regularly in order to be free of lead. has three tokens for juice, for mods, and 1 to topside)


As usual, Frei Anthony and I still sincerely hope you can say that you do the same and I see you at the next revision


Some future comments: Geekvape Mech Pro, Aspire Archon, Pharaoh RTA Aspire Cleito Kel, Kaos Erebus 25mm RTA Envii Terra Octo RTA iJoy Lux, Rasa Blazer 200, Dovpo Snape Fuchai Duo 3 Captain iJoy, Cornelius 3ohm deposit side, Smoant Rabox, and more . If you know the product you want to see my review, feel free to ask



You can buy dovpo mod here:


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