Ehpro True MTL RTA 2ml Impression

The EHPRO True MTL RTA follows quite natural path with its design. It’s an understated and really tidy 22mm diameter tank. In fact, it’s remarkably compact for an RTA.
The True MTL comes with a straight 2ml capacity glass installed, but there’s also a 3ml bubble glass the kit. Even with the bubble glass installed truth RTA manages to remain its unobtrusive looks, and won’t look out of place on most small mods.
The other subtle design accents on the tank are available the shape of wavy engraved patterns along the lowest AFC control and thus the absolute best cap. they supply merely enough grip to be able to turn each without being too in your face like other tanks with gaudy knurling.
The True MTL RTA utilizes a singular twist fill system, so it’s vital that you simply simply simply simply can turn absolutely the best cap with ease. On absolutely the better of the tank, you will see two kidney-shaped holes. Rotating absolutely the best cap reveals the fill ports, or alternatively blocks them off. It’s easy to use with the right amount of restriction on the turn, and I’ve had no issues with it accidentally opening. Ehpro True MTL RTA
My only two gripes are that I’m unsure how it’ll delay over time, and thus the plastic beneath the cap is white, which is typically on show when the cap is closed. It quite kills the aesthetics of the tank, especially when looking from above and with the black version we’ve for review.
Another thing to note with the styling of truth MTL RTA is it comes with a rather odd shaped drip tip. It’s quite small for an MTL drip tip and curves out then back in. It’s not uncomfortable to use, which i got used to it after a few of of days, but some will want to use their own 510. If that is the case, then you’ll got to bear in mind that there is alittle lip that the drip tip sits on so it’ll look even more pronounced.
Overall though i feel they’ve done a powerful job of keeping the tank looking simple and sleek. Even the ‘True’ branding on the chimney is subtly laser etched and barely noticeable.

The build quality of the EHPro True MTL RTA is great . Vandy Vape Trident 18650 Mech Mod
All of the threading is smooth and as i discussed above the tip cap is simple to means with the proper amount of restriction.
The airflow control ring could even be slightly stiff once you initially use it. However, it are often removed as it’s only held in place by o-rings so a couple of of of drops of e-liquid or use over time will loosen it up adequately.
I much prefer that it comes too tight, so don’t really class that as a negative.

At first glance truth MTL RTA seems to possess quite straightforward GTA style build deck, it’s raised slightly from the lowest of the tank, and thus the wicking channels are open grooves on either side.
However, on closer inspection, you’ll notice that Ehpro and NatureVape have included clamps and screws to attach your coils. It’s something which makes many sense as we are seeing more and more Clapton coils for MTL vaping, and this provides you the selection to place in them in conjunction with simple round wire easily.
It’s a design that’s been thought out and implemented well, and albeit it’s alittle build deck with alittle chamber, it’s effortless to work with.
The coils supplied within the kit are actually 1.0ohm Ni80 Clapton coils. I installed them using the two Philips screws to clamp them down, and it went without a hitch.
I think even vapers new building will find the build deck on truth MTL RTA simple to urge to grips with.

Wicking on this build deck is as straightforward like most other RTAs of this style. It’s merely a case of making sure you don’t have an excessive amount of or insufficient cotton tucked into the wicking channels.
That being said I’ve never had one issue with feeding juice and not even slightly of a dry hit. it’s managed to remain up with 70 VG juice with no problems within the littlest amount .
I would also say it’s quite forgiving with how you wick it, as even from the first go it wicked quite dream on behalf of me . Vivismoke Gentle MTL 316SS Heating Wire

The Ehpro True MTL RTA features a really simple to fill system. you simply quarter turn absolutely the best cap, and thus the kidney-shaped fill ports are revealed. Then just turn absolutely the best cap back to dam off them off again.
The top cap doesn’t advance its own, so there aren’t any issues with it accidentally opening. However, with this type of design, we’ll got to wait and see whether there’s any wear and tear over the very best of the day .
It’s an easy to use fill system and great to possess on an MTL RTA.
There’s little question that truth MTL has performance which far outways its price point. i’d say the vape experience that you simply simply simply simply get from this RTA is almost nearly nearly nearly as good as some high-end premium MTL tanks.
This is alright right right right down to the mixture of an easy-to-use build deck, nice reduced chamber and smooth airflow that’s able to produce a true MTL vape.
I tested the tank with both simple round wire build and thus the 1.0ohm Ni80 Clapton coils included, and both were excellent. Here are my thoughts on the flavour and airflow:

The True MTL RTA is bang on for flavor, possibly nearly nearly nearly nearly as good as any MTL tank I’ve tried.
It certainly rivals the Berserker, Aries and my recent favorite the Savour MTL RTA. i’d possibly go as far as saying it’s getting to actually be better than all of the above thanks to the graceful airflow.
It produces a warm, flavorful vape with a wonderfully defined throat hit.

There’s such tons to love about the airflow on truth MTL, it’s silent smooth and exactly how you would like an RTA designed for MTL to be.
You have 5 holes on the airflow ring ranging from 1.0mm to 1.8mm in 0.2mm increments. All of which work well, and provide the designated quite vape. i feel the alternatives have most MTL vapers covered.
Personally, i prefer it best on the 1.6mm hole, it gives the proper amount of restriction but remains able to produce an impressive throat hit and ample vapor.
The True MTL RTA certainly does provide a ‘true’ MTL airflow, with the proper draw. It’s now my go-to MTL RTA due to it.
Elegant looking RTA
Brilliant flavor
Excellent airflow options
Good build quality
Easy to use top fill
Simple build deck
Decent Bubble glass option
No leaks or dry hits
White plastic on absolutely the best fill ruins the aesthetics slightly
I really wasn’t expecting an excessive amount of from this RTA once I first set eyes thereon , including for it to become my favorite and even make my Berserker and Aries RTA’s redundant.
There’s not one major a neighborhood of this tank that trump’s those others, but it’s more of the collective both from a design and performance point of view that makes it a powerful choice.
It has an easy to use build deck, simple top-fill, excellent airflow options and delivers brilliant flavor.
If you’ve either of those other RTAs do i need to leap out and buy this True MTL RTA, is it that much better?… Probably not. However, if you’re within the marketplace for a replacement MTL tank, then truth MTL RTA is undoubtedly one of the only on the market, especially if you are a true mtl vaper.

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