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smok nord starter kit, an all in one compact device designed watts. Compatible with North and RPM coil. But how to show Smok Nord 2? Is this a great vaporizer?

This product is delivered to the generosity of some goals so NewVaping finding review.Furthermore spirit in the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

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North Smok 2, a compact 40W vape in a device which has a “OLED is 0.69, and the capacity of 1500 mAh internal battery. Further north Smok Smok 2 supports helical North and RPM, provides a good range of choices coil. Although it is adjustable air flow, can improve the ability to adjust the North Pole 2 watts Smok? can win where others fail? Delve Discover comments.

Available in Red, Black Cobra, 7 colored oil, gold, 7 colors Cobra …

Cobra white resin, 7 colors, wood Stabilize Stabilize Black and Red Hood.
The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included with Smok Norte 2 Kit.

NORTHERN Smok 2 Packaging Standard packaging Norte 2 TPD
1x 1x NORTH Smok 2 A North Smok device 2
1x 1x RPM RPM pod Pod 2 ml
2 ml of 1x 1x Pod North Holland
1x mesh coil RPM 0.4Ω – 0.4Ω 25 W 1x RPM coil nets – 25W
North 0.8Ω 1x coil – coil 0.8Ω north 1x 16W – 16W
USB 1 x USB cable
Manual guidelines 1x 1x

Undoubtedly Smok 2 Norte looks very good, with a nice clean edge between the panel and the hull of the mod. Furthermore North 2 is integral with frame zinc alloy and stay comfortably in the hand through the design and chamfered filleted. In addition, style and pattern on the panel to add a simple, aesthetic, but in northern 2. With the shutter button is only sensitive to sound an audible click is visible on the front.

Normally, I mutter to the USB port at the base of the spray device. But in the case of the North 2 it was reasonable. Because not only prevents the LCD screen as an investment. But the nature of the design of the device will lead to a further decline.

ongoing review of the North 2 and the LCD screen is crisp and clean with a good read size to the size of the unit. So it is easy to read the current configuration. In addition, the LCD is placed on the side of the unit, allows non-intrusive element for design.

While much Smok RPM40 takes time to turn on the vaporizer unit on it. The Smok Norte 2 is much faster, and is not significant in achieving a state of preparedness which is great to see.

pods North and RPM

Although distinguishes as easily as another boat equipped Smok compatible with north and RPM tooth. Despite this very safe silicone gasket marked with the type of coil. Furthermore, the dimensions for coil placement is especially great for variants RPM.

However, despite being also pod shape made from transparent PCTG, the level of e-liquid remains difficult to monitor. Based on the regular sampling dry sheath to reduce burning smok rpm80 pro coils.

On the other hand illuminated smok mag p3 is more than 5 measurement clicking the shutter button. Although three clicks pass through watt mode adapted to a variety of open-ended 1 – 40W.

Watt variable – VW

There is no doubt use the shutter button to enter and control the number of watts is a nice clean solution to keep Smok Norte 2 minimalist aesthetic.

In addition, as previously it mentioned key 3 watts setting fire made. As the power output of the flash on the LCD screen. To adjust the power, simply click the shutter button until the desired power.

However, if the mark is entered, continue by clicking the shutter button and go around. What is important to set the desired power was recorded on the fire button for 3 seconds watt reading on the LCD stops flashing.

Battery use

With good internal battery of the North Smok internal 1500 mAh battery economy 2, particularly with the coil of the North 0.8Ω. Furthermore, even with 3% of battery capacity, which is still 16W Nord 2 and fried. Which it is great, because many other nacelle systems previously canceled.

In addition, the battery level is indicated on the LCD screen as icons with the percentage of reading. Therefore, similar to the way mobile phones. In addition, when the cost of the remaining time on the screen, which is a useful feature is loaded. While North Smok 2 is not the best way to load, especially with the maximum speed 5V 1.2A load. Despite the battery life in the long-term benefit.

Unfortunately, until recently the discovery technique to remove the car when off. Puff is reset every time we removed the pod. Therefore, I can not give a good average for a period of time between charges. However, it is always good to remember that the battery always depends not only on the selected power. But also the length of each vaporizer.

replacement spool

Undoubtedly replace the coils in the smok trinity alpha battery replacement is easy. But the best thing is not to replace the coil while the liquid mail in the existing pods. Otherwise all e-liquid run out of the funnel. It remains the simple process of pulling the old coil, priming new coil with a few drops of e-liquid in the fireplace, and each discharge hole. Then replace the rear of the coil in the gondola. What is important, be sure to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to become saturated.

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North Smok 2 Specifications

Dimensions 30.5 mm (L) x 20mm (D) x 95 (T)

1W output power range – 40 W

0.5 Output voltage – 4V (unselected)

the type and amount of 1500 mAh battery

Material Mod frame – zinc alloy Lugs – PCTG

Resistance range 0.3 – 3Ω


The bugbear smok nfix kit price is true that the lack of ability to see the liquid level e. Forcing the user to continue to remove the car to avoid accidental burns dry. Therefore, it costs Smok Norte 2 points on ease of use, and hope that the end of the fall is so transparent ass the rest of the pod.

While the MTL air flow is not a problem for me, for those who love tight traction MTL, Norte 2 may not be to your liking.


Undoubtedly Smok Norte 2 AIO kit together so that robust feel safe for everyday use. Furthermore minimalist design while options watt custom retention is something I really like. However, you can not see the level of e-liquid is a problem as MTL loose vaporizer for those who prefer tight sweater.

However, with many options and coil elegant design, which Smok Norte 2 is suitable for bags, while maintaining a good life battery. Therefore North Smok 2 game many users want a smaller device with the ability to customize watts.

This product was delivered to the kind generosity NewVaping the purpose of thoughts review.Furthermore find below the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

Please offer very NewVaping 20% ​​Smok NORTH 2 with a discount code when paying. CODE: CL20

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.


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