Disposable vapes have surged in popularity as adult vapers look for the easiest and most convenient way to vape. Disposable vapes make a great Juul alternative as they are still available in the flavors that adults prefer.

They were not impacted by the federal vape flavor ban, leaving them the only game in town for vapers looking for an autodraw device that does not require filling.

Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposables you will find anywhere. We carry so many brands that even if your brand of choice is out of your favorite flavor, you will have multiple competitors to choose from.

Best Disposable Vapes
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best disporse vape

Anyone looking for the best Juul Mango alternative would be wise to check out the selection of mango flavored disposables on the market. There are a ton and the list keeps growing. Disposables are priced competitively with Juul pods and don’t require charging or the swapping of pods. They are autodraw devices.


Juul is no longer selling mint but tons of disposable options exist for this flavor as well. One of the best options is not a pure mint at all. Lush Ice, a menthol bomb lightened with the sweet notes of watermelon and raspberry.


Click here for a complete guide to Juul Mint alternatives.


There are two styles of disposable that make up the bulk of the market. Stick disposables make up the bulk of the market. They are longer and share a form factor nearly identical to a Juul. Also autodraw, they place the ejuice polyfill and wick above the battery and measure closer to 4 inches on average.

Mini vapes, such as the Stig, Myle Mini, Mojo and Twst are less than 3 inches in length. They place the battery parallel to the ejuice reservoir. We compared the best of this clever style of disposable vape.


The Stig, the leading player in the Lush Ice game, is a mini vape. But there is plenty of competition both with this style of device and within the Lush Ice flavor profile.


Both stick and mini disposable vapes are ideal for vaping nic salts. They have a tight draw and deliver crystal clear flavor. Mini disposables often have a slightly looser draw and the stick disposables generally have a greater ejuice capacity. Here is an image of some classic stick and mini vapes stripped down and laid side to side for comparison.


The performance of mini vapes and stick disposables similar enough that your personal choice will probably be decided by which disposable has your favorite flavor, and there is not hotter flavor in vaping today than Lush Ice.


The Stig is loaded with delicious VGod Lush Ice salt nic was the pioneer of the disposable Lush Ice category. Watermelon and menthol had been popular blend for some years but the addition of raspberry added an extra bit of complexity and tartness. The use of nic salts made it perfect for a disposable.

It seems like every nic salt disposable known to mankind has their own take on Lush Ice but there are a couple of constants. A Lush Ice vape will pack a cool menthol kick that is layered on top of a sweet watermelon base. Additional melon flavors and raspberry are two frequent additions.

Not every manufacturer refers to their competitor in this field as Lush Ice, but it is fair to say that the watermelon menthol flavor combination is not appearing by accident in the lineup of just about every disposable brand.

Lush Ice works exceptionally well as a nic salt but the flavor profiles of the competitors varies greatly. Some are heavy on the menthol with just a leavening of watermelon. Menthol vapers love this style. Others are fruit centric with a hint of ice. This may stray from the original balance but is perfect for fans of fruity vapes. In both cases, Lush Ice is a flavor perfect for mouth to lung vaping and has the balance to be enjoyed all day.




Watermelon an

LI, forced into a defensive crouch by a federal ban on flavored cloves Vape prefilled

Juul, forced into a defensive crouch by a federal ban on flavored cloves Vape prefilled and negative attention surrounding the epidemic of teen vaping, was increasingly losing market share to rival vUse Alto. While vUse Alto has lost their mixed berry flavor, almost the entire range Juul was deleted, including their most popular flavors: Mango and Juul Juul Mint. Click here to view the best alternatives Alto vUse mixed berry.


RJ Reynolds Alto vUse engulfs sales gas station and convenience store at the expense of Juul, their aggressive marketing strategies have paid at a time when Juul was forced to close almost all promotion channels.

While Altria, Marlboro maker, bought a large stake in Juul early last year, was vUse and always has been a subsidiary of RJ Reynolds. As these two giants battle for tobacco storage space, you should consider how Juul lost their supreme advantage.

While Juul had to remain silent and take their pieces of anti-vaping outraged activists, stop all the social media and almost all traditional media advertising campaign was vUse free to pursue competitive market share. Juul has learned firsthand the dangers of ecigs marketing on social media, like every movement was vilified. We take a deep dive into this charge in our office: Marketing dangers ecig on social media.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, aggressive vUse priced their devices with special promotional codes, committed musicians and actors to pose with custom-designed skins and even relied on social media campaigns. None of these new strategies in itself. Third skins and Juul Juul limited edition colors have long been a part of their appeal. But vUse takes this tack in a particularly heavy time. Those purist Regulatory vaping out of business have some difficulty accepting that Millennial more even minor because they now range from 25 to 40 years. The huge drop in tobacco consumption simply does not affect most of the Millennial age cohort. the ecig companies would simply ignore careless smokers between 25 and 40 because lobbyists prefer if no one fried take offense.


In an effort perhaps vain to avoid the criticism of anti-vapers, campaigns do not use vUse anyone who appears under 25 and only appear on the content of at least 85 percent of viewers are 21 years or more.

Juul against Alto vUse

The main point of the Alto sales vUse is the quality of the product compared to the ecig Juul. We pitted head to head against Juul Alto vUse and felt the vUse was the superior product, but Juul had a much wider selection of flavors. This is not the case, removing a big edge Juul. A CDC survey in Why Vape children, found the flavors are not at the top of the list. Or second. Or third. None of this has changed the trajectory of the ecig regulations. Politicians remain obsessed with flavors, often dragging ejuices top VG fantastic on the market in their press conferences, while all Juul Mint nic salts accounts did most of underage sales.


The history of the band strongly encourages Alto vUse. It is very slightly larger, although its shape more rounded attenuates a difference in size, measured in millimeters and fractions of an inch. The Alto vUse battery that is almost twice as large: 350mAh against 200mAh for Juul.

The pod size difference is even more marked. The Alto vUse sporting a 1.8ml pod in 0.7 ml of Juul. More Juul pod VENUS pack but vUse Alto remains the most efficient price when comparing the volume of salt nic.


Both devices are based on eJuice salt smooth nic formulas and both are available exclusively in the tobacco flavors. If you are looking for the bright flavors and bold fruit and mint that most adults vapers prefer, you should look elsewhere. If you are stuck in a state of a flavor ban, the Alto is vUse

Just how Does a Bong Work?

Just how Does a Bong Work?
A bong is just one of the ideal methods to eat marijuana whether you’re new to it or an expert customer. Bongs and traditional pipelines differ in one critical way: bongs provide water filtering. Both devices hold the dry natural herb in a dish, however that is where the similarities end. From there, the bong ends up being extra intricate, with a number of functioning components. The dish itself is usually removable, and also the downstem develops a course between the customer and the bong’s base.

The smoke travels this network after percolating in the water in the base, and also departures the bong via the mouthpiece and/or carb hole, depending on the user. It is the water purification system that truly sets the bong experience apart. The water filters and also cools off the smoke so it is less complicated on the throat and lungs. This suggests you obtain an unparalleled degree of convenience that allows a more powerful experience in general.


Modern bongs have actually developed to feature percolators and other cutting edge innovation. These kinds of bongs are designed especially to stop those lung-searing inhales that nobody desires. Look into the wide array of bongs to buy in our on the internet head store. This variety offers every cigarette smoker exactly the best bong. There is something we like concerning each one of these premium, inexpensive glass bongs and also water pipes.

Why Use a Bong?
We’ve all existed: you take a good, deep hit from your hand pipe or joint, just to feel your throat burning. Hot smoke against the fragile mucosal membrane layer on the back of your throat does that, because the smoke doesn’t have time to cool down before going right from the dish, which is essentially burning warm. Bongs and pipes filter smoke via water prior to the user inhales it back up via the neck. In this manner, it cools down, unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipe. This contact with water goes down the temperature of the smoke by 40 to 50 degrees promptly. Some bongs utilize percolators or diffused downstems to more pressure or diffuse the smoke through the water. The percolator openings damage the solitary, big stream of smoke up into countless tiny bubbles. This cools the smoke much more many thanks to much more contact with the water.

What Are the Main Parts of a Bong?
Bowl. Grind the dry herb for an excellent, also burn as well as position it in the bowl. Depending on the bong or water pipe you use, you might want or require to update or change your dish, especially for glass bowls. Joint. The link in between the downstem and also a bit nail, glass bowl, or bong. When you see joint sex or joint size on a bit rig, bong, or glass attachment, focus. That’s allowing you understand whether the item can create an airtight connection with your existing devices. There are both male and female varieties of preferred joint dimensions, consisting of 10mm, 14mm, as well as 18mm. Make sure what you’re buying is compatible. Remember, you should have the ability to put the dish right into the downstem joint, and also the downstem into the bong joint.


This long, glass tube routes smoke into the water chamber of the bong from the dish. Downstems can be removable or dealt with, as well as a lot of diffuse the smoke in some style. Bear in mind, there are compatibility concerns with downstems. Know how to determine your properly in situation you ever require to replace it.

Water Chamber

This is simply where your bong holds its water.


This is the part of the bong where the cooled smoke journeys to the mouth piece.

Ice Catcher

Some high-end bongs feature ice catchers, glass divots that are both lovely as well as practical. By positioning ice right into the catcher, you cool your smoke even more for an extremely smooth hit.


You inhale from the mouth piece, and ideally you desire an impermeable seal. This is why choice is so crucial, and we offer a variety of different shapes and also designs for every face.

What Are the Types of Bongs?
Whether you’re a tekkie that desires the most recent in recyclers or modular bongs or an old-school stoner that enjoys the timeless beaker bongs, we have actually obtained all the details right below. There is a factor each of these categories is still practically near the first when it concerns bongs available for sale, and we have some suggestions for every of these.

Timeless Beaker Bongs
Cautious noobs and also OGs alike enjoy beaker bongs. The are amongst one of the most preferred bong design worldwide, and also here’s why. They are much more stable, many thanks to a vast base that does not knock over conveniently. They likewise hold a lot more water many thanks to that broad base, that makes for enhanced percolation and also the smoother, more delicious hits you anticipate.

Greater Criteria Sturdy Beaker
A traditional layout in difficult borosilicate glass. The 14.25″ size is ideal, and also Greater Criteria is a reputable maker. We like this one as a sturdy standby.

Eyce Mini Beaker
This little silicone beaker incorporates the classic secure shape of the beaker bong and also the tough transportability of silicone. It’s equally as inexpensive as you would certainly anticipate, as well! It’s a little smaller sized at 7.25″ high, however, for numerous customers this is in fact a perk.

Straight Tube Bongs
Although they are not actually fairly as prominent as beaker bongs, straight tubes are still really common– particularly in the motion pictures and on television, for one reason or another. Past that, though, straight tubes are easy to use as well as effective, as well as they function basically the same way. (However be careful not to tip them over.).

Best vape 2020: swells

This super smart electronic pen is planned in France-obviously is one of the most exquisite styles around, yet it is likewise simple to utilize. Simply press the pre-filled, shading coded cartridge (called Bo Cap), place your lips on the mouthpiece and suck like a mouth. That is it. There is no compelling reason to press any catches and no fluid is poured in.

Bo One is a slim (10cm x 1.5cm) bar, entirely reasonable for quite a long time of atomization. The smooth Nextel covering feels great, and you can purchase a pocket-sized calfskin covered charging station for an extra £40; simply push Bo into the opening to rapidly expand battery power moving.

Bo produces two electronic syrups of nicotine 8mg and 16mg in three types of nicotine at a cost of £5.99. I have tried numerous flavors. Two of my top picks are Classique Tobacco RY4 (heavenly tobacco flavor with caramel flavor) and Orange Light (pear flavor with a trace of mint flavor).

Believe it or not, the USB charging base is somewhat shaken, and some ink cartridges have released a smidgen, yet as a rule, this is an extremely strong evaporator, which is both effective and generally modest.

It isn’t the biggest cloud throw in the bundle, however on the off chance that you are searching for a watchful and slick item, it very well might be a lot of more regrettable than this rich and sensibly valued vape stick. Uncle, the chooser!

Best vape 2020: swells

best vape 2020 jujy

10. Wave

Characteristic plant-based choice with zero nicotine

Motivation to purchase

+ Use plant concentrates and fundamental oils

+ Not addictive

Motivations to keep away from

– One-time costly

– If you pine for nicotine, it’s not here

Wave is another sort of fixed dispensable “entire” evaporator that utilizes a combination of plant concentrates, for example, ginseng, chamomile and valerian root and different basic oils rather than the typical combination of nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Wave is the possibility of ​​a group of kin, clearly a more secure technique for vaping, not addictive by any stretch of the imagination, in light of the fact that no nicotine is included.

Wave’s principle gadget resembles some other bar evaporator available, the primary contrast is that it is dispensable and can be utilized legitimately. To actuate it, you simply need to put your lips around its tip and suck to improve state. As per snippet, each wave has the impact of around 500 puffs (the maker prescribes 10 to 20 puffs for every day for “greatest advantage”, whatever it very well might be).

The author gave every one of the four flavors (jasmine, mint, lavender, and lychee) a feeling of turn, despite the fact that I can’t state that any of them caused me to feel obviously loose, or controlled my impression of another nicotine The drive of wine, however they are wonderful, and there is no messy brought by common vaporizers. They additionally delivered an amazing measure of steam.

Regardless of whether Ripple will cause any significant misfortunes in the market is a questionable subject, however it isn’t fulfilled that engineers enter the market from such another point of view. Notwithstanding, we suggest that they give singular preliminary packs rather than four packs, which cost £40 per box.

Best vape 2020: JUUL


Somewhere close to the contraption and the e-cigarette

Motivation to purchase

+Simple case framework

+ Some extraordinary flavors

Motivations to stay away from

– Small cases

The present best arrangement

Check Amazon Singapore

The most well known vape are fabricated by more modest boutique brands or goliath tobacco/cigarette organizations looking for these sweet vape dollars. Juul is neither one of the its: is a Silicon Valley startup with an immense market capitalization of $40 billion.

In any event as indicated by Juul, Juul items are not actually vape or e-cigarettes. In any case, on the grounds that the Juulpods utilized contain e-fluid sorry, the “exclusive base nicotine e-fluid equation is combined in an exacting quality control measure” has been disintegrated, so smokers can breathe in it and get cigarette nicotine click , We will proceed onward and consider it a vape.

Juul has a smooth taste. Despite the fact that there are just six flavors, Golden Tobacco and Mango Nectar Pods are the most scrumptious flavors we have attempted. It is a ground-breaking option in contrast to comparative items from IQOS and Vype. I absolutely thought that it was superior to Vype’s new item and the much-advertised iSwitch.

• Juul versus Vype iSwitch and iSwitch Maxx go head to head

Best vape 2020: vaporesso podstick

(Picture source: Vaporesso)


A higher-tech form of Renova Zero

Motivation to purchase

+Reloadable unit framework

+ Height flexible

+ Comes with two units

Motivations to dodge

– Not as down to earth as Osmall or Renova Zero

The present best arrangement

Check Amazon Singapore

Notwithstanding some extra in-vehicle innovation, Vaporesso’s most recent items can’t be contrasted and the amazing Renova Zero model (depicted above) as far as common sense and plan. Despite the fact that it is still little enough to fit free pant pockets, its pen-molded shape and cumbersomeness make it not reasonable for tight pants pockets, and it doesn’t feel tantamount to the hand. Moreover, it doesn’t have the programmed drawing capacity of zero change. All things being equal, you have to press the catch as an afterthought to enact the atomizer. You additionally need to make sure to turn it off after each vaping meeting.

Like Zero, PodStick utilizes a removable e-fluid compartment (or holder) that can be loaded up with a combination of your decision. Just slide the cigarette holder back to uncover the filler port, and afterward utilize the gave dropper to fill the store. The bundle incorporates two unique holders: a 1.3 ohm CCEL, appropriate for the individuals who like additional attractions opposition and mouth-to-lung techniques; and a 0.6 ohm work case for direct lung inward breath innovation Fan. You can likewise change the force yield in three phases: the most minimal “red” setting is best for individuals who need a more fragile blow and less steam, and the “blue” delivers somewhat more steam and holds the throat. Bigger, and “red” is reasonable for the individuals who need the best steam creating power.

It must be said that even with a similar e-fluid at the most minimal “red” setting, PodStick’s blow will be more brutal than Renova Zero. In the event that you are eliminating from low-nicotine cigarettes, kindly remember this.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the standard stick model, which offers various power settings and assets for two vaping strategies, start now. Be that as it may, if you should simply to vape in the most essential and least demanding manner, I recommend you use Osmall or Renova Zero’s straight line all things considered.

Geek Vape Mods At The Lowest Vape Prices Online – Ejuice … Fundamentals Explained

The Aegis X keeps all the next-level shock absorbency and the capacity to endure moist and filthy environments with its tried as well as real Aegis style. The updated AS 2. 0 Chipset gives an optimum wattage output of 200W and several output modes, consisting of Power/Wattage, VPC, TC-TCR, as well as BYPASS Settings. The X also supports nickel, titanium, as well as stainless steel burner in temperature level control mode.

0 Chipset likewise flaunts all-new balanced battery charging abilities, ought to you at any moment be unable to utilize your stand-alone battery charger (VapeOnline is best vape store). The battery section is bottom-loaded, permitting for simple installment of double high-amp 18650 batteries (not included) by means of a pivoted lock mechanism. You can charge or update your gadget’s firmware using the micro USB charging port, which has a water-tight silicone plug.

4″ full-color OLED display screen creates arranged and also trendy informational readouts as well as the enhanced button placements produce easy single-hand procedure. Trying to find a new tank to go with your Aegis X Mod? Have a look at the Nerd Vape Zeus Sub Ohm Storage Tank or the Aspire Odan Tank readily available right below at GET.

The 6-Second Trick For Geekvape Aegis Boost Kit – Perfect Vape

0 Chipset – High-Performance Power/VPC/TC/ TCR/Bypass Modes – Intuitive 2. 4″ OLED Full-Color Show – Costs Soft Grasp Section – IP67 Water Resistance and Dustproof/Shockproof System – Rocker-Style Firing Switch – Base Tons Hinged Battery Door – Balanced Charging Battery Function – Overheating Security – Short-Circuit Security – Reverse Polarity Defense – Overcharge Security – Over-Discharge Security – Spring-Loaded Gold-Plated 510 Connection Product: Zinc Alloy Battery: Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries (Not Included) Dimension: 90mm x 56.

best vapebest vape


3mm Power Variety: 5W – 200W Voltage Range: 0. 1V – 12V Resistance Array: 0. 05 ohm – 3 ohm Temperature level Variety: 200- 600 Fahrenheit/ 100- 315 Celsius.

From $65. 95 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. Gain 33 Points ($ 1. 65) – 33 Points ($ 1. 65) in Rewards In stock Order today, and also this will deliver by: Today You will gain 25 Factors for creating a testimonial this product. Aegis X is the follower of Aegis Legend that comes with 2.

What Does Geek Vape Aegis Boost 40w Pod Kit – Vape Mods And Kits … Do?

The Aegis series by Geekvape is well-known for its industrial style & quality-built marked by Aegis Legend launched back in 2018 which is the world’s very first water-proof dust-proof shock-proof IP-67 box mod. Both device are currently one of the most reputable & reliable box mod acknowledged by vapers around the world today. AS 2.

1mm by 31. 3mm Dual High Amp 18650 Batteries – Not Consisted Of Wattage Outcome Range: 5-200W Resistance Variety: 0. 05-3. 0ohms Temperature Level Variety: 200-600F/ 100-415C IP67 Rating – Water/Shock/Dust Proofing Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction Optional Protective Tank Sleeve 2 (VapeOnline is best vape store). 4″ OLED Show Display Bottom Hinged Battery Door Battery Protections Low/High Resistance Over Heating Security Short-Circuit Protection Reverse Polarity Defense Over Fee Defense Over Discharge Defense MicroUSB Port Threaded 510 Link Available in Eco-friendly, Gold, Orange, Rainbow, Silver, Gunmetal, Red, Black 1 Aegis X Mod 1 Geek Vape ZEUS Sub-Ohm Storage Tank 1 0.

2ohm Z2 Fit Together Coil 1 Spare Glass Tube 1 Coil Device 1 MicroUSB Cable 1 Promo Card & Guarantee Card 1 User Handbook The AEGIS X ZEUS is the Max Dad of Vapes. I enjoy this vape as well as the way the adjustable vents get on the top of the storage tank! The convenience of usage with this vape can be a possession even for newbies.

Little Known Questions About Geek Vape Aegis Boost 40w Pod Mod Kit – Puckerfish Vape.

The GeekVape Aegis is a solitary 26650/18650 battery mod that not just has the most sophisticated features built-in, however is also designed to be shockproof, water resistant as well as dustproof. So if you operate in an extreme environment and are trying to find a vaporizer that can lose, or if you’re just really awkward, the GeekVape Aegis may be the gadget you’ve been waiting on.

On the back, rather than the common listing of contents, we just have GeekVape’s business information, in addition to the numerous specs and functions of the tool, consisting of IP67 water resistant and also dustproof certification, adherence to the 810G-516. 6 Armed Forces Shockproof Standard, and also its ability to support both 18650 and also 26650 batteries.

Inside package, we have the GeekVape Aegis 100W mod, an 18650 battery adapter, a tiny silicone cap, a number of hex screws and an individual handbook. The sample I received for this review additionally included a pre-installed 26650 battery with its favorable contact taped with plastic to stay clear of accidental activation.

Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200w Tc Starter Kit – Budget Vapors Can Be Fun For Anyone

The GeekVape Aegis is not the world’s initial shockproof as well as water-proof vape mod. I keep in mind the Heatvape Intruder came out a couple of years ago, as well as there have actually been others, however the Aegis is definitely one of the most attractive one I have actually seen – VapeOnline is best vape store. It has a pleasant design also when contrasted to conventional vaporizers, which is saying something, because making a fine-looking shockproof mod is not the most convenient point worldwide.

best vapebest vape


There are so lots of things I intend to mention concerning this device that I do not even recognize where to begin. It gauges 88. 6mm x 37,8 mm x 46,6 mm as well as contains a combination of steel (light weight aluminum and also zinc alloy), LSR (Fluid Silicone Rubber), plastic and real natural leather. The switches and show guard are the only little bits of plastic on this mod, so overall, it has a top notch feeling to it.

best vapebest vape


They are all 5T kind screws, so you will certainly need a special screwdriver to take it apart. In addition to the Aegis we have a spring-loaded 510 link with a gold-plated pin. It’s screwed on to the mod with three little screws, whereas a lot of producers like to press fit their links, for visual functions, but things I love most about it is that it lies toward the facility of the gadget, making atomizer overhang a non-issue.

The Best Strategy To Use For Geekvape Products – E-cigarette Parts & Mods – My Freedom …

As a matter of fact, if they ever before make any larger storage tanks, they are still going to fit simply great. Alongside the 510 connection plate, you’ll see a tiny metal plate held in place by two tiny screws. That’s where the micro-USB port is hidden, and you’ll actually need to unscrew that plate and eliminate a little silicone cap to reach it.

Review for Yocan Uni : VV Box Mod 650mAh

Vapeciga yocan uni is an aerosol with a patented adjustable magnetic compatibility thread 510 atomizer. In fact, the Union was built to accommodate almost all syringes on the market today, not including atomizers designed for the specific unit

The output of spray stylish and compact making it ideal for mobile use. Moreover, we can not fail to mention that the EU is very affordable in price. low prices in this vaporizer vaporizer is the easiest oil on the market today.

Both beginners and experts will find value in the Union for Yocan easier to work with in terms of atomizers – there are limits to what will be in accordance with this mod. In addition to being universally compatible, includes Union all normal functions expected by major brands now Spray – preset watt adjustable speed preheating beam and oil level window ensures that you run low. Not to mention the fact that the Union also works with dried herbs and candles and cartridges. Almost everything on this vaporizer is a win-win.

Kit Union Yocan
Union Yocan pretty standard kit and comes with all components normally expect type mod. In addition to the device itself, the kit consists of a USB charging cable, the magnetic ring 510 (510 atomizers for children), and manual. Available spray NY we also offer additional components such as dried herbs and candles kit if oil atomizers vaping is not what they want to do.

While it may be simple in design,vapeciga yocan uni came shod with several features that distinguish it from the rest. In particular, the European Union is adjustable in height and diameter to ensure that slider 510 sprayers are readily fit wire.

No more worrying if your favorite costume atomize their newly acquired mod. Union is supported by a powerful 650mAh battery with three predefined (Union does not give the user full control over watt). That said, this very capable spray sprayed all oils, dried herbs and candles. There is a standard fire button with this mod. Instead of using OLEDs to communicate the Union watts of light and the battery level for the user. Another nice touch is the filling of window facilitates tracking your oil level. In A the As with most mods today, the Union has a single port loading and easy things about the price of USB service.

important feature
When the Yocan Union a special feature on the stands of others think, this mod is really universal. Union has been designed to meet virtually any atomizer 510-thread regardless of size. A fact that is frustrating aerosols is that sometimes can be adapted to the model, even if it is 510 compatible wireless. This Union Yocan eliminates these headaches by building an aerosol that can be adapted to meet your specifications atomizer. This is achieved by a magnetic ring 510 and drag the diameter of the accessory / height of this Yocan. Do atomizer is too high? Just use the height adjustment of the cursor. Too big? There is a slider for that too. These features make this model stand out among many other changes in the market today. We should also mention that this mod is very affordable if less intimidating for new users who may be reluctant to buy a more expensive piece of equipment.

How the Union Yocan compared to the vaporizer?

The best way for the EU to show superiority is compared with two other freezer yocan uni show new, Beehive 2.0 and Stix.

First, Beehive 2.0 is the closest thing the union with mod box shape, the strength of which has been set and portability in general. However, the similarity ends there, and the nest 2.0 is designed specifically for Arab and vape vaping liquid wax and is capable of dried herbs, oils and waxes, but not liquid e. Union is very important to the adjusting screws 510 and universal compatibility. Comparing the current differences clearer Stix binding. Stix are designed to vaporize the e-liquid and comes in the form of a pen. While Stix Spray is a fantastic e-liquid that is very easy to use, does not offer the same features and functions that the Union established to function, the adjustment ring 510. For the most part very affordable vaporizers Union and compatibility with no “deals more Vaporizer” universal”.

How do I use the spray Yocan Union?
This article can be influenced to buy their own Arab Yocan and had just arrived at the door. Now what? Fortunately, with the help of the Union is very simple and has little influence on the part of the user. To start off, dragging the magnetic drive ring 510 -This is required to install the atomizer. Then you’ll want to drag the atomiser mod. If it is too high or off using the slider to find the perfect model.

Once we have the atomizer is installed and the unit is filled with wax / oil or dried herbs, a simple click on the button once to start the process two preheating. It takes about 10 seconds. Just set the pre ss Watts power button three times to move light reflected settings.The different watts – the same high-intensity light with the same three when only low power lamps. watt means indicated by two lamps.

With all the power and good to go now time to yocan uni click in. Press the shutter button and breathe slowly at a constant level ,. Turn off the device as -rapidly to press the power button twice.

Union Yocan stay clean
UNI Yocan careful as does another vaporizer. It is advisable to frequently clean lines and ensure that no dirt or grime on the child of the ring 510. In addition to basic care, users do not have to do many other things in order to have a vaporizer.

Loading Union Yocan
In most vaporizers today, Union Yocan using a standard USB charging cable that plugs into a port on the side mod. An interesting feature of the EU is that you can charge while standing to prevent oil leaks or other problems. It is advisable to completely drain and recharge the battery between adjustments to ensure 650mAh battery longevity.

The last words of the Arab Yocan vaporizer
Aerosols Union Yocan is the definition of comfort and simplicity for users Vape universal compatibility and easy to use design. This vaporizer is designed to meet the needs of different users. You can vape herbs and oil candles when drying community use easy. We can not ignore the fact that the Union at an affordable price is accessible to all users. It is safe to say that we are great fans of this mod here in New York Vape Shop.

You can buy here:yocan uni

sourcemore thanks


Comment of VooPoo Vinci : Pod Starter Kit 1500mAh battery capacity

Vapeciga voopoo vinci certainly one of the most impressive and innovative devices in 2019, but Chinese manufacturers seem to want to end this year with a bang, releasing a new version of aerosol months right after the initial startup.

With respect to packaging, the new spray X VooPoo Vinci Vinci almost identical to the original. It comes in a cardboard box rectangular with an image of the device as well as some of the icons of the main characteristics of the front, and a table of contents, the usual warnings and zero check ‘label authenticity partly below.

In the image, we have X freezer Vinci, two coils of different heads, micro-USB cable to charge and manual. It is essentially the same kit VooPoo Vinci.

Design and build quality
As for the design and quality of materials, the new Vinci X does not differ much from the basket of the source system Vinci. It is essentially the same shape, only the new version is slightly longer and thicker (117 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm), which is justified by the need to take account 18650 Vinci built in 1500 mAh, while the X version It allows you to use eternal higher capacity battery. Note that you must purchase the battery separately if, or even turn on.

Apart from a slight increase in the size and door of the battery compartment and Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini is almost identical to the original Vinci.

It does not change much in terms of good features. In addition to Auto attractive aspects VooPoo decided to take the new Vinci X, everything that makes the case still in its original mod foot Vinci.

detection function as resistance occurred in cooperating SMart Vinci. When a new coil is inserted and attaching a coil sheath GENE chip mod head scan and adjust power output to match the resistance. For example, if a coil is used which has a recommended range mesh 30W – 40W, the camera automatically adjusts the power of 30W. Moreover, it allows not to increase the power to be 40W, to prevent burning of the coil. It is a good idea, but it also means that you will not be able to take advantage Vinci 70W X is able to output.

I heard rumors RBA is based on the works of Voopoo Vinci Coils show new, which would make sense, since now there is no way to use the device in more than 40W.

Vaping track your habits during the two-week period can still press the “+” button and – at the same time for a few seconds ”. You can also set the time and date shown on the screen by pressing the shutter button more “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously.

Apart from the self-draining, exceptions that I find very interesting, and increased energy production, which Vinci Vinci X is the same as the original.

The battery performance and life
The main selling point VooPoo Vinci 18650 X is an external battery that is designed to prolong battery life. The amount depends on what the capacity of the battery that the device is used, but probably should have about twice the battery life of the original Vinci, which is pretty impressive.

In terms of performance, I have nothing to report. First VooPoo Vinci is one of the best I’ve had vaping all, and its replacement is just as good. What it is surprising considering the two versions are almost identical. Yes Vinci X has a better battery life and high power, but have no impact on absolutely vaping experience. One can not VAPE 70W however, so that a maximum power of 40W Vinci is the highest you can go to Vinci X.

If the answer is “yes”, you may want to try to give Vinci X. Otherwise, the VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W get code of origin is equally good.

One thing I think is disappointing that the locking device also locks the shutter button is safer, but it would be nice watts lock, but I can vape. This was also the case for the mini Drag think Voopoo.

the build quality is good, the device keeps its shape well in hand and is not too heavy, even within 18650. I love the design alloy material, zinc are no slippery honeycomb pattern on the side is beautiful .

Screw the battery cover is easy to open and close, without additional tools, simply rotate and slide.

love scenes, nice and big but not too big. Every little detail in the readability of the screen and right of sharpness, is to my knowledge, there is no option to adjust the screen brightness, but we had no problems reading the display under different circumstances (black face light situations ).

Installation and replacement of a single coil with the famous Voopoo Drag 157W click in system, simply plug in and out without screwing or twisting.

long funnel and a practical way to the opening suited for Vaper access your lungs, some people do not like the kind of funnel and used to drip the round ends.

The buttons are well placed and respond directly and the device fires faster than light, which are used in gene Voopoo intelligent, Drag Me Mini has exactly the same rate of fire, and click BOOOOOOOOOOM.

One thing that can sometimes annoy each time you leave the Ministry of Defense of the sheath and will be used by default watt. For example, I have 0.6 ohms at 28 watts, I pull the sheath and reset at 24 watts.

The air flow is adjusted wise, but the options are limited. No air flow ring, but it can be rotated 180 degrees for wrapping good air flow or the flow of air tight losers. It can be a trap for some who want to have full control of airflow, but for me the choice of 2 air supplied to the coils, which is losing DTL (very loose) and a blow-by-blow restrictive DTL.

The reel is good and provides a good taste. wrapping the two networks. 0.3ohm is considered vaped between 32-40 watts and 0.6ohm coil 20-28watts. The two coils performed well, but in my experience 0.3ohm not correspond with me, give it a little more flavor, more Vaper and a draw was a little warm. The two coils of DTL and MTL (in my opinion), which can be loose MTL vaporizer lovers use 0.6ohm coil airflow to the lowest position.

It takes about half of the tank, 2.3ml, because the coil is broken properly.

PnP its other coil Vinci also supports X, so for vapers MTL is not possible to use ceramic coil PnP-C1, but do not know how he knew the airflow will be.

Not much honestly I do not like about Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Coils, give me a satisfying spray with good flavor. The device is easy to use and is a pro model 18650 battery is large, if not larger.

This device is intended for those who already have or R Vinci Vinci and just have a higher capacity battery, 3000mAh with my LG Hg2 can vape all day on it. In addition, it is for those who want to enter DTL vaping without a mod, Vinci X is very easy to carry. And, of course, is a value to collectors.

If you have not done VooPoo Vinci Vinci new X may be a better option because it is a little more advanced in terms of power and battery, although 70W max output is not compatible with the head coil existing line. However, if, like me, Vinci original, spend more money on X versions are simply not justified. This gives even vaping experience, and even draw an automatic function.

Personally, I consider redundant VooPoo Vinci X. The original version had stars pod mods enough so far, people were raving about how good it was, so no need to push the 2.0 so quickly. Almost it makes it seem like there is something wrong with the new version and must find new ones to solve this problem. Of course, it was not, though.

You can buy here:Voopoo X217

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Comment about Airistech Nokiva – Dry Herb Vaporizer 2200mAh

other devices were examined before Vapeciga airistech 3-in-1 and Airistech Headbanger and are very impressed with the price and quality of construction.

If this is your first grass spray dried, spray dried grass of the league table useful check to see the best in our industry, you have a freezer supply.

If you are on a budget and looking for the best price aerosol, see our list of what we think is the best budget vaporizers on the market today, a great way to begin the journey of a vaporizer.

Please note: Airistech Nokiva
Airistech opinion Herbva Nokiva
How Spray Airistech Nokiva work
How it works
It’s simple. more finely ground fractions, throw the device remotely and you’re done! Or the cargo area and damage slightly before placing in the funnel.

5 clicks turn the machine when the temperature setting can be adjusted by the appropriate button. It automatically stops after 5 minutes when you can throw the trash.

Users looking for a unit with a larger, easier to read digital display generally tend to prefer devices as airistech herbva x get code.

We were impressed by the steam of this machine and even envy us our lost potions, something I really hate the feeling of the test drive. You get one of two results, or perhaps both.

Results: Obtained the smell of oil and smoke.

Results B got a very small amount of water vapor with a bad taste, attractive strict restrictions, and many other chemicals that stink products.

In short: the steam quality of these devices is unreliable and should probably be avoided at all costs. Users who want a device to produce a wide range of steam smooth generally tend to prefer devices like Davinci IQ.

manufacturing quality
Reminiscent of plastic construction toys thin Happy Meal will be. It was not too bad (some may disagree here), but it certainly is not fancy by imagination. amount of the premium, even as advertised. However, users are looking for premium construction unit generally tend to prefer devices such as Zeus freezer Arco, which has a gold-plated room and the heat sink.

Must show 2200mAh lithium battery “polymer”, only we managed to get about 4-6 sessions per charge, which is much less than other ceramic devices such as conductors 421 and Slickoil vaporizer show new.

It is relatively thin compared to many laptops as LITL budget more size to it.

It is also a few years and it certainly shows and age relative to new devices like Flowermate V5 Nano.

Airistech Herbva Nokiva in hand
Easy to use
Throw something away is always difficult, especially when it costs a lot of money. Many people are confused when it has given the lack of taste, effect and strange chemical vapors.

A simple cleaning and after 4-6 sessions, do not want to use it unless you are crazy. If so, then it may take a moistened cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol to clean the room and funnel glass.

Users looking for a practical device, but has a large steam production and the subtle flavors that generally tend to prefer devices such as Firefly 2+.

It’s strange for sure, but we saw a lot of strange relx cigarette click in here and most people do not really flinching.

Airistech experience Herbva Nokiva of kitOverall
It is a waste of money and time, and the same clone Novika avoided without thinking. odor, low performance and unpleasant old technology in a part of competitive entry-level, budget freezer. Think quality option other budgets, such as Zeus or Punishment Utillian 421.

If you have questions about our spray examination Airistech Nokiva or if you just want to tell us what you think, please feel free to comment below! Also do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep all our contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff! Thank you for reading and as always stay vapin “!

You can buy here: pod relx

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Voopoo X217 Drag 2 Mini Vinci TC Mod Drag 157W Pnp Coils review

Navi Pod mod, mod Voopoo last pod. A cross between vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini sheath system. Would it be a winning combination or a failure? Let’s see.


This product has been delivered to Voopoo kind of generosity in order to stand the test side.


Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.



Mod Pod Navi Voopoo, aesthetics is a combination of several drag Voopoo and Navi Pod. With a new system pod design and airflow. Navi can outdo its predecessor? Or go back to the internal battery if mAh battery 1500m, to be his downfall. Let deepen this test and find out.


The contents of the box

Packing Standard TPD TPD

1x tool device navi navi

1x 1x Navi Navi Pod Pod 3.8 ml 2 ml

PnP-VM3 1x 1x 0.45 Ω 0.45 Ω-PnP VM3

PnP-VM4 1x 1x 0.6 Ω 0.6 Ω-PnP VM4

Warranty card warranty card 1x

1x 1x gene chip card CHIP card

1x USB Cable 1x USB Cable

Guidelines 1x 1x User Manual



Packing for Voopoo Navi Mod Pod continues with the usual Voopoo intelligent design. In addition to the front of the outer sleeve is a logo and Navi two Voopoo Mod Pod. In addition to photos Mod Pod Navi is laminated finish. But the image itself is of very low quality.


In addition, the parties were printed on your links and the usual icons of social media that describes the key points of Navi system Mod Pod. While in the back is the content, establishing regular health care, and early and verify its authenticity.


Sliding inside tray are immediately received with Voopoo Vinci Coils show new is well within insertion. While under the foam layer it is a white box cover PnP-VM3 and coil PnP-MV4, a contact is a good guide on how to refill the front Navi. Also in the box you will find a USB cable and documentation provided with the Navi Mod Pod.


manufacturing quality


Obviously Voopoo Navi Mod Pod took elements of both ranges and drag Voopoo Vinci Pod and form a thin, smooth design. Fascia screen load da Vinci, while the Mod contains both the resin on the side and angled design Voopoo range of drag. design rather large manufacturing in general. But many will not be a fan of returning capital letters appear on the side, nodding to Voopoo alignment slide.


While the device is much smaller than the Vinci Navi line being able to hold in terms of quality and robustness of construction due to the zinc alloy body. Finished force in case of a fingerprint magnet Vinci incoming line and replaced with a matte coating metal weapons.


Color TFT screen of 0.96 “is still fresh and bright screen while watching Vinci range. In addition, key dislocation remains very sensitive. While powered by a 1500 mAh battery, at the least in theory be a good battery life.


Mod Pod Voopoo Navi is 96 mm high, a simple 18 mm deep and 33 mm width from the front to the back.


Pod Navi


When it comes to the gondola there are significant differences in design. From its well above the range Vinci sleek design and e-lane maximum result 3.8 ml of liquid sheath could follow PDT. Also it fills seal seems easier to handle and get your fingers under the brand easier to recharge.


Interestingly there is a hidden reservoir a little out of sight, wrapping food directly. This should prevent the user from hitting the floor and dry when liquid coil. This is a necessity for dark pods VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W click in e-liquid is difficult to see.


In addition, at the rear of the nacelle is non-adjustable air flow intake. Whereas before the nacelle is a pull up / down air flow control while being fully functional, rather a cheap feeling to the subject. That said, is ultimately podcast instance.


Interestingly, it seems that there is a third air inlet entering the basket and the words of this Voopoo: –


… “high sensitivity and the force of the explosion, but also more aerodynamically gas fill” …


In other words, this method further comprises reducing the heat when vaping chain, or against the airflow is closed. Also, if I understand correctly, it should help create a vortex get as much air as possible for all coils.


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Features the same functionality Vinci Mod Pod, navigation and monitoring remain unchanged. Besides the usual 5 Click the button to light the fire Voopoo Navi Mod Pod. While the initialization screen displays an animated logo Voopoo, followed by Navi Gene.AI and the version of the firmware.


GENE.AI chip set is supported by a Navi can vaped in three different styles are selected by pressing the trigger three times.


First, it is the usual mode where P Navi Mod Pod is activated and can vaped pressing the shutter button.


Second, there is a Navi Mod Pod automatic and P. Sea to be good vaped pressing the shutter button or simply inhale. In addition, you can start vaping pressing the shutter button and let go of the shutter button. Meanwhile Mod Pod Navi continue cooking as long as breathing, until the timeout 10 seconds is drawn.


Finally, there is the automatic mode, through which Voopoo Drag 157W get code and no shutter button. Instead Navi pulled by the user inhales.


In addition, there are other functions Marmite vaping, counter function of the breath. Daily records were kept for the past 14 days and access to data is by holding and down keys simultaneously to display the options.


pre-installed firmware is the RBA mode, ready for those who will benefit from the RBA Navi Mod Pod adapter.



Standard mode


Apart from this style vaping Voopoo Navi Mod Pod has a variable power control started 5-40 watts. While the top and bottom buttons allow you to choose the desired output. Whether you use the Navi Mod Pod Voopoo as a RBA or standard mode, the effect is the same.


Furthermore, if can not accidentally pulled in Navi Navi Mod Pod bag you can be locked by a quick both up and down the same time. Moreover, to open again using the same procedure as the lock.


When navigation mode against puff up and down keys for display. To navigate using the up and down keys, while pressing the shutter button and the lower button deletes all notes. To exit, press and hold the shutter button until a menu disappears.


RBA fashion


Connect with RBA mode by clicking the shutter button four times.


While the RBA mode, the power available for selection by the top and bottom of the same as the default mode. In addition to the automatic mode the maximum power, which detects the resistance of the coil and limit the maximum power off. Allow full power range for RBA PNP.


Battery Usage


charging the internal battery is 1500 mAh USB conneciton front, with the average cost of a complete 1 hour 40 minutes, the load is limited to a maximum of 5 V 1A to extend battery life.


Battery performance vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Coils is directly proportional to the Mod Pod Vinci. In addition, with moderate use, the battery can last more than one day at 30-40 W. While it lasts almost two days vaping 20 – 25W.


Fill in

Voopoo load Mod Pod Navi is a simple, quick question. Remove the pod before mod. Cartwheels and accompanies replenishment opening hole with a process of filling good size hole is quick and easy. However, as the pods are on the dark side, it can be difficult to see the level of juice in the car, except in bright places.


Importantly, while the joints to the filling liquid and is in a hidden reservoir. However, this is not a problem with the seal drain and dry rest.




Navi airflow Voopoo I Mod Pod is where things start to get a little interesting. Designed with three holes airflow, of which only can be controlled. Open air adjustable transmission input before it all the way to smooth airflow and plentiful. Perfect for e-liquid as little more than the airflow as caramel.


In addition, when you close the airflow is even softer, while generating hot vaporizer. You can also see and feel the restrictions steam. But with this e-liquid, in particular, to give more in the direction of the field. With fruit coming out very well.

third additional air intake appears to help keep the cold coil, especially the air flow before closing, without which it would be too hot for many people. Prevent dry hit. Moreover, it is logical that the addition of a third air inlet, coils helps keep slightly saturated. In fact, if a spiral vortex is created if, in theory, could attract a little more liquid to the coil. Although this does not resolve very capable Vape chain in some rolls, it does help when vaping around 30-35 W.

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You can buy here:Voopoo X217

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Voopoo Coils Drag 2 Mini Vinci RBAToo Software Pnp Pod Kit review

Pericles RDA RDA is the latest popular vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit producers do not really need much of an introduction. The most popular of its appeal mod is still popular today, almost two years after its launch, voopoo did some good mods, but are now trying to make a couple of sprays too. This is the fourth German Democratic Republic so far and they have reviewed so far as large rune. Périclès is a double coil DTL RDA RDA Squonk spindle included. It is available in 10 color combinations. The five main colors are black, silver, rainbow, blue and gold, but some have a few finishing options, such as silver, with part of the rainbow. Elementvape them entered into dollars and 23,95 are few places in the range of $ 25-28 with lots of variety and very affordable.


Manufacturer specifications

24.2mm diameter

Juice away 6mm now

in the upper stainless steel construction

Dome top cover design – better taste

Two poles intuitive build the bridge

USER-design-Clamp Style

The opening of Terminal tablet – 3 mm

Top-guaranteed flathead

PEEK insulator

single or double coil configuration

The external air flow dual control – 10 mm by 2 mm

Four internal air tubes – 3 mm diameter

810 Diameter 10 mm wide tip resin dropwise

510 tip adapter drip

Squonk BF 510 Pin

Gold plating 510 Log

Available in stainless steel or black

Included in the box:

1 Périclès RDA

1510 tip adapter resin drip

Flathead screwdriver 1

1 hex wrench

1 Pad organic cotton

Prefabricated Coils 2

Pin 510 1 Squonk BF

1 Parts bag

1 User’s Manual






first impressions

When RDA was very impressed by the design. As I pretty much sums up this criticism and call it a day. This is nothing new or innovative, but had one of the best build a platform that is equal to the cheetah stand 2 RDA are also used in Voopoo Vinci RBA show new and is associated with one of the best air flow in the direction of the airflow one RDA Kennedy. That is, how can you go wrong with that combination? Of course, it was not innovative, but I have not seen the two paired before and it was a great companion if so overall quite impressed from the start.


Build bridges and capillarity (photos above)

Let us now build a platform. There is a hole two positions 1 and clamp the platform after winding. This design is very nice that works well so kudos to whoever came up with it. It was first seen in the Cheetah 2 RDA and make it more popular among the Bonza RDA. Unscrew the clamping screw to create drop down to a set of slides takes you uphill and tighten the back to tighten the clamp on the pole. Other holes of each post is a bore with a screw cap is more than sufficient to accommodate larger rollers. Each cable has its own hole or grippers and can install each coil itself. The amounts of the screws flathead screws are of good quality. No complains. a set of platforms that are easier to build on that great work with the rounded cable and fantasy.


At the evacuation it was quite easy. This is not simply drop RDA luxury.



As for performance, I use it as a double coil RDA, you can run a single coil if you like a double coil RDA but not block and you can not close an air side, so I do not know why everyone. I ran 4 3 mm ID luxurious building, luxury building ID 3.5 mm, building luxury 4 mm ID and a simple structure ID 4mm round. By size, I think it works well with all sizes and wrap people can fit comfortably in it. This is undoubtedly the coil is large and has a lot of air. Even with the large circular building too. very good taste and a double coil RDA better even with a single round wire. In general, a very good double coil flavorwise RDA.


general impressions, details and extras

Let’s talk about current air flow. Kennedy style is an air flow down two tubes with air flow on each side. I’m sure most are familiar with the airflow at the time of Kennedy. It is also used in the tsunami RDA, but you can not think of a place, and was there a few years ago. The only strange thing is that even the top of the tube for several reasons. tube air flow on the left side of the coil is slightly higher than the right. I do not know why and it’s no big deal, but something I noticed what I have to prove it. easily adjust the airflow. Simply turn the top cover and O-rings are sized to make it easy to do. The hat is also locked in place, but completely closed in both positions. It would be great if locked in a fully open and fully closed operation, but not great. It is easy to adjust the MoD, but can not compensate mod. Very well done out there. O-ring top cover is good and easy to pop. It is so easy to install and fasten your mod.


It comes with a standard resin tip dropwise 1.810 friction. 810 additional tips fit both in the form of friction and O-ring. They also include 510 adapter so you can use almost all the ends of the drops of the GDR. I would like to have included a supplement if, as is now the norm now to include two drip tips RDA. Drop drip tip excellently in the RDA. comfortable, not loose, not tight. Pericles quality Voopoo Too Coils click in a very good RDA. O-ring on the top cover to the base of the right shades and a hat is tight, but not tight. It is easy to disassemble easily. AFC easy to customize, simply adjust ring seal and everything is done well. The top of the lid is not locked into place so it is easy to put on and remove mods. Screw after an excellent quality and and 4 parts including screws (2 long 2 short), all flathead screws. It comes with a standard 510-pin and 510-pin DDR BF as the majority today and both are gold plated.


The juice is also a good size. Not huge, but big enough. Squonk protection of drops pretty good protection. The decrease in airflow is high enough that this poses no problem when dripping or leaking squonking. Just use as a dropper currently working on a review of all Squonk mods but I put in the Squonk mod just to test very fast and worked well. As releasable drip drip drip until the end without removing the top cover.


This is a diameter of 24 mm (technically 24.2) so it does not harm most mods on the market today. Accessories wise, there are a lot of rings together parts and 4 screws parts (2 of each size) for it are presented, but not clamping parts, screwdriver, hex wrench, 1510 end of the adapter, two coils, cotton and only one drop point. Both the number of accessories as a whole. All that was missing was to additional drops and tweezers. The reel is not marked, but disappointing and blew her nose for it. Integrated air had Claptons ID 3mm 5 laps with my predictions, but no label materials. Manufacturers must always include a metal tag complete specification used in the coil is included. The brand is very simple and good. Only a small Voopoo Drag Software get code at the bottom of the top on each side between the two holes airflow lid. Well there and is recorded in the corresponding color to be not too out.



Standard infusion cap 810 resin

gold plated pin and pin 510 standard include Squonk

much spare O-ring

The choice of color

cover screws high quality rooms and Posts

Good protection Squonk

It works well as a dropper or squonker

The good taste

decent size as well juice

Good build quality

hat does not miss

both easy to adjust AFC

Punta 510 adapter

beautiful appearance, not too brand

building a platform is very good and easy to build

the price point (around 25 USD)


Coils included unlabelled

only one drip point included

backless clamps


So with all that said, I recommend the GDR? I do not like as hard or not, but it is very heavy other tips. Apart from the coil and the label missing tip and fall corset is nothing wrong with the RDA. It is definitely one of the best this year in a busy market. As I said in the first impression you remove one of the best and easiest way to build bridges and combine them with better air flow design for taste and you have a winner. It may not be innovative, but made a big combines and built without very good attempt to show that 2 is the most important thing for a recommended daily dose. I add it to my list of CER linked below.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.


rejection of the products

This product was sent to me Voopoo Pnp Pod Kit


Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.


You can buy here: Voopoo Coils

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